The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 04/Sep/1989 The Bird! The Bird! / Neatness Counts
04 01x04 07/Sep/1989 Mario's Magic Carpet / Marianne and Luigeena
07 01x07 13/Sep/1989 Mario and the Beanstalk / Bats in the Basement
08 01x08 14/Sep/1989 Love 'Em and Leave 'Em / Will the Real Elvis Please Shut Up!
09 01x09 18/Sep/1989 The Great BMX Race / Mama Mia Mario
10 01x10 19/Sep/1989 Stars in Their Eyes / Alligator Dundee
11 01x11 20/Sep/1989 Jungle Fever / Dance
13 01x13 25/Sep/1989 Toad Warriors / E.C. The Extra Creepy
14 01x14 26/Sep/1989 The Fire of Hercufleas / The Marios Fight Back
15 01x15 27/Sep/1989 Count Koopula / Magician
16 01x16 28/Sep/1989 Pirates of Koopa / Do You Believe in Magic?
17 01x17 02/Oct/1989 Two Plumbers and a Baby / Lost Dog
18 01x18 03/Oct/1989 The Adventures of Sherlock Mario / Plumbers of the Year
19 01x19 04/Oct/1989 Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa...? / Mario Hillbillies
20 01x20 05/Oct/1989 The Pied Koopa / Super Plant
21 01x21 09/Oct/1989 Koopenstein / Baby Mario Love
23 01x23 11/Oct/1989 Mario and Joliet / Fake Bro
25 01x25 16/Oct/1989 Hooded Robin and His Mario Men / Flower Power
27 01x27 18/Oct/1989 Mighty McMario and the Pot of Gold / Heart Throb
28 01x28 19/Oct/1989 Mario Meets Koop-zilla / Fortune Teller
29 01x29 23/Oct/1989 Koopa Klaus / Little Marios
30 01x30 24/Oct/1989 Mario and the Red Baron Koopa / Gorilla My Dreams
33 01x33 30/Oct/1989 The Mark of Zero / Toupee
34 01x34 31/Oct/1989 The Ten Koopmandments / The Artist
35 01x35 01/Nov/1989 The Koopas Are Coming! The Koopas Are Coming! / Zenned Out Mario
36 01x36 02/Nov/1989 The Trojan Koopa / Texas Tea
37 01x37 06/Nov/1989 Quest For Pizza / The Painting
41 01x41 13/Nov/1989 Karate Koopa / Adee Don't
42 01x42 14/Nov/1989 Mario of the Apes / Chippie Chipmunks
43 01x43 15/Nov/1989 Princess, I Shrunk the Mario Brothers / A Basement Divided
44 01x44 16/Nov/1989 Little Red Riding Princess / No Way to Treat a Queenie
45 01x45 20/Nov/1989 The Provolone Ranger / Goodbye Mr. Fish
46 01x46 21/Nov/1989 Escape From Koopatraz / French
47 01x47 22/Nov/1989 Mario of the Deep / Two Bums From Brooklyn
49 01x49 27/Nov/1989 Raiders of the Lost Mushroom / Cyrano de Mario
50 01x50 28/Nov/1989 Crocodile Mario / Rowdy Roddy's Rotten Pipes
53 01x53 08/Sep/1989 Slime Busters
54 01x54 15/Sep/1989 Magic's Magic
55 01x55 22/Sep/1989 Wild Thing
56 01x56 29/Sep/1989 Mommies Curse
57 01x57 06/Oct/1989 The Ghoul of My Dreams
58 01x58 13/Oct/1989 Tutti Frutti, Oh Mario
59 01x59 20/Oct/1989 The Magic Love
61 01x61 03/Nov/1989 The Great Hereafter
62 01x62 10/Nov/1989 Treasure of the Sierra Brooklyn
63 01x63 17/Nov/1989 Pizza Crush
64 01x64 24/Nov/1989 Tutti Frutti Mario
65 01x65 01/Dec/1989 Fred Van Winkle