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The Search - Recap

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When Olivia takes Elizabeth and Jim Bob with her to visit a nearby friend, they have car trouble after Jason and Ben forget to change a tire on the truck. After running into some brush on the side of the road, Olivia and the children’s problems continue after the hen they were bringing to the friend gets away from Elizabeth, who ultimately runs after it. Not wanting to loose her in the woods, Jim Bob and Olivia follow her into the woods, where all three ultimately get lost. However, when they come across a nearby camp, Olivia and the children think their luck began to get better, only come across numerous bootleggers. At first Olivia thinks they’re going to help her out, but the bootleggers only bring her and the children deeper into the woods and leave them there, with a storm brewing.

Back home however, John is informed about the broken down truck along the road and how Olivia and the children are missing. At this point, a search party is formed to look for them before the storm hits the mountain. While looking for a way out of the woods, Olivia, Elizabeth, and Jim Bob are able survive, thanks to what Jim Bob learned from Grandpa, his father, and brothers. Meanwhile, as the search party is able to find Olivia and the children, Erin and Mary Ellen are busy doing chores at home, waiting for news about the missing family members.