Season 4

70 :04x01 - Lamb to the Slaughter

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Guest Stars: Tom Atkins as Brad Gifford | Karl Held as Dean Raines | Jeff David as Augie | Jim Gruzalski as Det. Stone | Virginia Kiser as Paula | Matthew Laborteaux as Jody Gifford | David Nash as P.G. Larken
Director: William Crain
Writer: Skip Webster

71 :04x02 - Reading Writing and Angel Dust

The Rookies are still mired in teen-age drug rackets which seemed to be the case for most of the last season. When a youth leaps to his death, the enlist the aid of another kid to trace the drug source.
Guest Stars: Richard Balin as Doctor | Jean Byron as Mrs. Mullins | Peter Elbling as Doc Merton | Dennis Erdman as Damon | Ty Henderson as Andy | Mitzi Hoag as Marge Johnson | Beth Howland as Mrs. Ross | Sherry Hursey as Shirley | Amy Irving as Cindy Mullins | Scott Jacoby as Frankie | Dennis Kort as Unknown | Ray Underwood as Ralph
Director: Phil Bondelli
Writer: Sean Baine

72 :04x03 - One-Way Street to Nowhere

Mike is severely wounded and Terry is taken hostage by members of a gun stealing ring trying to gain freedom from their captured leader.
Guest Stars: Lawrence Cook as Danner | Steven Keats as Comstock | Damu King as Jericho | Michael Parks as Crilen | Ayn Ruymen as Sarah

73 :04x04 - Someone Who Cares

Deeply moved by a young girl's plea for help shortly before dying, Terry takes vigorous action to learn the girl's identity and to uncover events that led to her mysterious death. The trail leads to a pusher and two brothers who apparently drugged the girl, then tried to assault her. She was fatally injured by a car running from them.
Guest Stars: Michael Cristofer as Charlie Phillips | Robert Emhardt as Tandy | Bryan Englund as Mickey | Jacquelyn Hyde as Cissy Austin | Brit Lind as Karen Austin | Len Ross as Sgt. Morelli | Kario Salem as Aldon Phillips | Bill Zuckert as Killy
Director: Ivan Dixon

74 :04x05 - Ladies Day (a.k.a.) Ladies Kill, Too

Jill is working in a womens prison, fighting an outbreak of diphtheria. In order to protest for better food and working conditions, inmates take Jill Danko and Dr. Malcolm hostage.
Guest Stars: Marki Bey as Leslie | René Enríquez as Dr. Martinez | Richard O'Brien (2) as Loud | Annie O'Donnell as Louella | Della Reese as Landers | Fran Ryan as Ma Burker | Barbara Stuart as Superintendent | Steve Tanner as Kid in the Fight | Dorothy Tristan as Maxine | Laurie Walters as Callie
Director: Fernando Lamas
Songs: (Unknown artist) -- "The Rookies Show Opening"

75 :04x06 - Reign of Terror

Young crooks Pat Stevens and Glen Barton rob ticket agent Brewster and shoot rookie Chris. The scene is witnessed by mailman Charlie Brooks, who is adamant about not getting involved. Eventually his wife, Nadine, and daughter, Stacy, encourage him to cooperate with the rookies, and finally, the criminals are apprehended.
Guest Stars: Margaret Avery as Stacy Brooks | Martin Garner as Fred | Milt Kogan as Unknown | Ric Mancini as Barton | Jared Martin as Slavens | Dorothy Meyer as Nadine Brooks | Raymond St. Jacques as Hank Brooks
Director: Fernando Lamas
Writer: Skip Webster

76 :04x07 - Death Lady

An attractive young policewoman becomes the victim of bitter resentment with the department when her protective male partner loses his life in a shootout.
Guest Stars: Susanne Benton as Nancy Franklin | Alan Feinstein as Steve Granger | Katherine Helmond as Joyce Lanson | Joseph Hindy as Miles Becker | Paul Koslo as Unknown | Pepper Martin as Dan Stokley | Dave Shelley as Unknown | Ray Stewart as Simpkins
Director: Phil Bondelli
Writer: Don Balluck

77 :04x08 - Measure of Mercy

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Guest Stars: Anne Bloom as Midge Warren | Fritzi Burr as Landlady | Didi Conn as Young Woman | Joseph DiSante as Doctor | Thad Geer as Tad Warren | Harold Gould as Dr. Asmos | Claude Earl Jones as Bartender | Martin Kove as Jimmy Jay | Cleavon Little as Cully Ames | George D. Wallace as Bracken
Director: Phil Bondelli

78 :04x09 - A Time to Mourn

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Guest Stars: Timothy Brown as Byron Stockwood | Philip Bruns as Baxter | Anthony Charnota as Russ Morgan | Sarah Cunningham as Mother Superior | Season Hubley as Kim Owens | Bill Quinn (1) as Percy Higgins | Richard Stahl as Quinlan | James Woods as Ted Ayres
Writer: Skip Webster

79 :04x10 - The Torch Man

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Guest Stars: Arthur Adams as Randy | Victor Brandt as Lawson | Jack DeLeon as Cliffy | Richard Foronjy as Hank | Nora Heflin as Gloria | Jon Korkes as Satch | George Loros as Benny | Doug McGrath as Cal | Charles Napier as Phil | Pepe Serna as Ralph
Writer: Skip Webster

80 :04x11 - Invitation to a Rumble

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Guest Stars: Ester Anderson as Pamela | Richard Beauchamp as Stuch | John Calvin as Wally | Bill Elliot as Truck | Eric Kilpatrick as Lee Kirby | Ian Sander as Unknown
Director: George McCowan
Writer: Hal Sitowitz

81 :04x12 - Reluctant Hero

A rookie accidentally overpowers a professional assassin and is named ""hero"". The assassin vows to kill the rookie and escapes with Jill as a hostage, offering to exchange her for the rookie.
Guest Stars: Jack Colvin as Wolfe Burdett | San De Fazio as Barnes | Frank Geraci as Milo | Wayne Grace as Morrison | Chuck Hayward as Malone | Tom Lacy as Vaughn | Bert Remsen as Lucas Dawson | John Ritter as Hap Dawson
Director: Fernando Lamas

82 :04x13 - Dead Heat (a.k.a. Death at Midnight)

Three murdering robbers trap Terry Webster and Chris Owens in a department store when the cops come across them during a routine check. Their police car is stolen, and the telephone wires are cut inside the store as the cops face a shootout with desperate men.
Guest Stars: Barry Brooks as Unknown | Jerome Guardino as Officer Louden | Michael Lembeck as Gene | Michael MacRae as Dodd | Roger E. Mosley as Rawlins | Reni Santoni as Martinez | W.K. Stratton as Phil
Director: Phil Bondelli

83 :04x14 - The Voice of Thunder

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Guest Stars: Rene Auberjonois as Ron Kelly | Henry Brandon as Doug Shore | John Carradine as The Voice | Adrienne Marden as Edna Shore | Millie Slavin as Meg Poynter | Gail Strickland as Beverly Shore | Michael Thomas (1) as Poole | John Zaremba as Dr. Scott
Director: Phil Bondelli

84 :04x15 - The Code Five Affair

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Guest Stars: Anthony Eisley as Martin St. John | Gilbert Green as Bromm | Jaclyn Smith as Judy March | Tony Young as Bolt
Director: Phil Bondelli
Writer: Don Balluck

85 :04x16 - Shadow of a Man

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Guest Stars: John Aprea as Phil Richards | Ned Beatty as Frank Forest | Patsy Garrett as Unknown | Linda Marsh as Millie Forest | Linda Thompson as Young Woman
Director: Fernando Lamas

86 :04x17 - Eye for an Eye

Former Vietnam helicoptor pilot Mike Danko is kidnapped by a POW who is focused on revenge.
Guest Stars: Antony Carbone as Frank Larabee | Bert Freed as Captain Milt Hirshman | Joe LaDue as Avery | Robert Lansing as Dave Banner | Cliff Osmond as Unknown | Inga Swenson as Barbara Paige | Titos Vandis as Pete Lupo
Director: William Crain

87 :04x18 - Sudden Death (a.k.a.) Return from the Past

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Guest Stars: Sally Carter-Ihnat as Audrey Tyson | Thom Christopher as Peter Johnston | Jerome Guardino as Sgt. Louden | Jarrod Johnson (1) as Boy | Ned Wilson as Thomas Tyson | Charles Woolf as Broker
Director: Phil Bondelli

88 :04x19 - From Out of the Darkness

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Guest Stars: Fernando Casanova as Santos | Tyne Daly as Amy Kennedy | Michael Forest as Novak | Sally Kirkland as Carol Brenner | Craig Richard Nelson as Vinton | Keenan Wynn as Dan Kennedy
Director: Randal Kleiser
Writer: Rick Husky

89 :04x20 - The Mugging

The mother of a doctor who works in the same hospital as Jill is mugged and dies and the doctor takes it upon himself to get revenge.
Guest Stars: Jack Bernardi as Max Weisman | Mary Ann Chin as Linda Reese | Betty Cole as Mrs. Mellon | Stephen Davies as David Parker | André Pavon as Sal Molina | John Rubinstein as Dr. Richard Komansky | David Sabin as Gunshop Proprietor | Peg Shirley as Anna Komansky

90 :04x21 - Blue Movie, Blue Death

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Guest Stars: Richard Benedict as Jeffers | William Boyett as Dempsey | Kevan Dignam as Ann Morgan | Raymond Guth as Krueger | James Hong as Matsumoto | Jerry Schilling as Trinko | Joseph R. Sicari as Frankie | George Skaff as Armond Gallo | Jamie Smith-Jackson as Nancy Sloan | Ed Walsh as Ferrand | Red West as Wallace
Director: Leon Carrere
Writer: Sean Baine

91 :04x22 - Deliver Me From Innocence

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Guest Stars: Victor Brandt as Harry Townsend | Henry Brown (1) as Ralph Denker | Marlene Clark as Teresa Clements | Hilda Haynes as Mrs. Clements | Kevin Hooks as Lonnie Clements | Joseph Mell as Leo Morris | Phillip Pine as Judge | Mario Roccuzzo as Earl 'Roach' Simmons
Writer: Sean Baine

92 :04x23 - Journey to Oblivion

A gambler kills his creditor and is witnessed by Jill Danko whom he and his accomplice must now do away with. Another episode dedicated to nurse Jill Danko.
Guest Stars: Marc Lawrence (1) as Roger Marsten | Geoffrey Lewis as Ritchie | Biff McGuire as Rex Winfield | Marc Singer as Blair Winfield | Sylvia Soares as Unknown
Writer: Skip Webster
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 11, 1972
Ended: June 29, 1976
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