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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!: Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa...? / Mario Hillbillies

Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa...?:
Koopa has captured Mario and Luigi, but whats worse is hes turned all the Mushroom People into Rocks! he spares Mario and Luigi, but only for Princess Toadstall's hand in marriage.

Toadstall agrees, but only if Koopa releases the Mario Bros, and the Mushroom People of the spell too, Koopa, soon after goes back on his word, and Mario and Luigi soon have to find a way to stop the wedding.

Mario Hillbillies:

When Mario and Luigi's hillbilly lookalike cousins come over, they have to deal with a Customer.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x19
Production Number: 130
Airdate: Wednesday October 04th, 1989

Guest Stars
Danny WellsDanny Wells
voiced Luigi Bob
Lou AlbanoLou Albano
voiced Mario Joe
Donna DouglasDonna Douglas
voiced Ellie Mae
Episode Notes
Minions that appear in this episode: Mouser, Triclyde, Troopa, Hammer Bros. and Goomba.

Yahooligans air date for this episode: September 13th, 2004.

The third time Mario does not use a power up to become Super Mario.

The second time Luigi does not use a power up to become Super Luigi.

This is the last time Luigi becomes Super Luigi.

It is rare to see Luigi as Super Luigi, this is a rare episode in which he is Super Luigi.

The song "White Wedding" which was on this episode was also on the episode "Mr. and Mrs. Mother Brain" from the show Captain N: The Game Master.

White Wedding was a rare song for the Super Show that did not get changed after the second airing of the episode.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Billy IdolWhite Wedding 

Episode Quotes
Mama: You ungrateful child! (Mama hits Koopa's head with a drum). Now I'll have to tell all the relatives that [She hits him again.] stupid Koopums is still a bachelor! Koopums!
Koopa: Yes, Mama?
Mama: Go sit in the corner for six days!
(Koopa falls over, and Mama walks off).

Episode Goofs
In the official description for this episode it was said that Koopa would threaten to turn the Mario's into stone unless Princess Toadstall agreed to marry him. But in the actual episode, he threatens to kill the Mario's unless his bidding is done.

At the end of the episode, you never actually see the Mushroom People turn back into there old selves, an obvious goof.

Koopa acts as if he had heard the Plumbers Log Mario had said in his head, it is not possible for Koopa to have heard it.

How did Mario know which rock was Toad? none of them could be identified.

Cultural References
The Mario Hillbillies, is an obvious spoof of the Beverly Hillbillies.

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