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Season 3

40 :03x01 - Reunion (1)

Coach Reeves heals his strained relationship with his dying father, breaks things off once and for all with Paula, and returns to Carver for the new school year, where some new players have joined the team: Wardell Stone, Mitchell, Rutherford, Paddy Falahey, and Eddie Franklin
Guest Stars: Vernon Washington as Mr. Tucker | Thomas Carter (1) as James Haywood | JoBeth Williams as Paula Harris | Luis Antonio Ramos as Kid | Dan Gilvezan as Man | Joseph Jamrog as Barman | Tom Gagen as Richie | Mark Margolis as Bar customer | David Labiosa as Kid | Gary Carpenter as Larry Edison | Shandi Sullivan as Swimmer | M.E. Loree as Annie-Marie Reilly | Alfre Woodard as Sandra Wilcox | Betty Cole as Mrs. Tucker | James Whitmore as Unknown
Director: Bruce Paltrow
Writer: John Falsey

41 :03x02 - Reunion (2)

Coach Reeves heals his strained relationship with his dying father, breaks things off once and for all with Paula, and returns to Carver for the new school year, where some new players have joined the team: Wardell Stone, Mitchell, Rutherford, Paddy Falahey, and Eddie Franklin
Guest Stars: James Whitmore as Unknown
Director: Bruce Paltrow

42 :03x03 - Georgia on My Mind

Coolidge is tired of school and wants to join the Harlem Globetrotters.
Guest Stars: Nate Branch as Himself (Harlem Globetrotter) | Jimmy Blacklock as Himself (Harlem Globetrotter)
Director: Victor Lobl
Writer: Mark Rubin

43 :03x04 - If Your Number's Up, Get It Down

In order to raise money for Carver's athletics, the team decides to organize a benefit. However, they publicize that Coach Reeves is dead in order to entice major sports and entertainment figures like Sparky Anderson, Elgin Baylor, and Willie Tyler and Lester to attend.
Guest Stars: Elgin Baylor as Himself | Willie Tyler as Himself | Jimmie Walker as Himself | Sparky Anderson as Himself | John Laughlin as Paddy Falahey | Red Auerbach as Himself | Sandra Will as Marlene Sandler | Rosey Grier as Himself | Edmund Stoiber as Mr. Wexler | Helen Martin (1) as Woman | Karl Held as Dr. Sanders | Robin Braxton as Miss March | Patricia Conklin as Lila | Ken Hill as Tony | Mary Margaret Lewis as Teacher | Mary Lynne Gehr as L.A. Rams Cheerleader | Jackie Thorp as L.A. Rams Cheerleader | Dawn Gilliam as L.A. Rams Cheerleader | Jagene Simmons as L.A. Rams Cheerleader
Director: Mark Tinker
Writer: Joshua Brand

44 :03x05 - Christmas Story

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Guest Stars: Shavar Ross as Herbert
Director: Victor Lobl

45 :03x06 - No Blood, No Foul

Salami faces possible jail time after breaking an opposing team's player's jaw during an on court brawl.
Guest Stars: Randy Brooks as Greg Adler
Writer: Joshua Brand

46 :03x07 - Vanity Fare

The team decides to get a record deal to take advantage of their shower singing skills, while Reeves mulls an offer to do a TV commercial.
Director: Mark Tinker

47 :03x08 - Mister Hero

Stone saves an elderly woman's life by rescuing her from a burning car, and the experience goes to his head after he appears on the TV news and sensationalizes the story.
Guest Stars: Fred Holliday as Reporter | Eleanor Mccoy as Denise | Saundra Sharp as Ms. Jenkins | Gene Bua as Jack Benedict | Susan Keller as Cheryl Maynard | Daniel Zacapa as Reporter | Charles Alvin Bell as Card Player | Bryan O'Dell as Leroy | Jay Merriman Riley as Card Player | Lee Bryant as Man | Norman Alexander Gibbs as Police Officer | Ed Kenney as Watchman | Walter Janowitz as Card Player | Karl Bruck as Dr. Meltzer | Beany Williams as Student | Hugo L. Stranger as Card Player
Director: Marc Norman

48 :03x09 - B.M.O.C

Coolidge starts having problems stemming from his abnormal height and size, such as normal clothes not fitting. He gets self-conscious and defensive until Coach Reeves, who has dealt with the same problems, takes him under his wing and tries to let him know he's not alone.
Guest Stars: Bill Russell (1) as Himself
Director: Leroy McDonald

49 :03x10 - Trial and Error

Coach Reeves lies to get out of jury duty and it backfires in his face when Franklin lies to get out of practice.
Director: Victor Lobl
Writer: Mark Rubin

50 :03x11 - Car Repo

Salami and Vitaglia take on a part-time job reposessing cars, but the ungodly work hours and the harassments from the car owners affect both their performances in school and on the basketball court.
Director: Mark Tinker

51 :03x12 - Psyched Out

Ms. Stanley needs the team's help when a psychotic student is after her.
Guest Stars: Leslie Speights as Lorraine | Michael Winslow as Lee | Christina Pickles as Christine Stanley
Director: Victor Lobl

52 :03x13 - Cops

Coolidge, Thorpe and Franklin are charged with robbing a woman based upon the description she provided the police. Things turn bad to worst when one of the officers assaults Thorpe.
Guest Stars: A. Martinez as Officer Jerry Ramirez
Director: Lawrence Levy

53 :03x14 - Burnout

One of Carver's teachers, Mr. Mackey, starts showing signs of burnout by handing out undeserved grades, and this hurts Rutherford, who enjoys the class.
Guest Stars: Richard Lawson as Mr.Mackey | Lynne Moody as Mrs. Mackey | Don Cervantes as Raul | Ella Raino as Mrs. Hodges | Mykelti Williamson as Fred | Becky Gonzalez as Teacher | John Laughlin as Paddy Falahey | Nicholas Mele as Tom Bellerini | Juney Smith as Gerald | Bill Lodge as George Robinson | Wesley Thompson as Mean Student | Deborah Lacey as Janice | Brandyn Artis as Mrs. McEwen | Don Beard as Student on stairs | Ronald Saulsberry as Tough Student | Merv Hawkins as Arnold
Director: Mark Tinker

54 :03x15 - A Day in the Life

Goldstein, Gomez, Hayward, and Reese all return for an "alumni" exhibition game, amid all the troubles the four have encountered in "real life" since graduating. Hayward is in college and wants to go to law school, but doesn't believe he'll be given the chance because of his skin color. Goldstein, after a year in the Marines, now believes he has the confidence to ask out a girl he admired while at Carver. Gomez is struggling to make ends meet as a car mechanic with a pregnant wife. And, finally, Reese is driving a cab and pursuing his dream of becoming a singer.
Guest Stars: Marilyn Coleman as Mrs. Haywood | Arthur Adams as Waiter | Ella Fitzgerald as Maxine Jefferies | Eda Reiss Merin as Grandma Goldstien | Dennis Holahan as Mr. Baxter
Director: Victor Lobl
Writer: Joshua Brand
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Sports
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: November 27, 1978
Ended: March 16, 1981
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