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Fire and Terror - Recap

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This episode opens with Goody and Habib at the scene of a fire. A fireman, Gary, has caught Maggie’s eye and Kevin is seething with jealousy. After chatting for a moment, he invites them to go get a drink, which Maggie jumps at and Kevin resists.

Back at the station, Frank gives Fowler a briefing for the upcoming neighbourhood watch meeting, but Raymond is engaged on the phone with a prank caller: someone claiming to be Al Capone. Grim comes over with some ‘witty’ banter, and flaunts his impressive case in front of Raymond. He’s got a bomber and he has to keep in touch with ‘special branch’.

Back at the scene of the fire, Gary is in the middle of one of his stories of bravery. After he’s finished, Maggie is left all gooey. Gary asks Kev if he’s ever saved anyone’s life; and so Goody regales with with a tale of bringing clean water to an entire village . . . by doing comic relief.

Once more, back at the station Raymond and Dawkins have a small chat about her cooking and his desire to avoid it at all costs. Then Grim is retelling his joke to Kray, who isn’t so amused.

We then see Raymond addressing a group of people at the neighbourhood watch meeting. He clarifies some of the popular misconceptions about the scheme, such as not encouraging spying, viewing all neighbours with suspicion, or to complain about anything or anyone they don’t like. The result is the auditorium is left vacant, and Raymond left standing there, alone and bewildered.

The next scene is in the station and Maggie has just walked in wearing a short dress, looking red hot, and Goody can hardly keep his tongue in his head. He jumbles his words and makes a complete arse of himself. Meanwhile, the whole time, Raymond is dealing with yet another prank caller. After the call, she tells Fowler that she has a date with the fireman, making Goody come apart at the seams. Habib goes into the foyer where Gary is waiting, and they have a short chat in front of Dawkins, who is not in the least bit impressed and thinks he’s quite the egomaniac.

Rejection is all around. First, Fowler offers his services in the bomber case CID is currently undertaking, but Grim rejects his proposal; then after their date, Gary refuses to ‘come in for coffee’ when Habib invites him. The next morning Maggie tells Patricia how stupid she felt for how she acted, and how great Gary is for not taking advantage of her while she was drunk.

After Raymond comes in for the morning, Grim wants to have a word with the uniform branch. He tells them he is going in to nick a mad bomber, and the entire station is alight with energy and fascination with the fact that CID are working on such an important case, and with Special Branch no less.

The operation is a success, and the Commander of Special Branch comes to the station and wants to speak to Fowler. He informs him that they will require the use of the station while they do a further investigation, to which Fowler is more than honoured to oblige.

After all that, Kevin asks Habib out for a drink,. But she divulges that she will be meeting Gary again after work.

Grim is loving being in the limelight: he barges into Fowler's office – smoking a cigarette – and informs Raymond that MI-6 will be coming around to interrogate the prisoner. In the mean time he’s going to pop down to the shops and buy himself a leather jacket. On his way out he pokes fun of Raymond because the a neighbourhood watch lady wishes to see him. Such small potatoes compared to the world of terrorism. But the woman has something very interesting to tell Raymond: the man they caught has been telling the neighbourhood tales of his crimes for a long time, and they always thought it was a pack of lies. Fowler’s interest was peaked, so he goes to question the man personally, and finds out that the man will admit to being involved in any crime, including JFK’s assassination, the Great Train robbery, and the cause of WWII. The Special Branch Commander has changed his tune and now berates Grim and praises Fowler for ending the farce of a case.

Maggie is then waiting at the front desk for Gary to show up, and while waiting is having a chat with Patricia and Kevin. Gary swaggers in and tells them of his day: saving burning nuns from a convent. At that moment the ‘terrorist’ is leaving the station, as Goody exclaims. The man takes on the persona of a terrorist and acts like he has a weapon and will take a hostage. Maggie says to take her, then Kevin says she is too beautiful to die, and to take him; then Gary says Kevin is too beautiful to die and to take him. Everyone is shocked. Fowler comes in to resolve the issue – of the ‘terrorist’ – and then the three, Goody, Habib, and Gary, go off for a quiet pint.