Series 1 - Live Show 2 Results - Recap

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The Results are in and for Team Jesse: Toni Warne, Ruth-Ann St. Luce, Vince Kidd, Cassius Henry and Becky Hill and Team Danny: Max Milner, Hannah Berney, Aleks Josh, David Julien and Bo Bruce it is possibly the end. Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates come out and say that Emeli Sande is there tonight. Team Will come out and perform on stage and have fun on the stage. Jesse J says that she is proud of her team and says that she is trying to keep them positive. Danny says that he didn’t take the decision seriously until now. Will.I.Am. says that he is glad that he is not making the decisions. He says that he told his team to learn from others. Tom says that he wants to congratulate both Jesse J and Danny because they did a great job.

After looking at the night before, the results are in for Team Jesse. The contestants come out on the stage. The first singer safe to the next round is Cassius Henry. The next one safe by the public vote is Becky Hill. The final safe goes to Vince Kidd. This leaves Toni Warne and Ruth-Ann St. Luce for the judge’s vote later.

Team Tom come out and sings on the stage. They show that they can have fun on the stage and sing their hearts out. They get a standing ovation at the end.

Team Danny comes out on the stage and the first contestant through to the next round is Bo Bruce. The next one safe is Aleks Josh. The final save from the public vote is David Julien. This leaves Hannah Berney and Max Milner for the judge’s vote later.

After talking to the contestants, Toni Warne and Ruth-Ann St Luce come out on stage for the final vote. Jesse J says that she feels that people have not seen the best of Toni yet and says that Ruth-Ann can do so much with her voice. However, she has to make a choice. She chooses to keep Toni Warne. This means that Ruth-Ann is out. She says that she has learned so much.

Emeli Sande performs on the stage and shows what it means to be a recording artist who has made her name with success. She sings her new single and gets a standing ovation.

Danny’s turn and Max Milner and Hannah Berney come out on stage for the final results of the night. Danny says that no one from his team deserves to go home and says that he has had a fun time working with them. He says that Hannah has done a great job, but he has made a decision. He decides to keep Max Milner. This means that Hannah is going home. Next week, Team Will and Team Tom perform again.