The Surreal Life

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 09/Jan/2003 New Friends (1)
02 01x02 09/Jan/2003 New Friends (2)
03 01x03 16/Jan/2003 Camping
04 01x04 23/Jan/2003 Talent Show
05 01x05 30/Jan/2003 Vegas; Church
06 01x06 06/Feb/2003 Brande Needs a Man
07 01x07 13/Feb/2003 Softball; Missing Family
08 01x08 20/Feb/2003 Wedding; Goodbye

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
09 02x01 11/Jan/2004 New Roommates
10 02x02 18/Jan/2004 Mel's Diner
11 02x03 25/Jan/2004 A Psychic, A Drunk, and a Hairy Monster
12 02x04 08/Feb/2004 Book Signing & Pool Party
13 02x05 15/Feb/2004 Nude Resort
14 02x06 22/Feb/2004 A Talk Show, Supper and a Goodbye

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
15 03x01 05/Sep/2004 Six Degrees of Irritation
16 03x02 12/Sep/2004 Strange Love
17 03x03 19/Sep/2004 Battle of the Bands
18 03x04 26/Sep/2004 Highway to Hell
19 03x05 03/Oct/2004 Surf School
20 03x06 10/Oct/2004 Making the Single: Part One
21 03x07 17/Oct/2004 Making the Single: Part Two
22 03x08 24/Oct/2004 Haunted Hospital
25 03x11 14/Nov/2004 Best & Worst
26 03x12 05/Dec/2004 Lost Moments

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
27 04x01 09/Jan/2005 The Surreal Seven (a.k.a. It's In My Contract!)
28 04x02 16/Jan/2005 The Kids are All Wrong
29 04x03 23/Jan/2005 Horses, Dwarves & Bears, Oh My!
30 04x04 30/Jan/2005 Three Crushes
31 04x05 13/Feb/2005 Celebrity Pitch Fest
32 04x06 20/Feb/2005 I'm With Cupid
34 04x08 27/Mar/2005 Seven Celebrities of Death (2)
35 04x09 03/Apr/2005 Dirty Laundry
36 04x10 17/Apr/2005 Burning Questions
37 04x11 24/Apr/2005 Get Out!!

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
39 05x02 17/Jul/2005 Sunshine Strikers
40 05x03 24/Jul/2005 Take It Off
41 05x04 31/Jul/2005 Backyard Makeover Surreal Edition
42 05x05 14/Aug/2005 Moto-Crossdressers
43 05x06 21/Aug/2005 Vegas Dead Ringers
44 05x07 04/Sep/2005 Voted Out of Vegas
45 05x08 11/Sep/2005 The Knife Incident, Part 1
46 05x09 18/Sep/2005 The Knife Incident, Part 2
47 05x10 25/Sep/2005 Dirty Laundry, Part 1
48 05x11 02/Oct/2005 Dirty Laundry, Part 2
49 05x12 09/Oct/2005 The Last Straw

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
47 06x01 19/Mar/2006 Movin' on In
49 06x03 02/Apr/2006 Action News (1)
50 06x04 09/Apr/2006 Action News (2)
52 06x06 23/Apr/2006 Tawny Takes on Flo (2)
53 06x07 30/Apr/2006 Battle of the 80s Hair Bands
54 06x08 07/May/2006 Flo's Final Word
55 06x09 14/May/2006 Check Out Is at Noon

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