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Season 2

5 :02x01 - Dark Side of the Road

In the first episode, psychologist Steve Arizzio (Alan Feinstein) a specialist in finding teen-age runaways tracks a girl who has been unjustly imprisoned on a work farm by a corrupt sheriff.

Kleptomaniac Vicki is already under Steve's care, splitting from the home because of her apparently uncontrollable compulsion
The way she figures it, since she needs to steal, she may as well move out and do it without getting Steve into trouble. So she hooks up with one Verna.
Now this Verna is not nice. She is bad. So much as she has no qualms about using Vicki to rip off a joint or two when she runs out of cash.
When Vicki refuses, she derides to try her hand — and ends up cuffed after trying to take from a lawman.
Worse, she manages to get poor Vicki arrested also, for bring an accomplice.
As soon as Steve hears his charge is in a detention camp he rushes there fast and goes smack against corrupt officials who want some "donations" before they release Vicki.
Whereupon Steve brings in some muscle from the Feds to prove a point.
Guest Stars: Susan Myers as Vicky Henderson | Audrey Landers as Verna | Taylor Lacher as Sheriff Bates | Linda Marsh as Glenda Worsham | Hal England as Henderson

6 :02x02 - Wrong Way Street

The teenage son of an ex-convict runs away.
Guest Stars: Talia Balsam as Diana Robinson | Hari Rhodes as Hackett | Roger Robinson as Chuck Bishop | Stuart K. Robinson as Andy Hackett

7 :02x03 - Screams in the Night

Arizzio investigates why a teenage girl is running away from her abusive father. S Steve stages a confrontation between a runaway (Susan Richardson) and her parents to reveal the true reason behind her two flights from home.
Guest Stars: Susan Richardson as Kathleen Randolph | Jason Evers as Randolph | Alf Kjellin as Zimmerman | Sandie Newton as Margaret Starrett | Carol Eve Rossen as Helen Randolph

8 :02x04 - Land of Honey

A teenage runaway pursues her dream of being a country singer.
Guest Stars: Donna Wilkes as Unknown | Ronee Blakely as Unknown | Billy Green Bush as Ace Colton | Denny Miller as Jimmy Joe | Brendan Burns (1) as Bob Parker | Royce D. Applegate as Harper
Writer: Clyde Ware

9 :02x05 - Dreams of My Father

A girl fantasizes about her father, whom her mother has kept his identity from.
Guest Stars: Rosanna Arquette as Sally | Martin Kove as Mike | Alan Fudge as Scott | Don Calfa as Sam | Ryan MacDonald (1) as Larry Dobson
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Writer: Paul Savage

10 :02x06 - Breaking Point

A teenage boy is under pressure to excel in sports.

Steve pursues a running scared young man who may have killed his teacher over some exam results. Dave is just about reaching the end of his rope. There his foolish father is pushing him to follow brainy big brother Ted's footsteps and there he is, about to fail his finals.
In a desperate bid to make the grade, Dave drops by at his teacher Laura's place to talk her into changing the grading " a little" so he can pass.
But only tragedy results from the meeting, for somehow, Laura suffers a fall and dies.
Guest Stars: Sean Thomas Roche as Dave | Linden Chiles as Norlund | Corinne Camacho as Ruth | Stepfanie Kramer as Lillian

11 :02x07 - Throwaway Child

A runaway girl falls for a baseball player.
Guest Stars: Maureen McCormick as Janet | Cooper Huckabee as Hank | Katherine Cannon as Patricia | Dennis Patrick as Tom Rossmore | Nan Martin as Helen Rossmore
Writer: D.C. Fontana

12 :02x08 - They'll Never Forgive Me

A runaway adoptee finds her birth parents.
Guest Stars: Bill McKinney as Frank Bedsole | Sondra Blake as Sarah Jean | L.Q. Jones as Matthew Turner | Shelly Juttner as Cindy Adams

13 :02x09 - The Reunion

Johnson helps a girl who witnessed a robbery.
Guest Stars: Michele Nichols as Kelly Burke | Stephen Davies as Larry Haynes | Christina Hart as Jeanne Norris | John Lisbon Wood as D.J. | Ann Doran as Marge
Writer: Mark Rodgers

14 :02x10 - Street of Terror (1)

A retired merchant seaman (Barry Sullivan) launches a vendetta against juvenile hoods who are terrorizing the elderly in his neighborhood. (Part 1 of 2)
Guest Stars: Barry Sullivan as ... | Lynette Mettey as Barbara Mardsen | Kario Salem as Henry Lewis | Mary Jackson as Martha Hendrix | Roy Poole as Bill Hawkins

15 :02x11 - Street of Terror (2)

Conclusion. A retired seaman implements a plan for ridding his neighborhood of street punks. Guest starring Barry Sullivan.
Guest Stars: Barry Sullivan as Unknown | Lynette Mettey as Barbara Mardsen | Kario Salem as Henry Lewis | Mary Jackson as Martha Hendrix | Milton Selzer as Benson | Aneta Corsaut as Shirley Grady

16 :02x12 - False Images

A boy doubts his masculinity. Psychologist Steve Arizzio befriends a troubled high school boy whose doubts about his masculinity threaten relationships with family and friends.
Guest Stars: Philip Brown (1) as Bob Chadway | Nicolas Coster as Mr. Chadway | Joanna Miles as Ann Brooks | Robin Strand as Larry Highland | Tony Monaco as Modesto
Writer: Shel Willens

17 :02x13 - 48 Hours to Live

A runaway is in desperate need of a transplant. Kath Souci plays a teenage hitchhiker who is unaware of the fact that she is in urgent need of cranial surgery, and Kelly Ward plays a fellow who befriends her.
Guest Stars: Kath Soucie as Linda Page | Kelly Ward as Johnny | Mark Wheeler as Harley Green | Charles Siebert as Avery
Director: Bruce Kessler
Story: Don Ingalls | Teleplay: Don Ingalls, Brian McKay
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 27, 1978
Ended: August 28, 1979
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