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The Rosie Show

  Season 1 (Episode Guide)  
 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 10/Oct/2011 Live show with Russell Brand, cameo by Oprah Winfrey N/A
2 1x02 11/Oct/2011 Wanda Sykes, Gloria Estefan N/A
3 1x03 12/Oct/2011 Live show with Roseanne Barr N/A
4 1x04 13/Oct/2011 Lisa Kudrow; the cast from "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert", Ready, Set, Go exercise and weight loss program launched with 25 viewers. N/A
5 1x05 14/Oct/2011 Valerie Harper; Kevin Bacon and The Bacon Brothers N/A
6 1x06 17/Oct/2011 Sharon and Kelly Osbourne; Boyz II Men N/A
7 1x07 18/Oct/2011 Fran Drescher, Cheryl Hines & Cheryl's mother Rosemary stops by for a drink and a chat N/A
8 1x08 19/Oct/2011 Live show with Chynna Phillips, Billy Baldwin, Little Big Town, Sgt. Shamar Thomas discusses his Occupy Wall Street experience N/A
9 1x09 20/Oct/2011 Live show with Cedric the Entertainer, Nancy Grace, author Naomi Wolfe discusses her Occupy Wall Street experience N/A
10 1x10 21/Oct/2011 Behind-the-Scenes of "The Rosie Show" #1 N/A
11 1x11 24/Oct/2011 Bob Newhart, Tracy Morgan N/A
12 1x12 25/Oct/2011 Sara Ramirez, Common N/A
13 1x13 26/Oct/2011 Brett Butler - LIVE show, audience member Hollee becomes new announcer for The Rosie Show N/A
14 1x14 27/Oct/2011 Debi Mazar, Gabriele Corcos - LIVE show, Robbie Montgomery stops by with her son to chat about their OWN show, Welcome to Sweetie Pies N/A
15 1x15 28/Oct/2011 Jerry Ferrara, Gloria Estefan - Monkey the Rescue Dog animal adoption video is played N/A
16 1x16 31/Oct/2011 Rosie's Enchanted Halloween: Criss Angel, Caroline Manzo - Brother-sister duo Erik and Courtney share their knowledge of bugs and reptiles, Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman drops by. N/A
17 1x17 01/Nov/2011 Sarah Ferguson - LIVE show, comedian Wendy Liebman performs her comedy act N/A
18 1x18 02/Nov/2011 A Tribute to Phyllis Diller - Tribute video from some of today's top female comedians (including Joy Behar, Chelsea Handler, Kathy Griffin, and Sandra Bernhard) is presented to Diller. N/A
19 1x19 03/Nov/2011 Martin Short, Kool & the Gang N/A
20 1x20 04/Nov/2011 Behind-the-Scenes of "The Rosie Show" #2 N/A
21 1x21 07/Nov/2011 Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas N/A
22 1x22 08/Nov/2011 Mariah Carey - The Jenny, Set, Go Reveal N/A
23 1x23 09/Nov/2011 Lisa Ling - The audience is made up of 100 sets of twins, as Ling discusses an episode of Our America that focusses on twin identity. N/A
24 1x24 10/Nov/2011 Florence Henderson, Kool & the Gang N/A
25 1x25 11/Nov/2011 Molly Shannon N/A
26 1x26 14/Nov/2011 Rachael Ray, Chaz Bono - Rosie chats with Jazz, star of the upcoming OWN documentary I am Jazz: A Family in Transition N/A
27 1x27 15/Nov/2011 Cyndi Lauper, Holland Taylor - Rosie reacts to former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky's claims of innocence. N/A
28 1x28 16/Nov/2011 Jenny McCarthy N/A
29 1x29 17/Nov/2011 Kody Brown and Sister Wives Meri, Janelle and Christine N/A
30 1x30 18/Nov/2011 Ellen Barkin - Rosie shares her thoughts about Occupy Wall Street N/A
31 1x31 05/Dec/2011 Marlee Matlin, Patti LaBelle N/A
32 1x32 06/Dec/2011 Rosie Plays Hardball with Chris Matthews, the cast of Million Dollar Quartet N/A
33 1x33 07/Dec/2011 Rosie Reality with Jim Belushi, Randy Jackson, Henry Winkler, Joan Cusack, Ann Cusack, Nolan Gould and Behind-the-Scenes of "The Rosie Show" #3 N/A
34 1x34 08/Dec/2011 Hollywood's Hottest Young Stars with Elle Fanning, Colin Ford, Hunter Parrish, the cast of Godspell N/A
35 1x35 09/Dec/2011 Dog the Bounty Hunter, Beth Chapman N/A
36 1x36 12/Dec/2011 A Tribute to Jane Fonda N/A
37 1x37 13/Dec/2011 Holiday Crafts with Donny and Marie Osmond N/A
38 1x38 14/Dec/2011 Rosie's Holiday Dreams Come True with Justin Bieber, Mindless Behavior / Rosie grants holiday wishes for truly deserving people. N/A
39 1x39 15/Dec/2011 Rosie's 2011 Comedy Wrap Up with Kevin Meaney, Kathy Najimy, Lizz Winstead, The Dan Band / A video with highlights from episodes of The Rosie Show is shown as part of the 2011 review. N/A
40 1x40 16/Dec/2011 It's a Crafty Christmas! with Bobby Pearce, Casey Gorab, Marjorie Johnson / Rosie hosts a new Rosie Show tradition, the first-ever Ugly Christmas Sweater Pageant N/A
41 1x41 02/Jan/2012 A Salute to Penny Marshall / A tribute video from some of Marshall's celebrity friends (including Tom Hanks, Drew Barrymore, and Mark Wahlberg) is presented to her on the show. N/A
42 1x42 03/Jan/2012 An 11-Year-Old Boy's Dreams Come True, Plus RuPaul, The Commodores / Sara Blakely, the inventor of Spanx, stops by the show. N/A
43 1x43 04/Jan/2012 Rosie Reality: A Big Dream Comes True / 4th Behind the Scenes show N/A
44 1x44 05/Jan/2012 Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy, and the cast of Shameless N/A
45 1x45 09/Jan/2012 Rosie's Game Show Showdown - The best of Rosie's game segments. N/A
46 1x46 10/Jan/2012 Saturday Night Live Star Darrell Hammond: The Interview You Didn't See, Plus Tori Amos N/A
47 1x47 11/Jan/2012 Jackée Harry, Rosie Performs with Styx and Rosie introduces a cheese monger in her first Meet the Audience segment. N/A
48 1x48 12/Jan/2012 Funnyman Louie Anderson, Olympian Oksana Baiul N/A
49 1x49 13/Jan/2012 Country Music Royalty Roseanne Cash, Plus, meet an 84-year-old basketball-playing grandma! N/A
50 1x50 16/Jan/2012 50th Episode: Miranda Cosgrove and the iCarly Cast Taped at the Maravel Arts Center, NYC in front of an audience full of Rosie's Theater Kids. N/A
51 1x51 17/Jan/2012 NeNe Leakes LIVE stream of show on Rosie.com at 4/3c on a smaller, more colorful new set. N/A
52 1x52 18/Jan/2012 Ricki Lake and the Family Who Saved Rosie - Rosie introduces us to Cara, Daniel, Adam and Charlie- her neighbors who helped her out when she locked herself out of the house- and gives them a huge surprise to thank them for their kindness N/A
53 1x53 19/Jan/2012 Comedian Kevin Hart... and Rosie Raps - Rosie introduces us to a recently laid-off father named Joe, who also came to her rescue when she locked herself out of the house- and she repays him with a big surprise. N/A
54 1x54 20/Jan/2012 Anthony Baxter and You've Been Trumped - Plus, meet Rosie's driver, Khary Laurent- driver by day, opera/hip-hop/funk singer by night. N/A
55 1x55 23/Jan/2012 Joel Grey, Sutton Foster, and the Broadway Cast of Anything Goes - Bobby Pearce stops by to watch Katreese Barnes' musical tribute to his 'dog in a bag', Abby. N/A
56 1x56 24/Jan/2012 Kathy Griffin Part One - One-on-one interview with no studio audience. Part 1 of 2. N/A
57 1x57 25/Jan/2012 Kathy Griffin Part Two - One-on-one interview with no studio audience. Part 2 of 2. N/A
58 1x58 26/Jan/2012 Joe Rogan - One-on-one interview with no studio audience. N/A
59 1x59 27/Jan/2012 Dr. Oz Part One - One-on-one interview with no studio audience. Part 1 of 2. N/A
60 1x60 30/Jan/2012 Dr. Oz Part Two - One-on-one interview with no studio audience. Part 2 of 2. N/A
61 1x61 31/Jan/2012 Dermot Mulroney, Stephanie Izard N/A
62 1x62 01/Feb/2012 Jerry Springer N/A
63 1x63 02/Feb/2012 Kristin Chenoweth N/A
64 1x64 03/Feb/2012 Beth Behrs, Traci Lords - Rosie gives a tour of her new set and explains why she decided to change the show's format. N/A
65 1x65 06/Feb/2012 Suze Orman - Rosie describes her weekend at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, Indiana. N/A
66 1x66 07/Feb/2012 Kendra Wilkinson, Hank Baskett, Dakota Goyo N/A
67 1x67 08/Feb/2012 Chelsea Handler N/A
68 1x68 09/Feb/2012 Ali Wentworth, Ben Clearie - Rosie praises a federal appeals court ruling that Prop 8 was unconstitutional, and expresses her support for Ellen DeGeneres, who's been facing off against a group that doesn't want her to be the JCPenney's spokeswoman because N/A
69 1x69 10/Feb/2012 Tabatha Coffey, Dakota Goyo, and American Stuffers - Rosie reveals that she has lost 18 lbs since she began making healthier lifestyle choices in November 2011. N/A
70 1x70 13/Feb/2012 A Tribute to Tony Bennett - Singer Tony Bennett shows Rosie his New York City art studio. N/A
71 1x71 27/Feb/2012 Dance Moms - Rosie reflects on the headlines that have occurred since she began her two-week vacation, including Whitney Houston's death and the Oscar ceremony. N/A
72 1x72 28/Feb/2012 Tony Danza, Joe Pantoliano - Rosie talks about raising teenagers and her admiration for nurses, reinforced by two recent trips to the hospital. N/A
73 1x73 29/Feb/2012 Patti Blagojevich, Chris Errera - Rosie responds to the comments she made about little people on February 8, 2012 during her conversation with Chelsea Handler. N/A
74 1x74 01/Mar/2012 Teen Moms - Rosie reflects on the death of Davy Jones and shares her views on Republican presidential candidate, Rick Santorum. N/A
75 1x75 02/Mar/2012 Audra McDonald and Norm Lewis of Broadway's Porgy and Bess N/A
76 1x76 05/Mar/2012 Rosie Reality - 5th Behind the Scenes show: Jenny McCarthy goes on a date; Rosie salutes famous female comedians. N/A
77 1x77 06/Mar/2012 Sandra Bernhard, Rocco DiSpirito - Rosie shares an original song she wrote about radio host Rush Limbaugh's contraception controversy. N/A
78 1x78 07/Mar/2012 Star Jones, Urijah Faber - Rosie talks about the changes she has made to her eating habits. N/A
79 1x79 08/Mar/2012 Wayne Brady, Victoria Gotti - Rosie discusses her weight loss and exercise regime. N/A
80 1x80 09/Mar/2012 Controversial Newsmakers Nate Phelps, Randy Roberts Potts N/A
81 1x81 12/Mar/2012 Liza Minelli - Rosie talks about her warm weekend spent in Chicago. N/A
82 1x82 13/Mar/2012 Lance Bass, Ralphie May N/A
83 1x83 14/Mar/2012 Suzanne Somers N/A
84 1x84 15/Mar/2012 Jaleel White, Debbie Gibson N/A
85 1x85 16/Mar/2012 Kat Von D, Zachary Knighton, Eamonn McCrystal N/A
86 1x86 19/Mar/2012 Lily Tomlin - Rosie addresses the cancellation of The Rosie Show and shares her view on the effects of fame on the KONY2012 campaign. N/A
87 1x87 20/Mar/2012 Bob Harper and Chism Cornelison of The Biggest Loser, Psychic Rebecca Rosen N/A
88 1x88 21/Mar/2012 Rosie's 50th Celebrity Birthday Bash - Rosie celebrates her birthday. Celebrity tributes include Crystal Bowersox, Chita Rivera, Mariah Carey, Molly Shannon, Kevin Hart, Ricky Martin, Christine Ebersole and Michael Buffer. N/A
89 1x89 22/Mar/2012 Mike Tyson N/A
90 1x90 23/Mar/2012 Stephen Baldwin, Rachael Harris N/A
91 1x91 26/Mar/2012 Natasha Lyonne, Leslie Bibb N/A
92 1x92 27/Mar/2012 Storm Large, Mary Johnson, Nell Casey N/A
93 1x93 28/Mar/2012 Mackenzie Phillips, Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos N/A
94 1x94 29/Mar/2012 Eva LaRue, Producer Suzanne Taylor, Josh Kelley N/A
95 1x95 30/Mar/2012 Bill and Giuliana Rancic, Plain White T's - Series Finale! Taped on March 20, 2012. N/A

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Genre: Celebrities | Comedy | Family | Interview | Music
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 07:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 10, 2011
Ended: March 30, 2012
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