The Steve Harvey Show

The Steve Harvey Show

Mixing it up with laugh-out-loud comedy, youthful appeal and a likable namesake lead, The Steve Harvey Show crackles with high school hijinks and teacher entanglements in a hip urban setting. The series’ successes as a multiple NAACP Image Award winner and as one of The WB’s hit flagship series underscore its enduring longevity, immense popularity and far-reaching influence.

In the series, former R&B star Steve Hightower gives up his wild times for school ties, becoming an inner-city Chicago music teacher – and eventually a vice principal – with a ragtag bunch of classroom charges. Headlining the Hi-Tops soul group – who opened for the likes of Gladys Knight and the Pips – Hightower’s touring career never quite hit the high note he expected. Down on his luck, and totally out of money, he decides to let go of his carefree lifestyle and pin down a “real” job.

With an assist from his longtime friend and eventual roommate, the gym coach with the insatiable appetite Cedric Robinson, Steve enrolls in a new type of performing and makes a classroom at Washington High School his stage. Initially grappling with the students’ penchant for baggy clothes, bad attitudes and baffling slang, Steve soon realizes that a compassionate spin will help him tone down his shock and contend with the kids’ problems… be they hard knocks or humorous woes.

During the series’ six-season run, The Steve Harvey Show won 13 NAACP Image Awards for the show as well as stars Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer and Terri J. Vaughn.

Episode Info

Final: 6x13 -- California or Bust-Up (Feb/17/2002)

Steve HarveySteve Harvey
As Steve "Big Daddy" Hightower
Cedric the EntertainerCedric the Entertainer
As Cedric Jackie Robinson
Wendy Raquel RobinsonWendy Raquel Robinson
As Regina "Piggy" Grier
Merlin SantanaMerlin Santana
As Romeo Santana
William Lee ScottWilliam Lee Scott
As Stanley "Bullethead" Kuznocki
Netfa PerryNetfa Perry
As Sara (S01)
Tracy VilarTracy Vilar
As Sophia Ortiz (S01)
Ariyan A. JohnsonAriyan A. Johnson
As Aisha (S02)
Terri J. VaughnTerri J. Vaughn
As Lovita Alizay Jenkins Robinson (S02-S06)
Lori Beth DenbergLori Beth Denberg
As Lydia Liza Gutman (S03-S06)

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1x7: Papa Don't Take No Mess recap: Cedric loses his composure when he discovers a mouse in the kitchen cabinet. Despite his brave front, Steve turns tail from the kitchen when the mouse jumps from the cabinet. To combat the unwelcome guest, Cedric and Steve agree to get a cat to take care of the problem. Cedric heads to his mother's house to pick up Freddy the Cat. Upon getting his best grade ever on an exam, Romeo's excitement is short-lived when Regina announces his father is moving him from the college prep curriculum into vocational training. While his friends are upset, Romeo convinces them wood shop classes aren't too bad. However, it is clear Romeo's carpentry skills leave much to be desired when no one can identify his project as a spice rack and he kissed Sophia goodbye. In private, Romeo tells Steve he hates his new schedule and asks for help getting it changed. Steve points out Romeo's dad must be convinced his son has true college aspirations. When Steve arrives home, he finds a dejected Cedric waiting for him. Cedric explains Freddy the Cat is dead, thanks in good part to the mouse. The mouse startled Freddy while balanced on the ledge of the balcony. Losing his balance, Freddy fell 14 floors to his demise. Cedric leaves to tell his mother of the accident. Later that night, Romeo arrives at Steve's home. Romeo tells Steve he stood up to his father. He can rejoin the college prep course, but, he can't do it while living under his father's roof. Steve tells Romeo he can't stay and must face his father, forcing Romeo to call home. When Mr. Santana arrives to pick up his son, Steve decides to step in. Steve tells Mr. Santana his son deserves a second chance and that Romeo is a special student. Mr. Santana disagrees, saying Steve is Romeo's teacher for a few years at most, but he is always Romeo's father and will have to clean up the mess should college not work out. He is simply looking out for his son's future. After his dad refuses to listen, Romeo decides to force the issue and attend Steve's class anyway. When he's asked to leave, his fellow students join in a peaceful protest. Despite Romeo's offer to accept responsibility for the disruption, his classmates are willing to face their punishment together. Once he sees how determined his son is to make it into college, Romeo Sr. agrees to let him try. Finally, just when they think they've finally rid themselves of the mouse, Steve and Cedric are surprised to discover it's a neighbor's treasured pet.
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1x1: Back to School recap: With his career as front-man for music group "Steve Hightower and the Hi-Tops" no longer supporting him, Steve Hightower arrives at Chicago's, Booker T. Washington High School. Steve's best friend, Cedric Jackie Robinson, the school's physical education teacher and coach, has arranged a teaching job for Steve. Steve enters the office and is greeted by a student, Stanley Kuzsnacki. Stanley tells Steve his friends call him "Bullethead" because he has a bullet in his head. Cedric enters the office to find Steve and introduces him to the principal, beautiful Regina Grier, explaining they are friends from college. Principal Grier is unimpressed and demands Steve enter her office. Attempting to break the ice with Regina, Steve jokes that the last time he was in the principal's office, he was being reprimanded for taping a sign to a fat girl's back reading, "I sweat Crisco." Regina, frowning, clearly does not appreciate his sense of humor. Following a shaky start with Principal Grier, Steve learns, due to staff layoffs, he will now be required to teach drama and art, in addition to the music position. Steve protests and informs Regina he isn't qualified to teach those subjects. She tells him these are the new conditions of employment and if he can't accept them, someone else will be hired. Knowing he must pay the rent, Steve accepts the new terms and heads for the classroom. Steve enters a raucous and loud classroom. As he tries to get the students' attention they ignore him. Finally, Steve introduces himself as their music, drama and art instructor. Sophia Ortiz immediately confronts Steve, demanding to know where the old teacher is, why he is teaching all those subjects and why they have to take the courses anyway. When the handsome and cocky Romeo Santana intentionally arrives late, so he can make an entrance, Steve realizes his new job is going to be filled with trouble. Sophia told Steve about Romeo, then they kissed and Sophia told Romeo that she love him and Steve told them to cut it out. Cedric arrives to check in on his friend and Steve immediately pulls him into the hall for a private conversation. After complaining about the job, the poorly-behaved kids and the rude principal, Steve isn't at all sure he's cut out for the job. However, Cedric does his best to help and offers some advice as to how he can better his situation by showing the kids who's the boss. When Steve re-enters, the classroom is once again in a state of chaos, with Romeo and Sophia, his girlfriend, arguing over a birthday gift. Apparently, Sophia believes Romeo forgot today was her birthday. Steve asserting his authority and taking control of his classroom, throws them both out, so he can teach uninterrupted. But Regina then interrupts Steve's lesson by returning the students to class. Regina tells Steve teaching is a huge responsibility and he must face his problems, not simply toss them out of the classroom. Further, he is no longer the big man on campus and has to play by her rules as well. Regina leaves and Cedric, overhearing their conversation, approaches. Steve tells Cedric the job is too much for him and it will be his last day. Cedric accuses him of being selfish. To end an argument with Sophia, Steve encourages Romeo to get the birthday gift she's expecting - but learns Romeo spent all the money he'd saved for the gift on his family's electric bill. Romeo is ashamed and afraid to tell Sophia the truth. Romeo is worried he won't be perceived as "the man" if people know he is poor. Steve tells him he is "the man" because he did the right thing for his family. Steve then promises to help Romeo give Sophia a gift from the heart, and together they compose a song for Sophia's birthday. When Cedric visits again, Steve takes his earlier criticism to heart and gladly decides to stay. Steve then rushes off to meet with the principal and sign his contract. Regina criticizes Steve for being tardy and comments he still uses half the page to sign his name. Startled, Steve demands to know how Regina knows so much about him. Regina relents and recites a few derogatory nicknames for fat girls. Steve finally realizes the beautiful principal is none other than Regina "Piggy" Grier, the classmate upon whom he hung the "I sweat Crisco" sign years before. Steve is stunned by her transformation and can't help but say "she done cleaned up well!" With poetic justice, Regina, the ugly-duckling-turned-swan, has turned the tables and it now appears she may have a chance to inflict her own brand of revenge, as she reminds Steve, "From now on, I'm on top." Steve looks her over and with a sly grin says, "I'm cool with that!"... read more.
Recurring Guests

Robin Yvette Allen as Coretta Cox (10 eps)
Jonathan Slocumb as Clyde (6 eps)
Wayne Wilderson as Byron Clark (5 eps)
T.K. Carter as T-Bone (4 eps)
Kenan Thompson as Junior (4 eps)
Kel Mitchell as Vincent (4 eps)
Dorien Wilson as Warrington Steele (4 eps)
Dwayne Adway as Jordan Maddox (3 eps)
Bianca Lawson as Rosalind (3 eps)
Jackie Mari Roberts as Tiffany (3 eps)

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