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Series 2 - Week 2 Highlights - Recap

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Paul explains to the team his visions for the future while Angel explains her role as the salon's receptionist.

Jackie clashes with Angela over a booking mix-up. Afterwords Jackie bitches with Terry about Angela. 1980's popstar Sonia visits the Salon and chats about what she has been up to recently. A young man with a crush on Brooke visits the salon and gives a red rose. Angela is off sick for a morning and everybody is forced to work together to cover reception. Jorge is ends up being thrown into the Jacuzzi by four ex-soldiers after Georgina dares them too. Jorge's reaction is to reach up and pulls down the trunks of the closest soldier.

Paul is furious by what has happened and Georgina is worried she will lose her job. Paul tells the team that there will be a new award decided by the public this week called Slacker of the Week. Following the vote Georgina is named as the winner, for which her punishment is to be hosed down in cold water. Paul names Terry as employee of the week.