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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!: The Great BMX Race / Mama Mia Mario

The Great BMX Race
When Fry Guy says that Toad owes him money, Mario and Luigi say they will help him raise the money to take care of the debt, but is it what they expected?

Mama Mia Mario
Mario and Luigi's mother comes over, and makes Mario and Luigi do annoying chores.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x9
Production Number: 109
Airdate: Monday September 18th, 1989

Guest Stars
Danny WellsDanny Wells
voiced Aunt Luigeena
Lou AlbanoLou Albano
voiced Mama
Episode Notes
Animated debut of Fryguy

Minions in this episode: Mouser, Troopa, Triclyde, Cobrat and Fryguy.

Yahooligans original air date for this episode was: April 19th 2004.

Mama Mia Mario was the only Live Action Segment in the whole series that didn't have a Guest Star.

Triclyde, Mouser, and Fryguy are all bosses from the original Super Mario Bros. 2 game on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Yahooligans kept this episode on their site until the first week of Feb 2005, which was when they did a huge overhaul to the site's layout.

-- Tvtome.

Episode Quotes
Mama: As soon as your brother finishes a-washing and sweeping, you tell him to come in here! I got-a more work for him!
Luigi: Yes, mama.
Mama: Shut up and don't talk back!

Luigi: Yo, Mario... What do we do now? Call a tow truck?
Mouser: No... Call an ambulance!

Mario: (both brothers and their bike hang from a cliff) Hey! We just gonna hang around here all day, or get back in the race?!
(they climb up
Luigi: I thought hangin' around all day was the better choice.

Episode Goofs
It seems practically impossible that the Troopa could have loaded that rock onto his Bike.

When the rock thrown by the Troopa hit the ground, it shattered like Glass...which is impossible because it is a rock.

After Mouser says "It's turbo time!", he, Triclyde and the Troopa drive down from the cliff, and we see a brief shot of Koopa and another Troopa watching them. The only problem with this is that they use the scene twice in the episode, and the second time it does not make sense because Mouser and the others had already gone.

When Luigi says "Those guys scared me off", they drew him with a massive rump, much like Mario.

Cultural References
Mouser: It's Turbo Time!

This was Turbo-Man's catchphrase in the movie, Jingle All The Way.

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