Series 1 - Live Show 1 Results - Recap

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The results are in and for Team Tom: Sam Buttery, Adam Isaac, Leanne Mitchell, Matt & Sueleen and Ruth Brown and Team Will: Joelle Moses, Frances Wood, Jaz Ellington, Sophie Griffin and Tyler James, it is the end of the road for one of them. Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates come out and tell the audience that Lana Del Ray is there tonight. Team Jesse and Team Danny come out and sing. Tom says that this is going to be hard to make a decision as to who he is going to save. Will says that his team did an amazing job. Danny says that he is ready next week though and it will be fun. Jesse J says that just because they are going home, the singer is going to have something.

After watching a review of the acts, Holly asks how the singers performed. Tom says that he hopes that no one will hold it against him. They watch a clip of the singers talking about how they love Tom. The contestants come to the stage and the first artist saved is Ruth Brown. Next saved is Adam Isaac. The final artist saved by the viewer votes is Leanne Mitchell. This leaves Sam Butterly and Matt & Sueleen to be chosen by Tom later.

Will’s turn and Will.I.Am says that he doesn’t try to think about it and says that he is realizing everything. They take a look at a clip on what the singers think about Will.I.Am. The contestants come to the stage and the first saved by the public vote is Frances Wood. The next one saved is Jaz Ellington. The final singer saved by the viewers’ votes is Tyler James. This leaves Sophie Griffin and Joelle Moses to be chosen by Will.I.Am later.

Reggie talks to Sam Buttery, Matt & Sueleen, Sophie Griffin and Joelle Moses about the possible elimination Sam says that he is gutted. Matt & Sueleen say that they have made it this far. Sophie says that it is not good at all, but she will manage. Joelle says that it is what it is. Afterward, Lana De Ray performs on stage and shows what it means to be a current recording artist.

Tom has to make the decision. Sam Buttery and Matt & Sueleen come to the stage and Tom says that he has to judge it only on last night’s performance and says that he is going to have to save Matt & Sueleen. Sam is out and he says that this isn’t the end for him. Tom says that he is a great talent and says that someone had to stay and one had to go.

Will.I.Am has to make the decision now. Sophie Griffin and Joelle Moses come to the stage and Will.I.Am says that he never liked talent shows, but says this show is different because everyone sings wonderfully. He says that both are amazing. He says that he will be choosing Joelle Moses. This means that Sophie Griffin is going home. Sophie says that she has had a fun time and she hugs him.