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Season 5

Back to the Streets of San Francisco

Michael Stone now Captain of The Detectives Bureau is investigating the death of his old partner Inspector Steven Keller.

97 :05x01 - The Thrill Killers (1)

The subplot of this episode concerns Michael Douglas' exit from the series. Four militant activists pull a daring daytime abduction of an entire busload of jurors involved in the murder trial of two of the group's fellow radicals. This sets the scene for Stone and Keller to try to find the missing panel of 12, while dealing with very skimpy clues. Richard Hatch, who succeeds Douglas as Karl Maiden's young assistant.
Guest Stars: Ron Glass as Arlen Washington | Marion Ross as Mrs. Ross | Fred Sadoff as Dr. Lenny Murchison | Barry Sullivan as Breitbach | Patty Duke as Susan Rosen | Hari Rhodes as Floyd Marsden | Susan Dey as Barbara Ross | Patricia Mattick as Marie Tannenger | Jonathan Goldsmith (1) as Nicholas "Nick" Tannenger | James Hong as Robert Lee | Anthony Geary as Gary Jelinek | Edith Diaz as Jenny Rios | Ward Costello as Capt. Roy Devitt | Gary Frank as Winston Stiles | Tina Chen as Juror | Jan Clayton as Mrs. Whelan | Norman Fell as Breitbach | David Moody as Bus Driver | Paula Kelly (1) as Ann Chamberlain | Jim McMullan as James Reed | Doris Roberts as Mrs. Strauss | Van Williams as Officer Morton | James Shigeta as Prosecutor | Jay Varela as Seymour Banchik | Dick Van Patten as Thurman Barber | Joseph Wiseman as Barbato | Roberta Callahan as Head Nurse | Irene Tedrow as Mary Alice Kline | Bill Baldwin as Judge | Darleen Carr as Jeannie Stone
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: Cliff Gould

98 :05x02 - The Thrill Killers (2)

With the clock moving against them, Lt. stone and Inspector Robbins attempt to find the gang which kidnapped an entire jury and seriously wounded Inspector Keller. (Conclusion of a two-part episode)
Guest Stars: Ron Glass as Arlen Washington | Doris Roberts as Mrs. Strauss
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: Cliff Gould

99 :05x03 - Dead or Alive

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Guest Stars: Paul Stevens as George Driscoll | Don Diamond as Cook | Max Gail as Donald S. "Don" Wilton | Maurice Argent as Printer | Howard Duff as Larry Dobbs | Lisa Eilbacher as Gail Dobbs | Robert DoQui as Tom Feranga | Catlin Adams as Cathy Dineen | Dan Caldwell (1) as Officer Brown | Arlene Golonka as Rhoda | Dabbs Greer as Watchman | John Zaremba as Mr. Zabrockie | John Allen Vick as Repairman | Russ Marin as Dispatcher | Claudia Bryar as Mrs. Thompson | Alex Henteloff as Cab Driver | Ben Frank as Tom Springer
Director: Michael Caffey
Writer: Burton Armus

100 :05x04 - The Drop

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Guest Stars: Susan Pratt as Tina Wells | Martin Kove as Willis Hines | Joseph Hindy as Eddie | Parker Stevenson as Andrew "Andy" Horvath Jr. | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Eugene Roche as Charley Springer | Dabney Coleman as Andrew Horvath Sr. | Thomas Bellin as Ernie Myers | James Griffith (1) as Roscoe Springer | Mary La Roche as Alice Horvath | Connie Sawyer as Woman Driver | Lola Mason as Verne Andrews
Director: Harry Falk

101 :05x05 - No Minor Vices

The father of a 16 year old girl goes on a shooting rampage by murdering her "Johns" one by one.
Guest Stars: Lou Frizzell as Harry Delman | John Karlen as Nat Reeves | Emmaline Henry as Ginger Matson | Peter Davies (1) as Jim Foster | Maureen McCormick as Cindy Lawson | James Olson as Lawson | Gloria Manon as Lynn O'Brien | Terrence O'Connor as Ms. Frazier | Buck Young as Sheriff Groves | Royce D. Applegate as Bill Korman | Olive Dunbar as Miss Ardmore | Glenn Sipes as Hal O'Brien | Michael Cavanaugh as Inspector Meyers
Director: William Wiard

102 :05x06 - In Case of Madness

A singer-songwriter is a suspect in the murder of a promoter.
Guest Stars: John Beal (1) as Charley "Chuck" Moran | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Desi Arnaz, Jr. as B.J. Palmer | Cassie Yates as Donna Palmer | Craig Wasson as Gary "Gare" Jordan | Jess Walton as Lois Flynn | Conrad Janis as David Breen | Betsy Slade as Cheryl | Tom Stewart (1) as Earl North | Mwako Cumbuka as Little Joe | Craig Huxley as Jimmy | Lazaro Perez as Vince Perez
Director: Barry Shear

103 :05x07 - Till Death Do Us Part

Lt. Stone jeopardizes his life when he chooses to protect a woman hunted by syndicate hit men.
Guest Stars: Jessica Walter as Maggie Jarris/Mrs. Reston/Mrs. McCluskey | Jerry Walter as Ray Andrich | Steve Oliver as Shandy | Hope Alexander-Willis as Ann Jarris | Harry Guardino as Ben Jarris | Burke Byrnes as Carter | Al Rossi as Marty Jarris | Zack Taylor as Havens | John Milford as Ed Crowley | Michael Baseleon as Hit Man | Larry St. James as Herman Kerlock | Gale Hiett as Ticket Clerk
Director: William Wiard

104 :05x08 - Child of Anger

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Guest Stars: Dorothy Malone as Julia Desmond | Leslie Ackerman as Melanie "Mel" Desmond | Jerry Douglas as Ethan Prince | Guy Stockwell as Frank Kyd | Booth Colman as Ira Foster | Steve Sandor as Ken Manning | Pat Renella as Jerry Stillman | Peter Kilman as Mr. Green | Tom Drake as Melanie's Father
Director: David Whorf

105 :05x09 - Hot Dog

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Guest Stars: Eric Server as Binkie | Darleen Carr as Jeannie Stone | Sam Edwards as Roger | Lester Fletcher as Richard Swanson | Terry Wills as Car Wash Owner | Bruce Neckels as Young Man | Regina Waldon as Woman | Dean Butler (1) as Unknown | Don Johnson as Officer Larry Wilson | Gerald McRaney as Buck | Mario Roccuzzo as Marty
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

106 :05x10 - Castle of Fear

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Guest Stars: Steven Bradley as Bernie | E.J. Peaker as Beth Herrick | Pat Hingle as Alfred C. "Al" Mossman | Ed Walsh as Frank Herrick | Dawn Lyn as Bonnie Mossman | Pat Crowley as Mrs. Mossman | Marshall Colt as Inspector William Holmer | Michael McGuire as Stan Fredricks | Steve Eoff as Sgt. Kline | Al Nalbandian as Mr. Abajian | Brian Fong as Parking Attendant
Director: Allen Reisner

107 :05x11 - One Last Trick

Mike Stone and Dan Robbins get help from an unexpected source. A call girl is murdered, and her friend ,a retired call girl, is so outraged she volunteers to go back to her old profession to help the two detectives.
Guest Stars: Michael Bell (1) as Nick Malone | Peter Brown (1) as Officer Brady | Bob Hastings as Harvey Boone | Lee Purcell as Carol Revson | Sherry Jackson as Joy Adams/September Dawn/Jackie | Jack Wells as Bryan Vincent | Lisa Moore as Agnes Jefferson | Phillip Pine as Carl Halsey | Deirdre Berthrong as Sheila | Rick Lenz as Dave | Gordon Pinkney as Officer Jarvis | Judson Pratt as Mr. Stewart | Eric Barnes as Beatty | Cass Martin as A. D. Fletcher

108 :05x12 - Monkey is Back

As a dare to join a gang in high school. Charlie Belasco is sent to prison for 20 years. And upon his parole, he hunts down the former members who spurned him.
Guest Stars: Barbara Townsend as Manager | Earl Boen as Frank Jennings | Fred Sadoff as Dr. Lenny Murchison | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Matthew Locricchio as Aaron Fesler | Phillip Richard Allen as Timothy J. Rossiter | Art Metrano as Pellegrino | Hal England as Joseph Ness | Ted Gehring as Bert | Don Spruance as Joe Beamer | Francine York as Betty Johnson | Gary Lockwood as Charley Belasco | George Clifton as Mr. Belmont | Archie Hahn as Artie | Wallace Rooney as Mr. Daley | Morgan Upton as Murray
Director: Richard Lang
Writer: Sean Baine

109 :05x13 - The Cannibals

The son of a mob kingpin steels ill-gotten loot and goes to the Feds in exchange for being a material witness against his father.
Guest Stars: Tim O'Connor as Frank McGuire | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Rod Browning as Leary | Robert Doyle as Louie Pulaski | Richard Foronjy as Bernard Rizino | Richard Herd as Greene | Johnny Weismuller Jr. as Duke Barrett | Paul Sylvan as Emmelio | Bonnie Scott as Young Lady | Jason Laskay as Officer Hadley | Bruce Mackey as Sims | Andrew J. Robinson as Ronnie McGuire | Len Birman as David Bradley | Mark Goddard (1) as Brian Phillips | Michael Strong (1) as Stockwood | Victor Hall as Officer Drake
Director: Walter Grauman

110 :05x14 - Who Killed Helen French?

Micheal Stone and Dan Robbins learns that a victim of spousal abuse is leading a double life.
Guest Stars: Ellen Geer as Betty Rollins | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | John Kerr (1) as Gerald O'Brien | Marlyn Mason as Helen French/Angela Somes | Dan Ferrone as Fred Milner | Alan Fudge as Douglas "Doug" French | Trish Stewart as Susan Ross | Noah Keen as Tom Filer | Jay Jacobus as Judge Farley Baker | Jack Thibeau as Technician | Dick McGarvin as Polygraph Operator | Will Hare as Dr. Meyers | Johnny Haymer as Night Waiter | Alvah Stanley as Theatre Director
Director: Allen Reisner

111 :05x15 - A Good Cop...But

Inspector Dave Lambert saw drug dealer Carl Birmingham murder a cop, but Birmingham knows something about Lambert that could blow the case wide apart. Can Lt. Stone and Inspector Robbins find another witness to the murder before Birmingham walks free?
Guest Stars: Joshua Shelley as Bookie | Barry Primus as Inspector Dave Lambert | Robert Walden as Detective Arnie | Mills Watson as Artie Devoe/Barton | Don Calfa as Randolph J. "Moonshine" Fisher | Hank Brandt as Phil Lundeen | Skip Homeier as Carl Birmingham | Bruce Glover as George Carter | Regis Cordic as Abe Johnson | Ivor Barry as Judge Dudley Cramer | Sam Chew, Jr. as Detective Jerry Price | Nate Esformes as Inspector Rodriguez | Frank Maxwell as Captain Jack | Susan O'Connell as Sister Catherine | Bibi Osterwald as Manager | Jordan Rhodes as Jerry Billings
Director: Harry Falk

112 :05x16 - Hang Tough

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Guest Stars: Edward Power as John Hanley | Virginia Gregg as Emma Doyle | Ned Beatty as Eddie Boggs | Susan Oliver (1) as Gracie Boggs | Paul Cavonis as Stan Michaels | Rafael Campos as Emilio "Spider" Gonzales | Richard Bakalyan as Gimpy | Ward Costello as Captain Devitt
Director: William Hale

113 :05x17 - Innocent No More

Lt. Michael Stone pushes to get teen-aged gang members who make a mockery of the juvenile court system. Be tried as adults
Guest Stars: Mark Hamill as Billy Wilson (special guest star) | Bill Quinn (1) as Gary King | John Lehne as Unknown | Roy Poole as Unknown | Jordan Rhodes as Unknown | Frank Marth as Robert Wilson | Carl Weathers as Officer Hague | June Dayton as Mrs. Wilson | Don Stark as Henry Brown | Cosie Costa as Tommy Dido | Eileen Wesson as Carol Bonner | Jack Donner as Joseph Hess | Tony Haig as Jake Moody | Winifred Mann as Judge Byrnes

114 :05x18 - Once a Con

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Guest Stars: Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Jordan Rhodes as Jerry Billings | Anne-Marie Martin as Lisa Demming (as Eddie Benton) | Jenny Sherman as Mary Wilson | Peter MacLean as Colonel Whitey Zellers | Mimi Maynard as Edith Harris | Mischa Schwartzmann as Arthur | Todd Martin (1) as Officer Nelson | John Rubinstein as Walter J. Young | Devon Ericson as Jackie Collins | Joanne Nail as Tina Harrington | Linda Marsh as Julie Hart
Director: Richard Lang

115 :05x19 - Interlude

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Guest Stars: Lois Nettleton as Carolyn Blake | Linden Chiles as Jerry Blake | Camilla Ashland as Mary Johnson | Jed Allan as Fred M. Dawes | Arthur Roberts as Jack Callaway | Paul Comi as Alexander Dichter | Gilbert Green as Joe Ayles | Ward Wood as Gordon F. Dillworth | Alan Feinstein as Roger Callaway
Director: Harry Falk

116 :05x20 - Dead Lift

A bodybuilder's trigger hair temper leads to murder.
Guest Stars: Peter Brandon as Paul Allen | Arnold Schwarzenegger as Josef Schmidt | Bert Freed as Mr. Jenks | Larry Mahan as Henry Wilcox | Frances Rafferty as Maxine | Hilary Thompson as Irene Lupoff | Jerry Ayres as David Garver | Brendan Burns (1) as John Kopecki | Eddie Ryder as Jim Barnotti | Florence Sundstrom as Lydia Beauchamps | Larry Delaney as Sergeant Andrews | Barry Cahill as Colonel Langley | Dan Barton (1) as Desk Officer | Victor Izay as Tony Lawler | William Bronder as Pappy Thompson | Irene Robinson as Riva Allen | Art Passarella as Officer Sekulovich
Writer: Larry Brody

117 :05x21 - Breakup

A business man going through divorce proceedings is in financial straits. His wife's lawyer is being stalked by a revenge minded criminal.
Guest Stars: Pernell Roberts as Charlie Finn | Lawrence Pressman as Larry Drake | George Murdock as Harlan Betz | Sharon Acker as Ethel Finn | Marla Adams as Cecilia "Ceci" Roman | Janis Hansen as Julia Drake | John Friedrich as Hal Finn | Lesley Woods (1) as Emily Bradley | Jordan Rhodes as Jerry Billings | Kirk Mee as Kenneth Bennett | Paul Pepper as Bronson | Bert Holland as Doctor | Ernie Lively as Woman Intern | Art Passarella as Officer Sekulovich
Director: Harry Falk

118 :05x22 - Let's Pretend We're Strangers

A young public defender is convinced that a young man is involved in murder. Mike and Dan believe a different story.
Guest Stars: William Benedict as Dorsey Chandler | Beverly Washburn as Michelle Rhodes | Ted Chapman as Harvey Robinson | Betty Anne Rees as Yvonne | Maggie Wellman as Kim Wilson | Linda Kelsey as Susan Harper | Frank Biro as Judge Jones | Christopher Brooks as Earl | Robert Brubaker as Captain Don Smith | Nolan Leary as Mr. Swafford | Mark Wheeler as Billy Martin | Joseph Miksak as Greg Lerman
Director: Walter Grauman

119 :05x23 - Time Out

A San Quentin Prison guard must hunt down the prisoners who escaped while under his watch.
Guest Stars: Tom Rosqui as Joe Kimberly | Cliff Gorman as Sgt. Earl Eddie Mack | Jerry Hardin as Lt. Carson | Barbara Collentine as Mrs. McCandless | Hal Buckley as Evan Taggart | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Ray Sharkey as Benny Lester | George Mccallister as William "Billy" Telson | Christina Hart as Nancy Telson | Richard Lynch (1) as Harold "Harry" Kraft | Davey Davison as Susan Mack | Kenneth O'Brien as Wes | Dale Tarter as Inspector Thompson | Lou Tiano as Cab Driver | Stephen Parr as Officer Briggs

120 :05x24 - The Canine Collar

Lt. Michael Stone and Inspector Dan Robbins pursue a smuggler who will stop at nothing to retrieve a dog collar containing stolen diamonds.
Guest Stars: Jack Stauffer as Conrad | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Dennis Patrick as Dr. Thompson | Kaz Garas as Thor Olafson | Claire Brennen as Betty Richley | Bruce Neckels as Andy Wilson | Tom Ormeny as Walechi | Robert Behling as Jacob | George Dzundza as Paul Weber | Curt Lowens as Capt Gregory | Dean Santoro as Fred Spears
Director: Harry Falk
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 1972
Ended: June 09, 1977
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