The Lost Sheep - Recap

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When Ashley Longworth Junior comes back to the mountain during the night, Erin goes off with him to the Baldwin sister's house. While there, Ashley proposes to her, and Erin promptly says yes. However, when the family finds out where Erin went, John and Olivia rush over to the Baldwin's to talk to the couple. After Ashley is invited over for dinner, Erin learns that during the war, Ashley became an atheist and refuses to say grace when asked by John.

The next day, when Olivia and Erin are talking about her wedding plans, Erin tells her mother that Ashley doesn't want to be married by a minister, due to his beliefs and that he has changed since he was last on the mountain. Later that night, when Erin goes on a drive with him, she tells Ashley that she wants to wait to get married, only to get into an argument, and the couple call off their wedding. However, upon finding out how reckless Ashley has been acting since they broke up, Erin reaches out to him and they ultimately start patching things up.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is having a problem with Serena constantly following her around the Mountain. When she blurts out that she is tired of Serena always following her around and tells her family that she doesn't want to be treated like a little girl, hurting Serena's feelings and surprising the rest of the family. After they argue for a little while, Serena and Elizabeth finally apologize to each other and ultimately become friends again.