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Series 2

14 :02x01 - The Mysterious Death on the Underground Railway

A girl is found dead on a seat in an underground railway train. Journalist Polly Burton attempts to solve the case.
Guest Stars: Judy Geeson as Polly Burton | Lois Baxter as Beatrice Hazeldine | Richard Beckinsale as Richard Frobisher | Dennis Blanch as Inspector Thornton | James Cairncross as Coroner | Julian D'albie as Judge | Cyd Hayman as Laura Stanley | Anthony Higgins as William Hazeldine | Sidney Johnson (1) as Court Clerk | Simon Lock as Andrew Campbell | Reg Lye as Mortuary Superintendent | Michael Rose as Stationmaster | John Savident as Sir Arthur | Michael Sheard as Dr. Jones | Richard Smith (2) as James Travis | Christopher Timothy as Solicitor | George Tovey as Porter | Frank Wyle as Prosecutor | Tom McCarthy (1) as Frank Errington
Director: Graham Evans

15 :02x02 - Five Hundred Carats

Inspector Lipinski is placed in charge of the investigation into the theft of a 500 carat diamond.
Guest Stars: Barry Keegan as Inspector Lipinski | Barry Ashton as Head Waiter | Bill Bailey (1) as Drunk | Patrick Barr as Arundel | Richard Bond as Drunk | Brian Cobby as De Beers Director | Geoffrey Davion as Company Guard | Martin Jarvis as Philip Marsden | Peter Malam as Pianist | Richard Morant as Charlie Lomas | Geoffrey Morris (1) as De Beers Director | Aideen O'Kelly as Bridie Sullivan | Michael Redfern as Mac | Alan Tilvern as Cornelius
Director: Jonathan Alwyn

16 :02x03 - Cell 13

Professor Van Dusen, aka the Thinking Machine, brags that he can think he way out of a prison cell.
Guest Stars: Douglas Wilmer as Professor Van Dusen | Nicholas Courtney as Hutchinson Hatch | Janet Davies as Perkins | Richard Eden (2) as Officer | Michael Gough as Governor | Davyd Harries as Officer | Peter Jolley as Officer | Michael Meacham as Ballard | Donald Pickering as Fielding | Clifford Rose as Ransome | Ray Smith as Chief Prison Officer | Derek Ware as Escaping Prisoner

17 :02x04 - The Secret of the Manifique

Laxworthy and two pals find themselves having to protect the safety of French torpedo plans from enemy agents.
Guest Stars: Bernard Hepton as Laxworthy | Peter Birrel as Helder | Bruce Boa as Poignton | Michael Cadman as Naval Officer | Larry Cross as Foster | Joan Heath as Mrs. Farrow | Neil McCarthy as Anderson | Christopher Neame as Sydney Wing | John Nettleton as Admiral Christopher | Maggie Peacock as Marie | Mitzi Rogers as Madame Bertrand | Gary Watson (1) as Marquis LeFant
Director: Derek Bennett

18 :02x05 - The Absent-Minded Coterie

French detective Eugene Valmont tries to break up a counterfeiting ring.
Guest Stars: Charles Gray (1) as Eugene Valmont | Anthony Allen as Rogers | David Battley as Podgers | Roger Bizley as Gauntlet | Dennis Clinton as Summertrees | Stella Courtney as Shop Assistant | Michael Goldie as Fred | George Howe as Lord Semptam | Barry Linehan as Inspector Hale | Ronnie Masterson as Housekeeper | George Moon as Cabbie | Suzanne Neve as Miss Mackail | Stuart Sherwin as Sgt. Carew | Derek Tansley as Colonel | Jerold Wells as Phelps | Thick Wilson as Joe
Director: Peter Duguid

19 :02x06 - The Sensible Action of Lieutenant Holst

A Danish lieutenant comes to the aid of a Russian countess who claims that her brother-in-law plans to murder her.
Guest Stars: John Thaw as Lt. Holst | Virginia Stride as Ulla Holst | Catherine Schell as Maria Wolkinski | Philip Madoc as Dimitri Wolkinski | Anthony Newlands as Vorodov | Vernon Dobtcheff as Molbech | Michael Turner as Inspector Andersen | Michael Beint as Police Sergeant | Paul Whitsun-Jones as Fat Man | Peter Whitbread as Hotel Receptionist | John Gatrell as Jeweller | Ian Stirling as Policeman | Julian Fox as Nicolai Wolkinski | Susanna East as Girl | Tony Shibbald as Police Captain
Director: Jonathan Alwyn

20 :02x07 - The Superfluous Finger

Why did a young damsel have a perfectly good finger removed during an operation performed by an eminent surgeon? That's the question for Professor Van Dusen, aka the Thinking Machine.
Guest Stars: Douglas Wilmer as Professor Van Dusen | Dennis Chinnery as Morey | Wallas Eaton as Sterling | Mark Eden as Varley | Michael Guest (1) as Constable | Robert Hartley as Doctor | Margaret John as Receptionist | William Mervyn as Sir Hector Drummond | Charles Morgan (1) as Mallory | Laurence Payne as Prescott | Veronica Strong as Mrs. Morey
Director: Derek Bennett

21 :02x08 - Anonymous Letters

Dagobert Trostler investigates a case of poison pen letters in turn-of-the-century Vienna.
Guest Stars: Ronald Lewis as Dagobert Trostler | Michael Aldridge (1) as Archduke Othmar | Geoffrey Colville as Lenke | Alan Cullen as British Ambassador | Francis De Wolff as Walter Frankenburg | Bill Horsley as Wiegand | Carolyn Jones (2) as Countess Leys | Harold Kasket as Dr. Heinrich Weinlich | Michael Mulcaster as Count Czernik | Nicola Pagett as Comtessa Nadja | Brian Protheroe as Deubner | Dennis Thorne as Berthold
Director: Dennis Vance

22 :02x09 - The Moabite Cypher

In order to prevent the assassination of a Russian Grand Duke, Dr. Thorndyke must decipher a difficult code.
Guest Stars: Michael Harding (2) as Ticket Collector | Barrie Ingham as Dr. John Thorndyke | Peter Beton as James | Max Faulkner as Policeman | Julian Glover as Alfred Barton | George Innes as Adolph Schonberg | Eric McCaine as Inspector Badger | Clive Rogers as Victim | Peter Sallis as Dr. Jervis | Graham Seed as Porter | Nicholas Selby as Superintendent Millen | Derek Smith as Professor Popplebaum | Keith Taylor (2) as Fierce Little Man

23 :02x10 - The Secret of the Foxhunter

William Drew, an agent of the foreign office, finds himself assigned to investigate a most unusual crime.
Guest Stars: Derek Jacobi as William Drew
Director: Graham Evans

24 :02x11 - The Missing Q.C.s

The aftermath of a sensational murder trial sends Charles Dallas on an eerie and dangerous adventure.
Guest Stars: Robin Ellis as Charles Dallas | Celia Bannerman as Milly Revell | Ken Barker as Clerk of Court | John Barron as Sir Revel Revell | Clifford Cox as Sergeant | John Crocker as Vincent Goyle | Joe Dunlop as Constable Oates | Jack Galloway as Journalist | Howard Goorney as George Wilson | Gordon Gostelow as Inspector Mayhew | Charles Lloyd Pack as Judge | Jack May as James Ladbroke | Jay Neill as Matthew | John Phillips as Professor Dyne | Maurice Quick as Bailiff | Mark Rogers as Newsboy | Michael Stainton as Brander | Margot Thomas as Lady Revell | Antony Viccars as Driver | Robert Webber (2) as Clergyman
Director: Jonathan Alwyn

25 :02x12 - The Looting of the Species Room

The purser of an ocean liner tries to recover gold which has disappeared from the storeroom of his ship.
Guest Stars: John Barcroft as Gaylord | Ronald Fraser as Harrocks | Normand Bird as Inspector Trent | Douglas Blackwell as Taylor | Lindsay Campbell as Captain Handmay | Michael Cashman as Robbins | John Dawson (2) as Jacobs | Edward Dentith as Sir Edward Markham | Paul Hardwick as Lord Altington | Bill Herbert as Third Officer | Melanie Jane as Mrs. Clayton | Annette Kerr as Mrs. Pallin | Jean Marsh as Mrs. Vanrenan | John Sterland as Shipping Clerk | John Tardoff as Fox | Stephen Yardley as First Officer Clayton
Director: Jonathan Alwyn

26 :02x13 - The Mystery of the Amber Beads

A gypsy sets out to prove that a police detective is wrong about who killed a woman. Who murdered Mrs. Arryford? The answer is obvious to detective sergeant Grubber - but not to Hagar the gypsy. It takes all of her gypsy intuition to arrive at the solution.
Guest Stars: Sara Kestelman as Hagar | Joss Ackland as Grubber | Jonathan Adams (2) as Sgt. Finch | Kathleen Byron (1) as Miss Lyle | Stephan Chase as Freddy | Sarah Craze as Rose | Patricia Gerrard as Woman | Philip Locke as Vark | Rosemary Lord as Kitty | Jackie Nolan as Dancer | Frederick Radley as Charlie | Doris Rogers as Mrs. Arryford
Director: Don Leaver
Writer: Owen Holder
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv LONDON ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Premiere: September 20, 1971
Ended: April 23, 1973
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