Season 3

51 :03x01 - One Last Shot

Mike and Steve follow a false trail when a cop, officer Landers, has to lie about the circumstances of his partner's death.
Guest Stars: Leslie Nielsen as Off. Joe Landers | Robert Drivas as Graves | Jacqueline Scott as Nina Shaffer | Susan Strasberg as Helen Graves | Joe Spano as Toomey | Jock Mahoney as Officer Mel Shaffer | Patrick De Santis as Robber #1 | Ric Carrott as Corky | Joey Aresco as Vince
Director: William Hale

52 :03x02 - The Most Deadly Species

Steve's new girlfriend turns out to be a hit lady.
Guest Stars: James Luisi as Lloyd Davies | Larry Manetti as Johnny Brennan | Brenda Vaccaro as Sidney | Barry Sullivan as Murray | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Dennis Patrick as Sam Converse | Johnny Weissmuller Jr. as Mickey | Steve Sandor as Charley Albanese | Joe Di Reda as Tony Doyle | Vince Howard as Charlie Johnson | Stu Klitsner as Morgan | Joseph Ruskin as Marioni
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

53 :03x03 - Target: Red

A ruthless assassin and former CIA agent is hired by a right wing group to assassinate a visiting Red Chinese dignitary.
Guest Stars: Byron Morrow as Vernon Presley | Peggy McCay as Nurse | David McLean (1) as Captain | Bill Bixby as Jerry Schilling/Charles Pine | Andrew Duggan as Major General Robert 'Red' West | Curt Lowens as Emile Kestler | Linda Marsh as Myrna Schilling | Bret Morrison as Lamar Fisk | Gail Bryant Cameron as Miss Rubin | Arline Anderson as Mrs. Smith | William Bramley (1) as John Condon | Cheryl Miller (1) as Kimberly Young | William Sargent as Joe Merrick
Director: Barry Crane
Writer: Rick Husky

54 :03x04 - Mask of Death

A murderer with a split personality causes a multitude of trouble for Stone and Keller.
Guest Stars: John Fiedler as Mr. Winkler | John Davidson (3) as Ken Scott | Herb Edelman as Sam | Ivor Barry as Raymond Howard | Anne Helm as Mrs. Bobo Stanfield | Bernie Kopell as Arthur Ganz | Denny Miller as Harvey Ross | Phillip Pine as Sgt. Foster | John Zaremba as Dr. Thompson | Marianne McAndrew as Lori
Director: Harry Falk

55 :03x05 - I Ain't Marchin' Anymore

When an AWOL soldier is murdered. Inspector Steven Keller goes undercover as a draft dodger who has just returned from Canada.
Guest Stars: Jack Stauffer as Robert Emory Zahn | Joshua Bryant as Dr. Benjamin Blakely | Richard Bull as Mr. Zahn | Anthony Eisley as Carson | Renne Jarrett as Kathy Hollander | Michael Burns (1) as Ron Harris | Barbara Collentine as Mrs. Zahn | Don Stroud as Vale

56 :03x06 - One Chance to Live

A woman conceals her affair with a married Canadain diplomat, his wife uses an unstable man to threaten her.
Guest Stars: Steven Keats as Bobby Nelson | Herb Vigran as Max (florist) | Edward Mulhare as Cabinet Minister Brian Downing | Pippa Scott as Mrs. Edith Downing | Paul Cavonis as Capiello | Joanne Linville as Miss Martha Howard | Woodrow Parfrey as Tomlin | Mary Jackson as landlady | Bern Hoffman as landlord | Gwyn Karon as Air Attendant #1 | Ruth Silveira as Air Attendant #2
Director: Seymour Robbie

57 :03x07 - Jacob's Boy

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Guest Stars: Mitch Vogel as Peter Todd | Robert Walden as Hubert 'Gimp' Franklin | Sidney Clute as Mr. Horowitz | Dabney Coleman as George Todd | Bill Baldwin as Judge George Gilbert | James Griffith (1) as Hoby Shuttleworth | Brock Peters as Jacob Willis/Earl Barnes | Roy Jenson as Frenchy | Kenneth Tobey as Sheriff Holloway | Maidie Norman as Mrs. Anderson | Ysabel MacCloskey as Martha | Robert Jourdan as Jeff Burton
Director: Harry Falk
Writer: Paul Savage

58 :03x08 - Flags of Terror

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Guest Stars: Robert Hogan as Mr. Warren | Byron Chung as Kai | Sid McCoy as First Newsman | Carl Franklin as Dallum | Katherine Cannon as Mary Beth Hall | Richard Eastham as Jack Leist | Georganne LaPiere as Ellen Warren | David Moody as Sonny Giles | Adrienne LaRussa as Kerry Martin | Julio Medina as Nick Solano | Elliott Street as Murray | Zack Taylor as Jim Carlson | Eugene Daniels as Tim | William Campbell as Callendar | Timothy Burns as Bob Mehlman | Dennis Robertson as Rodgers | Davis Roberts as Barrow
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

59 :03x09 - Cry Help!

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Guest Stars: Clint Howard as Tommy Sanders | David Gruner as Paul Harris | Mariette Hartley as Bonnie Harris | Eddie Barth as Ed Cooper | William Jordan as Bob Harris | Marge Redmond as Ruth Sanders | Joseph V. Perry as Mr. Sanders
Director: Corey Allen

60 :03x10 - For Good or Evil

A criminal ends up working with a witness to their crime.
Guest Stars: Herbert Jefferson, Jr. as Jimbo Hudson | Hari Rhodes as Karpa | Randolph Powell as Doctor | Mike Evans as Paul Hudson | Michael Masters as Manager
Director: Michael Caffey
Writer: Morton Fine

61 :03x11 - Bird of Prey

Lt Michael Stone & Inspector Steven Keller investigate the murder of women in which someone is impersonating a U.S. Air Force officer.
Guest Stars: Christopher Stone (1) as Jim Danielson | Don Diamond as Clerk | Pat Delaney as Judy | Eric Server as Sgt. Rogers | Dennis Cole as Col. Peter Johnson | Brendan Burns (1) as Harry Cord | William Watson (2) as Dick Higgins | Kaz Garas as Unknown | Vivi Janiss as Thelma Danielson | Martin Braddock as Dr. Frank Brice | Frank Loverde as Manager | Joan Anita Parker as Frances Simmons | Francine York as Marcia Harrington
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

62 :03x12 - License to Kill

Michael's former partner returns to San Francisco to find the hired mob gunman who killed his son many years ago.
Guest Stars: Murray Hamilton as Barney Lujack | Ivan Bonar as Paul Andrews | Amy Farrell as Sarah Lujack | Burr deBenning as Johnny Waco/Saunders | Damon Douglas as Eddie Myers | Tommy Cook as Rick Bellows | Berni Valentine as Waitress | Paul Bryar as Bartender | Brendan Dillon as Sgt. Foster
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

63 :03x13 - The Twenty-Five Caliber Plague

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Guest Stars: Robert Webber (1) as Al Cooper | Jonathan Goldsmith (1) as Jack Graham | Davey Davison as Jean Loring | Lee Montgomery as Jeff Rydell | Mary Murphy (1) as Paula Cooper | Todd Martin (1) as Lou Damico | Allen Price as Rick Thompson | Darrell Fetty as Jake Traynor | Anthony Geary as Joe Markham | William Bassett as Donald Bateman | Owen Bush as Sam Gillis | Karen Arthur as Margaret Bateman | John Yates as Jim Mallory | Vince Howard as Charlie Johnson | Joseph Miksak as Miller | Don Michaelian as Desk Sergeant
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

64 :03x14 - Mister Nobody

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Guest Stars: Laurie Heineman as Chris Karlinsky | Henry Corden as Weiss | George Murdock as Dempsey | Luther Adler as Victor | John Kerr (1) as Gerald O'Brien | Sam Jaffe as Alex Zubatuk | Zooey Hall as Marty Karlinsky | John Ericson as Shelby | Don Calfa as Larry Mason | Rolfe Sedan as Skiros | Michael Vandever as Lou Singer | Celia Lovsky as Nadia Baska | William Bronder as Desk Sergeant | Bob Harris (1) as George
Director: Corey Allen

65 :03x15 - False Witness

A Latino policeman is fed up with his Mission District neighborhood turning into a narcotics haven by a local drug kingpin.
Guest Stars: John Kerr (1) as Gerald 'Jerry' O'Brien | Lloyd Battista as Roberto Perez | Lenore Stevens as Dorothy Silveira | Malachi Throne as Mr. Howard | Jay Varela as Rodriguez | Carmen Zapata as Maria Vega | Rafael Campos as Chico | Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr. as Ramon Vega | Lenore Kasdorf as Bonnie | A. Martinez as Officer Jimmy Vega | Les Lannom as Off. Kevin Bryce | Robert Brubaker as Judge George | Tony Perez as Ybarra
Writer: Morton Fine

66 :03x16 - Letters from the Grave

Skelatal remains pop up at the old Alcatraz Fedaeral Prison which is that of a former prison escapee of the 1950's.
Guest Stars: Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | William Windom as John Kovic | Peter Strauss as Lou Kovic Jr. | Virginia Gregg as Phyllis Stebbins | Lou Krugman as Herbert Stebbins | Joseph Mell as Alvin Greeley | Herman Poppe as Jake Guzik | Lili Valenty as Carlotta Kovic | Jim Boles as Maddox | Arch Johnson as Caretaker | Paul Stewart (1) as Nick Lugo | Eric Christmas as Calvin | Beverly Washburn as Tour Guide | Barry Cahill as Inspector Larry Mason | Christine Dixon as Secretary | Ed Bakey as Rummy
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: Tom Cannan

67 :03x17 - Endgame

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Guest Stars: Tim O'Connor as Roy | Paul Mantee as "Sailor" Renfro | Richard Lawson as Eddie Hill | Darleen Carr as Jeannie Stone | John Kerr (1) as Gerald O'Brien | Steven Bradley as Bernie | Pat Conway as Al Doyle | Stephen Young (1) as Dwayne Rogers | Ketty Lester as 1st prostitute | Jodean Lawrence (1) as 2nd prostitute | Milton Frome as garbage cans in the alley) | Carle Bensen as Sgt. John Baker
Director: Jerry Jameson
Writer: Albert Ruben

68 :03x18 - Ten Dollar Murder

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Guest Stars: Bruce Kirby as Carl Severn | Joe Spano as Cab Driver | Jerry Douglas as Bill Benson | Bob Bralver as John Cova | Mark Wheeler as Bob Elliott | Carol Eve Rossen as Insp. Irene Elliott | Michael Talbott as Charles T. 'Tiny' Reynolds | Ted Hartley as John Dornen | Lola Mason as Young Woman
Director: William Hale
Writer: D.C. Fontana

69 :03x19 - The Programming of Charlie Blake

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Guest Stars: John Stephenson as Leonard Paxton | Sharon Acker as Eleanor Jessup | Fred Sadoff as Dr. Lenny Murchison | Dean Stockwell as Charlie Bake | Dee Wallace Stone as Joan Warren | Lynne Marta as Jill Ackerman | Susan Richardson as Marlene Hollander | William Smithers as Dr. Norman Jessup
Writer: Rick Blaine

70 :03x20 - River of Fear

A 12 year old girl attempts to prove that her stepfather murdered her mother but her attempts manage to impede the police investigation.
Guest Stars: Norman Bartold as Dr. Eliofson | Patricia Smith (1) as Helen Baker | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Steven Bradley as Bernie | Peter Haskell as Dr. William Fitzpatrick Dunson/James Cooper | Paul Fix as Dr. White | Kim Richards as Julie Todd | Faith Quabius as Betty Todd Dunson | Irene Tedrow as Mrs. Emma Rand | Stephen Manley as Bobby Todd | James Gammon as Sheriff
Director: Michael Caffey

71 :03x21 - Asylum

Inspector Steven Keller goes undercover as a mental patient to uncover a series of mysterious deaths at the institution.
Guest Stars: Belinda Montgomery as Susan Howard | Fred Sadoff as Dr. Lenny Murchison | James Olson as Dr. Rabb | Bettye Ackerman as Dr. Hammill | Robert Yuro as Robert | Robert Walker, Jr. as Gene Watson | Michael Anderson, Jr. as Paul William Pierce
Director: Robert Douglas
Writer: Larry Brody

72 :03x22 - Labyrinth

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Guest Stars: Ben Hammer as Mr. Daly | Bing Russell as Inspector Landers | Reuben Collins as Inspector Tanner | Julie Adams as Judith | Claire Brennen as Marian Fabrieze | Don Gordon as Anthony Fabrieze | Michael McGuire as Harry | Shelly Novack as Pete | Felice Orlandi as Jack Vincent | Michael Strong (1) as Al Ginnis | Tony Young as Andy 'Gogo' Friezell | Dave Willock as Hotel Clerk | Mike Falco as Bartender
Director: William Hale
Writer: Del Reisman

73 :03x23 - Solitaire

When Inspecter Steven Keller is injured during a drug raid. Lt. Michael Stone teams up with a streetwise narcotics officer who takes down a drug ring.
Guest Stars: Norman Alden as Alizo | Bill Quinn (1) as Parsons | Maurice Argent as Dobie | Tina Andrews (1) as Millie | Tony Lo Bianco as Al Walczinsky | Rosanna Huffman as Alice | Vic Perrin as John Wozynsky | Sabrina Scharf as Mianna | William Bramley (1) as Condon | Eric Kilpatrick as Artie | David Moody as Random | Ron Stacker Thompson as Lawrence | Antony Carbone as Marks
Director: Seymour Robbie