The Wayans Bros.

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 11/Jan/1995 Goop-Hair-It-Is
2 1x02 18/Jan/1995 First Class
3 1x03 25/Jan/1995 I'm Too Sexy for My Brother
4 1x04 01/Feb/1995 Free Wally
5 1x05 08/Feb/1995 My Fair Marlon
6 1x06 15/Feb/1995 Pops Moves In
7 1x07 22/Feb/1995 Afro Cab
8 1x08 01/Mar/1995 The Shawn-Shank Redemption
9 1x09 15/Mar/1995 ER
10 1x10 22/Mar/1995 The Poppa-Cabana
11 1x11 03/May/1995 It's Shawn! It's Marlon! It's Superboys!
12 1x12 10/May/1995 Pulp Marlon
13 1x13 24/May/1995 Brazilla vs. Rodney

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
14 2x01 06/Sep/1995 Shawn Takes A New Stand
15 2x02 13/Sep/1995 Fatal Subtraction
16 2x03 20/Sep/1995 Blood is Thicker Than Watercolor
17 2x04 27/Sep/1995 Two Men and a Baby
18 2x05 04/Oct/1995 Loot
19 2x06 11/Oct/1995 The Liar's Club
20 2x07 25/Oct/1995 Scared Straight
21 2x08 08/Nov/1995 Head of State
22 2x09 15/Nov/1995 The Sting
23 2x10 22/Nov/1995 Think Fast
24 2x11 29/Nov/1995 Farmer's Daughter
25 2x12 20/Dec/1995 Psycho Santa
26 2x13 10/Jan/1996 Getting It
27 2x14 31/Jan/1996 Who's In Charge Here?
28 2x15 07/Feb/1996 The Odd Couples
29 2x16 14/Feb/1996 Hearts and Flowers
30 2x17 21/Feb/1996 The Ghetto Gourmets
31 2x18 28/Feb/1996 A Hero's Story
32 2x19 13/Mar/1996 It Takes a Thief
33 2x20 01/May/1996 New Lease on Life
34 2x21 08/May/1996 Mama, I Wanna Act
35 2x22 15/May/1996 Trial and Error

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
37 3x01 04/Sep/1996 Grandma's in the Hiz-House
38 3x02 11/Sep/1996 Unbrotherly Love
39 3x03 18/Sep/1996 Movin' On Up
40 3x04 25/Sep/1996 Gots to Have a J.O.B.
41 3x05 02/Oct/1996 Trippin'
42 3x06 09/Oct/1996 Drama for Yo' Mama
43 3x07 16/Oct/1996 Family Business
44 3x08 06/Nov/1996 An Officer and a Homegirl
45 3x09 13/Nov/1996 The Return of the Temptones
46 3x10 20/Nov/1996 Going to the Net
47 3x11 27/Nov/1996 Do the Wrong Thing
48 3x12 08/Jan/1997 Boyz in the Woods
49 3x13 15/Jan/1997 Life Without Marlon
50 3x14 22/Jan/1997 Unusual Suspects
51 3x15 29/Jan/1997 Goodbye Mr. Gibbs
52 3x16 05/Feb/1997 Risky Bid-ness
53 3x17 12/Feb/1997 Pops' Secret
54 3x18 19/Feb/1997 I Do...
55 3x19 26/Feb/1997 Dee's Baby Daddy
56 3x20 30/Apr/1997 The Black Widower
57 3x21 07/May/1997 Say It Ain't So Marlon
58 3x22 14/May/1997 Marlon Goes On the Road

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
59 4x01 17/Sep/1997 Marlon's Return
60 4x02 24/Sep/1997 Prom Fright
61 4x03 01/Oct/1997 Pops' Daughter
62 4x04 08/Oct/1997 Stand Up Guy
63 4x05 15/Oct/1997 Unspoken Token
64 4x06 22/Oct/1997 Odd Man Out
65 4x07 05/Nov/1997 Pops' Last Hurrah
66 4x08 12/Nov/1997 I Was En Vogue's Love Slave
67 4x09 19/Nov/1997 Can I Get A Witness?
68 4x10 10/Dec/1997 Ted's Revenge
69 4x11 14/Jan/1998 All in the Family Feud
70 4x12 21/Jan/1998 Raging Marlon
71 4x13 28/Jan/1998 The Son of Marlon
72 4x14 05/Feb/1998 Dee's Deelemma
73 4x15 11/Feb/1998 Independence Day
74 4x16 18/Feb/1998 Help A Brother Out
75 4x17 25/Feb/1998 The Rich Girl
76 4x18 04/Mar/1998 Busta Saves the Day
77 4x19 29/Apr/1998 Talk is Cheap
78 4x20 06/May/1998 Bringing It All Back Home
79 4x21 15/May/1998 Recipe for Success
80 4x22 20/May/1998 Fire!

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
81 5x01 18/Sep/1998 Brother Can You Spare A Dime?
82 5x02 25/Sep/1998 Six Degrees of Marlon
83 5x03 01/Oct/1998 Pops' Campaign
84 5x04 08/Oct/1998 Romeo & J'Leeta
85 5x05 15/Oct/1998 Ho's on First
86 5x06 29/Oct/1998 Escorting Ain't Easy
87 5x07 05/Nov/1998 The Kiss
88 5x08 12/Nov/1998 The High Life
89 5x09 19/Nov/1998 Misery
90 5x10 10/Dec/1998 Marlon Joins A Cult
91 5x11 17/Dec/1998 A Country Christmas
92 5x12 14/Jan/1999 Green Card
93 5x13 21/Jan/1999 Big Brother
94 5x14 28/Jan/1999 Saving Private Marlon
96 5x15 04/Feb/1999 Jump!
97 5x16 11/Feb/1999 Pops Gets Evicted
98 5x17 18/Feb/1999 Crazy 4 U
99 5x18 25/Feb/1999 Hip Hop Pops
100 5x19 29/Apr/1999 Everybody Loves Shawn
101 5x20 06/May/1999 Dreamgirl
102 5x21 13/May/1999 Three on a Couch
103 5x22 20/May/1999 Rope-a-Dope

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