Season 2

23 :02x01 - Case: Civil Disobedience

Judge Franklin's daughter Bobby who has been away at school decides to come back to Philadelphia to go to college. Franklin is elated she is coming home, especially since he didn't want her to go away but is stunned to learn the real reason she is returning. A lovers' quarrel sends Bobby (Penny Peyser) home to a doting father (Tony Randall).
Guest Stars: James Keach (1) as Bastian | Buddy Douglas as Nizer | Whit Bissell as Baker | Nedra Volz as cellmate
Writer: Tom Chehak

24 :02x02 - Case: The Prodigal Father Returns

Walter (Tony Randall) and his father (Hans Conried) have a reunion after feuding for years. Hans Conried stars as Judge Franklin's prodigal father who returns to Philadelphia to see his son and grandchildren five years after Walter has stopped speaking to him.
Writer: Hugh Wilson

25 :02x03 - Case: Walter Screws Up

After mistakenly convicting a defendant, Walter (Tony Randall) decides to hang up his robes.
Guest Stars: Ron Rifkin as Benten | David Byrd as Pahagan | Dana Gladstone as Watson
Director: Asaad Kelada
Writer: Sy Rosen

26 :02x04 - Case: The Dream Maker

Eleanor (Diana Muldaur), bothered by a sense of monotony, decides to cool her relationship with Walter for a while. Busy work schedules present a problem for Judges franklin and Hooper, and when they manage to find some time together they are invaded by Mario Lanza, who has a crush on the lady judge. Judge Franklin's hightoned lady friend, Judge Eleanor Hooper, attractively, played by Diana Muldaur, is back on the show tonight. Our cooing judges are bugged by a D.A.'s assistant, Mario Lanza by name, an idiot with a mighty crush on the classy Eleanor. It's
familiar material, of course, but Randall and Muldaur are easy to take most of the time.
Guest Stars: Michael Evans as George | Jay W. MacIntosh as Chairwoman | Kenneth Mars as Dr. Stanner
Director: Asaad Kelada

27 :02x05 - Case: The Skin Game

Walter (Tony Randall) is thrilled by his night-school students' test scores, unaware that they cheated en masse.
Guest Stars: Michael Keaton as Zeke | Ralph Wilcox as D'Evangelista | Melanie Chartoff as Ginny | Richard Stahl as Pete

28 :02x06 - Case: The Taking of Reubner 1-2-3

An escaped prisoner (Cleavon Little) holds Miss Reubner hostage in Walter's chambers and demands a getaway plane. A convicted car thief plans to escape from jail, with Miss Reubner as his hostage.
Guest Stars: Cleavon Little as Willie Alexander | Michael Pataki as Captain Roberts | Veronica Redd as Mrs. Alexander | Taurean Blacque as Officer | David Himes as Guard | Kelton Green as LaMar
Director: Hugh Wilson
Writer: Hugh Wilson

29 :02x07 - Case: Love Vs. Excitement

Deserted by his wife Tanya, Jack (Barney Martin) turns to Walter (Tony Randall) for advice.
Guest Stars: Helen Page Camp as Tanya Terwilliger | Phillip Richard Allen as Glazer (Attorney) | Richard Balin as Cornfeld | Timothy Blake as Mrs. Fielding | Greg Lewis as Harry Fielding | Nick Stamos as The Chauffeur | Leonard Barr as Newsboy
Director: Michael Zinberg

30 :02x08 - Case: New Found Franklin

On an impulse, Judge Franklin hires his superior judge's son to fill the job of court clerk, causing him to be constantly agitated by the young man who turns out to be a racist. Walter tries to act hip to put his new clerk (William Turman), a hostile young black, at ease.
Guest Stars: Glynn Turman as Bradshaw | William Marshall as Judge Bradshaw
Director: Asaad Kelada
Writer: Carol Gary

31 :02x09 - Case: Franklin Vs. Casanova

Judge Franklin discovers that his stoic secretary is dating the Casanova who is being judged in a trial.
Guest Stars: Robert Alda as Charlie Finmore

32 :02x10 - Case: Bobby Vs. Michael

Bobby learns that even judges daughters are not exempt from punishment by law, when Walter sends her to jail for contempt of court.
Guest Stars: Michael Burns (1) as Michael
Director: Tony Mordente

33 :02x11 - Case: Franklin Vs. The Generation Gap

Bobby (Penny Peyser) drops out of college and moves in with her boy friend. A fake guru is accused of stealing funds donated by his followers.
Guest Stars: Walker Edmiston as Wells | Woodrow Parfrey as Davis | Allan Arbus as Hashna-Vedanta/Ron Handelman | Michael Burns (1) as Michael Houser | Lesley Woods (1) as Mrs. Carp | Richard McMurray as Mr. Carp

34 :02x12 - Case: The Sylvia Needleman Experience

A flashy real-estate agent (Beverly Garland) has designs on Walter's house.
Guest Stars: Beverly Garland as Sylvia Needleman | John William Young as Morton
Writer: Jay Tarses

35 :02x13 - Case: Kids' Rights

In court, a girl is suing her father; and at home, Oliver is bedeviling his. Mario Lanza is hired by a little girl who wants to be removed from her father's custody, but during the trial, she decides to have Mario removed as her lawyer.
Guest Stars: Dawn Lyn as Jill | Lee Bergere as Clifford
Director: Tony Mordente

36 :02x14 - Case: Bobby and Brian (aka Brian's Song)

The meticulous Walter admits he's overprotective, and feels there aren't too many men who are worthy of his daughter's companionship. But he also feels that Brian, Bobby's new interest, has got to be the pits.
Guest Stars: Brian Dennehy as Brian Sr. | Paul McKenna as Brian | Paula Shaw as Claire
Director: Tony Mordente

37 :02x15 - Case: I Live to Dance

Jack (Barney Martin) and Miss Reubner (Allyn Ann McLerie) put down some surprising steps as impromptu dance-contest partners.
Director: Tony Mordente
Writer: Hugh Wilson

38 :02x16 - Case: The Philadelphia Triangle

Walter (Tony Randall) dates a young admirer while keeping up a relationship with Eleanor (Diana Muldaur). The life of a swinging bachelor can be fun but treacherous, as Walter discovers when he dates Judge Eleanor Hooper at the same time he's dating Melissa Charles, Oliver's ex-school teacher.
Guest Stars: Annette O'Toole as Melissa Charles | Diana Muldaur as Judge Eleanor Hooper
Director: Tony Mordente

39 :02x17 - Case: Twice Is Not Enough

Mrs. McClellan's photographer-nephew (Michael Anderson Jr.) sets out to develop the star qualitites he sees in the Franklins.
Guest Stars: Helen Page Camp as Tanya | Richard Balin as Cornfeld | Phillip Richard Allen as Glazer | Michael Anderson, Jr. as unknown
Director: Asaad Kelada

40 :02x18 - Case: The Eyes of the Law

The only zealous law student in Walter's night-school class may drop out because she is blind.
Guest Stars: Michael Keaton as Zeke | Jack O'Leary as Stanley Hughes | Jane Rose as Mrs. Hilda Tilden | Patricia Cosgrove as Nancy
Director: John C. Chulay

41 :02x19 - Case: The Phantom of the Poconos

An atmosphere of mystery pervades Walter's inherited mountain cabin. Into each comedy series there's always at least one encounter with the unknown, and tonight it's the Franklins' turn as they become stranded in a remote mountain cabin that's haunted.
Guest Stars: Jocelyn Brando as Mrs. Griggs | John Crawford as Inspector | Robert Phalen as Lawyer | Madlyn Rhue as Evelyn
Director: Ken Luber

42 :02x20 - Case: Adios, Mr. Chips

Walter (Tony Randall) finds that hiring a law clerk can be a trying experience.
Guest Stars: Michael Keaton as Zeke | Melanie Chartoff as Ginny | Richard Stahl as Pete | Ralph Wilcox as D'Evangelista
Director: Michael Zinberg

43 :02x21 - Case: The Way It Was

Walter's co-workers recall his first day as a judge somewhat less flatteringly than Walter himself does.
Guest Stars: Michael Durrell as Lawyer Higgins | Carole Mallory as Miss Gordon | Dean Santoro as Lawyer Pratt | Steve Hershon as The Bailiff
Director: Asaad Kelada
Writer: Blake Hunter

44 :02x22 - Case: Wyatt Loves Bonnie

Walter's dad (Hans Conried) announces he's fallen in love with Mrs. McClellan (Rachel Roberts).
Guest Stars: Harold Stone as Carlson Sr. | Tim Jerome as Carlson Jr.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 23, 1976
Ended: March 25, 1978
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