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Season 3

The Suite Life Movie

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50 :03x01 - Silent Treatment

Heartbroken over his and Bailey's breakup, Cody join's a non-religious monastery. Meanwhile, Bailey seeks break-up advice from Miss Tuttweiler.
Guest Stars: Andy Richter as Brother Theodore | Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink | Erin Cardillo as Emma Tutweiller
Director: Phill Lewis
Writer: Dan Signer

51 :03x02 - Rat Tale

Cody and Bailey argue over who gets custody of their lab rat Buck, so Kirby helps decide who gets it. Meanwhile Zack gets Woody to thinks he's becoming a mutant thanks to the rat's bite, so he can get it on with a cute girl.

52 :03x03 - So You Think You Can Date

Moseby and Emma schedule their own dances on the same night on the skydeck and compromise to hold both the Medieval dance and the Back to the 80's dance at the same time. Meanwhile Cody and Bailey rush to get dates for the night, taking advise from Zack and London.

53 :03x04 - My Oh Maya

A new waitress named Maya joins the ship, when Zack hits on her and fails he comes to realize he has fallen in love with her, so he takes some advice from Cody on how to win her over. Meanwhile, Dante who stole Marcus’s identity in Paris sneaks on board looking to work with him.
Guest Stars: Zoey Deutch as Maya
Director: Joel Zwick

54 :03x05 - Das Boots

Cody competes in a Junior chess tournament against a worthy opponent from Russia. Meanwhile Zack, Maya, Woody and London become trapped under water in London's Shoe Submarine with no idea how to get out as everything is written in Russian.
Guest Stars: Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink | Erin Cardillo as Emma Tutweiller | Zoey Deutch as Maya

55 :03x06 - Bon Voyage

Bailey returns to the ship, and construction on the new Aqua Lounge is held back when one of the portal cracks flooding the whole place. Moseby wants to know who did it, as Mr. Tipton will have the person responsible expelled. Meanwhile Marcus films a hip-hoperah he wrote himself.
Guest Stars: Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink | Lisa K. Wyatt as Frankie

56 :03x07 - Computer Date

Arwin visits and programs the ship with a female super computer that falls in love with Cody. Meanwhile Zack tutors Woody and London in fitness so they can pass PE.
Guest Stars: Brian Stepanek as Arwin | Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink | Tabitha Morella as Callie
Director: Joel Zwick
Writer: Jeny Quine

57 :03x08 - Party On!

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Special Guest Stars: Sean Kingston as Himself |
Guest Stars: Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink | Zoey Deutch as Maya
Director: Joel Zwick
Songs: Sean Kingston -- Dumb Love

58 :03x09 - Love and War

While preparing for a video game tournament, Zack is becoming whipped in his relationship with Mia. Meanwhile Bailey and London participate in community service, taking care of the passenger's children.
Guest Stars: Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink | Zoey Deutch as Maya

59 :03x10 - Trouble in Tokyo

Zack and Cody visit their mom on the set of a Japanese soda commercial, but when Zack trashes it all 3 are forced to become taste testers. Meanwhile Woody beats a Sumo wrestler in a match, who gets so upset he moves in with Woody. All the while London is hiding from Moseby so she doesn't have to go to the dentist.
Guest Stars: Kim Rhodes as Carey Martin | Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink | Americus Abesamis as Mikio | Tom Choi as Mr. Hashimoto

60 :03x11 - The Ghost and Mr. Martin

While the ship is docked in Louisiana at the sight of a shipwreck, Zack is haunted by the former captain who is blamed for it's disaster. Zack gets Cody and Woody to help find the truth about what really happened to clear the captain's name. Meanwhile London and Bailey help Moseby get over his fear of playing the piano in public.

61 :03x12 - Senior Ditch Day

It's Senior Ditch Day, and while Zack, London and Woody try to get in a very exclusive club, Cody and Bailey go to class because they don't want to ruin their perfect attendance. All Miss Tutweiller wants to do is finish her romance novel rather than teach 2 overachieving students, so she gives them an assignment to 'have fun.'
Guest Stars: Fabio as Captain Hawk

62 :03x13 - My Sister's Keeper

Woody asks Cody to hang out with his sister while he completes an over due assignment. Everyone is surprised at how beautiful she is. Meanwhile London tries to find her twin.

63 :03x14 - Frozen

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Guest Stars: Todd Sherry as Arturo Vitali | Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink | Brian Posehn as Dr. Cork

64 :03x15 - A London Carol

After London refuses to donate anything to charity, she has a dream where her talking mirror (from the original series) takes her to the past, present and future. The past shows that she used to be a really sweet girl, the present shows what everyone is doing on Christmas eve and the future shows London what her future will end up as. Meanwhile, Zack keeps being late for his shifts at the drink counter, so Moseby tells him to be there at 6am on Christmas day.

65 :03x16 - The Play's the Thing

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66 :03x17 - Twister: Part 1

London helps Bailey get back to Kettlecorn for her grandma's 92nd birth day, while on the ship Moseby tricks Zack and Woody into playing basket ball against his little brother who just so happens to be an NBA all-star player
Special Guest Stars: Dwight Howard as Himself | Deron Williams as Himself | Kevin Love as Himself

67 :03x18 - Twister: Part 2

Cody rushes to Kettlecorn worried about Bailey who was stranded in the previous episode, tries to compete against Moose for Bailey's affection. Meanwhile on the ship, Zack rents out all the student dorms for a family reunion so he has money to take Maya out for their 3rd month aniversary.
Guest Stars: Hutch Dano as Moose

68 :03x19 - Twister: Part 3

London is missing since the tornado, and Bailey's home is destroyed from the storm, so Cody tries to figure out a solution to both problems.
Guest Stars: John Michael Higgins as Mr. Tipton

69 :03x20 - Snakes on a Boat

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70 :03x21 - Prom Night

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71 :03x22 - Graduation on Deck

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Guest Stars: Erin Cardillo as Emma Tutweiller | Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink | Kim Rhodes as Carey Martin | Robert Torti as Kurt Martin | Brian Stepanek as Arwin | Rachael Kathryn Bell as Addison | Zoey Deutch as Maya | Lisa K. Wyatt as Frankie
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Children | Comedy | Family | Teens
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Fridays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 26, 2008
Ended: May 06, 2011
Episode Order: 30
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