Season 6

47 :06x01 - Movin' on In

This season's cast members include actors Sherman Hemsley, Tawny Kitaen and Alexis Arquette; Poison guitarist C.C. DeVille; Smash Mouth lead singer Steve Harwell; and adult star Andrea Lowell.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Pardo as Himself

48 :06x02 - Makin' the Video

The housemates help film a video for Smash Mouth's "Story of My Life."
Guest Stars: Smash Mouth as Themselves

49 :06x03 - Action News (1)

The cast must do a TV news report, with Alexis as executive producer, Florence as anchor, Sherman as weatherman, C.C. doing the sports, Steve as field producer and Andrea reporting from a local winery.
Guest Stars: Chuck Liddell as Himself

50 :06x04 - Action News (2)

The cast does a TV newscast, with Alexis and Steve producing, and Florence, Sherman, C.C. and Andrea on air.

51 :06x05 - Tawny Takes on Flo (1)

The housemates film talk shows in front of an audience, with Tawny vowing to reveal the real Florence and C.C. wanting to hit the bottle before he hits the stage.

52 :06x06 - Tawny Takes on Flo (2)

The pressure is on to win the talk-show competition. Guests include Bridget the Midget, Marla Gibbs ("The Jeffersons"), a man with a 10-foot mustache and a 92-year-old bodybuilder.
Guest Stars: Marla Gibbs as Herself

53 :06x07 - Battle of the 80s Hair Bands

The housemates are challenged by a Poison tribute band to rock their wigs off performing Poison's "Talk Dirty to Me." Alexis and Steve beg off. Also: Andrea voices her hatred of Florence, claiming that she unfairly judges her.

54 :06x08 - Flo's Final Word

Florence Henderson holds a group-therapy session for the housemates in the living room, encouraging them to come clean and face their greatest fears.

55 :06x09 - Check Out Is at Noon

Tawny breaks up with her fiancé on the phone, goes skinny-dipping, and kisses her female castmates on the lips.