Survival of the Fittest - Recap

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Spider-Man is on patrol the night before he goes back to school, and is looking for someone to take on. He hears a bank alarm and checks it out to find two thugs robbing the place. He webs up one man and takes on the other, Cain Marko. As they fight, the Big Man watches on a remote camera and tells his assistant Hammerhead to call in the Enforcers.

The next morning, Peter is heading downstairs when he hears Aunt May talking to the neighbor about how they're short of money, but doesn't want Peter to worry. Peter pretends not to hear and says goodbye on his way to school. At OsCorp, scientist Adrian Toomes is arguing with another scientist about how the company has stolen his anti-gravity flight pack. Norman Osborn comes in and admits that he stole the project and nobody will believe Toomes' claims, then kicks the older scientist out, calling him a "buzzard."

Peter is determined that school will be different now that he has superpowers, and meets up with his friends Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn. Peter tries to ask popular girl Sally Avril on a date but she refuses and demands that her boyfriend beat Peter up. The boyfriend is unimpressed but runs with the gang of bullies lead by Flash Thompson. Flash and his gang knock Peter down and take his lunch, and there's nothing Peter can do without revealing his abilities.

Hammerhead brings the three men known as the Enforcers (Montana, Fancy Dan, and Ox) to a warehouse where the Big Man talks to them by intercom and tells them to eliminate Spider-Man, who has been inadvertently interfering in his criminal empire.

Peter ends up selected as an intern for Dr. Curt Connors, along with Gwen. Connors was in charge of the experiment where Peter was bit by a mutated spider. Peter thinks the job will pay well and solve his aunt's financial problems. He hangs out with Harry at his friend's apartment, and Norman congratulates him on coming up in the world. Norman also gives Harry a hard time for not being a success like his father. Toomes arrives, flying out of the sky wearing the battle armor and anti-gravity wings that he designed for OsCorp. He grabs Norman and sweeps him up into the air, and when Harry runs off Peter goes off after the elderly villain as... Spider-Man!

Toomes declares he is now "the Vulture" and plans to force Norman to recognize his genius to the world and pay him back. He drops Norman and Spider-Man rescues him and drops him off at the police station. Spider-Man tries to capture the Vulture but he simply flies off over the city and escapes.

Peter and Gwen go to Curt Connors' lab where they meet former Midtown High senior Eddie Brock, their friend from the year prior. Brock is now working as a lab assistant for Connors and his wife Martha. Connors remembers Peter from the lab accident with the spiders and Peter hastily deflects his attention. However, he's not thrilled when he learns from Brock that the internship doesn't pay anything. He tries to sneak into the Daily Bugle and get owner and publisher J.Jonah Jameson to pay him to take photos of Spider-Man. Jameson has him escorted out and then steals his idea.

Spider-Man watches over Norman and the Vulture comes after the millionnaire again. To complicate matters, the Enforcers attack and knock Spider-Man down to a rooftop. Ox and Fancy Dan take him on while Montana watches from their helicopter. Meanwhile, the Vulture chases after Norman who is escaping in his limo. Spider-Man takes out the first two Enforcers and goes after the Vulture, while Montana chases after him firing from the helicopter. Spider-Man manages to knock the Vulture's wings into the helicopter blades, destroying them and rendering him unable to control his flight. As the helicopter manages to make a crash landing on a rooftop, Spider-Man leaves the Vulture at the police station and heads home. Aunt May is waiting for Peter and tells him that he now has a 10 p.m. curfew. She gives him a pie and despite how the day has went, Peter is happy that he has someone looking out for him.