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347 03x02 11/Sep/2007 15 Rules You Should Completely Ignore
348 03x03 12/Sep/2007 Teenville
349 03x04 13/Sep/2007 Kim Kardashian / Good Charlotte
350 03x05 14/Sep/2007 How to Spot a Fake
351 03x06 17/Sep/2007 Vanessa Hudgens / Lauren Conrad
352 03x07 18/Sep/2007 Tyra Takes Fashion Week
353 03x08 19/Sep/2007 Tyra's Photography Class
355 03x10 21/Sep/2007 Tori Spelling and Mission: Man Band
356 03x11 24/Sep/2007 Martina McBride / Star Jones
357 03x12 25/Sep/2007 Are You Doomed for Divorce?
358 03x13 26/Sep/2007 15 Things You Must Buy for Fall
359 03x14 27/Sep/2007 Tyra's Finishing School
360 03x15 28/Sep/2007 Ciara/NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson
362 03x17 02/Oct/2007 Babyface, Jeff Probst, and John Edward
363 03x18 03/Oct/2007 12 Commandments of High and Low
364 03x19 04/Oct/2007 Model Blackouts
365 03x20 05/Oct/2007 It's Chic to Be Geek
366 03x21 08/Oct/2007 Women & Porn
367 03x22 09/Oct/2007 All-Star Baby Style
368 03x23 10/Oct/2007 Melissa Etheridge
370 03x25 12/Oct/2007 Superstar Stylist Rachel Zoe
371 03x26 15/Oct/2007 The Science of Gaydar
372 03x27 16/Oct/2007 Do-It-Yourself Makeover
373 03x28 17/Oct/2007 will.i.a.m and Debi Mazar
374 03x29 18/Oct/2007 Alyssa Milano, Randy Jackson and Molly Sims
375 03x30 19/Oct/2007 High-Tech Harassment
377 03x32 23/Oct/2007 Lance Bass
378 03x33 24/Oct/2007 Wayne Brady and Rosie Perez
379 03x34 25/Oct/2007 When Will I Die?
380 03x35 26/Oct/2007 Keyshia Cole, Rihanna & the cast of "Gossip Girl"
381 03x36 29/Oct/2007 Inside the Secret World of Purity Balls
382 03x37 30/Oct/2007 Travel 101
383 03x38 31/Oct/2007 Tailored By Tyra: Home Edition
384 03x39 01/Nov/2007 Bodyville: Women and Body Image Pt. 1
388 03x43 07/Nov/2007 What Would You Do?
390 03x45 09/Nov/2007 NYC Working Women Makeovers
391 03x46 12/Nov/2007 Bisexuality & Tila Tequila
393 03x48 14/Nov/2007 Guess My Weight
394 03x49 15/Nov/2007 Having "That Talk" With Your Kid
395 03x50 16/Nov/2007 Chris Brown
396 03x51 19/Nov/2007 How Men of Different Races View Sex
397 03x52 20/Nov/2007 Trading Faces
398 03x53 21/Nov/2007 Beyoncé: Behind the Scenes
399 03x54 23/Nov/2007 Mandy Moore Hour
400 03x55 26/Nov/2007 Alicia Keys Hour
401 03x56 27/Nov/2007 Trantasia
403 03x58 29/Nov/2007 The Dirty Little Secrets of Motherhood
404 03x59 30/Nov/2007 Sex Slaves Uncovered
405 03x60 03/Dec/2007 Sex Advice from the Stars
406 03x61 11/Dec/2007 The Truth Behind the Tiara
407 03x62 18/Dec/2007 Holiday Show
408 03x63 19/Dec/2007 Holidays with the Stars
409 03x64 20/Dec/2007 From Struggles to Stardom
411 03x66 03/Jan/2008 Reputation Rehab
412 03x67 04/Jan/2008 This Could Kill You
414 03x69 08/Jan/2008 Seven Deadly Sins with Father Ken
415 03x70 09/Jan/2008 Celeb Rehab
416 03x71 10/Jan/2008 Sibling Birth Order Controversy
417 03x72 14/Jan/2008 What Men Really Want
418 03x73 15/Jan/2008 Dangers of the Hook-Up
419 03x74 16/Jan/2008 Sex SOS: Can My Sex Problem Be Solved?
420 03x75 17/Jan/2008 5 Ways to Get Over Being Dumped
421 03x76 18/Jan/2008 Hillary Clinton
422 03x77 21/Jan/2008 Mother/Daughter Body Bond
423 03x78 22/Jan/2008 How to Get Off Your Butt
425 03x80 24/Jan/2008 Plastic Surgery Nightmares
426 03x81 25/Jan/2008 John Edwards
427 03x82 28/Jan/2008 Addicted Moms - Families in Turmoil
428 03x83 29/Jan/2008 Singlesville
429 03x84 30/Jan/2008 Dreams Come True
430 03x85 31/Jan/2008 Mary J. Blige and Diane Lane
431 03x86 01/Feb/2008 Jessica Alba
432 03x87 04/Feb/2008 Cyber Bullying
433 03x88 05/Feb/2008 Back to Basic Beauty Secrets
434 03x89 06/Feb/2008 Tyra's Moment of Truth
435 03x90 07/Feb/2008 Unlikely Love
436 03x91 08/Feb/2008 Bedroom Secrets with Sue Johanson
437 03x92 11/Feb/2008 Teen Pregnancy
438 03x93 12/Feb/2008 "Bad Girls Club" and "Wife Swap"
439 03x94 13/Feb/2008 Tyra Takes Fashion Week: Part Deux
440 03x95 14/Feb/2008 Will You Marry Me
441 03x96 15/Feb/2008 Motherhood at Any Cost
442 03x97 18/Feb/2008 People Magazine and Trading Weights
443 03x98 19/Feb/2008 Race and Names: The Turning Point
444 03x99 20/Feb/2008 Insider Secrets of America's Next Top Model
445 03x100 21/Feb/2008 The Breast Show Ever
446 03x101 22/Feb/2008 4 Ways to Deal with a Cheater
447 03x102 25/Feb/2008 Black Women State of the Union 2008
448 03x103 26/Feb/2008 Transitions (a.k.a. Inside the Operating Room for a Sex Change)
449 03x104 27/Feb/2008 Violent Girl Syndrome
450 03x105 28/Feb/2008 Science of Romance
451 03x106 29/Feb/2008 Mike Huckabee
452 03x107 03/Mar/2008 Stuck in a Single Rut
454 03x109 05/Mar/2008 How Old Do I Look?
456 03x111 13/Mar/2008 Danielle Fishel and Jordin Sparks
457 03x112 14/Mar/2008 Curves Spectacular
458 03x113 17/Mar/2008 This Not That
459 03x114 24/Mar/2008 Surprising Celebrity Updates
461 03x116 26/Mar/2008 MTV Hour
462 03x117 31/Mar/2008 Tori Spelling and the Princess Life
463 03x118 01/Apr/2008 Stripper Summit
464 03x119 07/Apr/2008 Label Mania
465 03x120 08/Apr/2008 Sex in Schools
466 03x121 09/Apr/2008 5 Ways to Win Him Back
467 03x122 10/Apr/2008 Secret Sex Lives of Men
468 03x123 11/Apr/2008 Intervention
469 03x124 14/Apr/2008 Amazing Moms
470 03x125 15/Apr/2008 Guess My Salary
471 03x126 16/Apr/2008 True Confessions of the Male Mind
472 03x127 17/Apr/2008 Prom Nightmares
473 03x128 18/Apr/2008 Style Your Life
474 03x129 21/Apr/2008 Beauty Tips From Around the World
475 03x130 22/Apr/2008 Court Shows
479 03x134 28/Apr/2008 Women's First Night as Prostitutes
480 03x135 29/Apr/2008 Heidi and Spencer / Miss USA 2008
481 03x136 30/Apr/2008 Tyra's 500th Episode Spectacular
482 03x137 01/May/2008 Tyra Goes Back to School
483 03x138 02/May/2008 Swap Your Boyfriend for a Night
484 03x139 05/May/2008 After the Moment of Truth
485 03x140 06/May/2008 Party Girl Rehab
486 03x141 07/May/2008 Glamour Show
487 03x142 08/May/2008 How Freaky Are We?
488 03x143 09/May/2008 Top Model Judges Unedited
490 03x145 13/May/2008 Sexless Marriages
491 03x146 14/May/2008 Top Model Awards: The Fiercee Awards
492 03x147 15/May/2008 Gays in the Ghetto
494 03x149 19/May/2008 Insider Tips With Mr and Miss J
497 03x152 22/May/2008 Summer Spectacular
498 03x153 23/May/2008 Where Have All the Good Black Men Gone
499 03x154 27/May/2008 Stars on Top
500 03x155 28/May/2008 Find My Glam a Man
501 03x156 29/May/2008 How I Changed My Life
502 03x157 30/May/2008 Dr. Drew Rehab Update
503 03x158 09/Jun/2008 Carnie Wilson & "Embracing Your Big Fat Ass"

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Network: CW ( USA)
Type: Talk Shows
Genres: Celebrities, Fashion/Make-up, Interview, Lifestyle, Romance/Dating
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 04:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 12, 2005
Ended: May 28, 2010
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