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The Time Tunnel: Raiders From Outer Space

No sooner are the travelers freed from the clutches of the Curator in the far future than they’re in trouble again – they land in the middle of the Mahdist War near Khartoum, April 2, 1883. They no sooner evade skirmishing Sudanese Muslims and British troops than they encounter... aliens? Doug and Tony must help British troops defend their fort against the Mahdists, and then they have to learn what the aliens want and figure out what to do about it. And the aliens seem capable of influencing the operation of the Time Tunnel itself.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x29
Production Number: 9629
Airdate: Friday March 31st, 1967

Guest Stars
John CrawfordJohn Crawford
As Henderson
Kevin HagenKevin Hagen
As Planet Leader
Episode Goofs
A Day Late and a Year Short
Tony refers to this as the Battle of Khartoum, but the given date of April 2, 1883 is about a year before the siege of Khartoum began.

Semi-recoilless Artillery?
There is a noticeable delay between the firing of a cannon and the “recoil” (someone pulling the piece backwards from offstage). The recoil also contains a stutter as if the stagehand momentarily stopped pulling or lost his grip.

A Crushing (of) Defeet
Henderson stands behind a cannon when he’s about to touch it off. Were the cannon real, he’d likely get both legs crushed for that bit of stupidity.

What Do You Mean, You Turned It Off?
Early in the episode it is established (several times) that a force field protects the entrance to the alien lair. Yet later, Doug and Henderson have no trouble pitching grenades through this barrier to destroy the projectors.

Apparently, Time IS On Their Side!
The bomb has a sixty minute timer. At one point it is shown to be halfway expired. Doug and Tony return to the nearby fort, fight an extended pitched battle with Mahdists, and then return to the alien lair. At that point the bomb still has ten minutes remaining – that’s a lot accomplished in twenty minutes!

I Must Have Left the Off Switch In My Other Tunic
Project Tic Toc sends the alien bomb back to the alien lair (after defeating its laser protection screen) with several minutes to go. Why didn’t the alien simply turn the bomb off?

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