Season 2

7 :02x01 - Scandal

Some of the writers, producers and stars of the popular ahow "Scandal" talk about the series.
Guest Stars: Jenna Bans as Herself | Matt Byrne as Himself | Heather Mitchell (1) as Herself | Shonda Rhimes as Herself | Kerry Washington as Herself | Mark Wilding as Himself

8 :02x02 - The Walking Dead, Superman and Other Comic Book Adaptations

Blair Butler, Robert Kirkman, Miles Millar and Michael Schneider discuss comic book adaptations.
Guest Stars: Blair Butler as Herself | Alfred Gough as Himself | Miles Millar as Himself | Robert Kirkman as Himself | Mike Schneider as Himself

9 :02x03 - House of Cards

Matt Bai, Laura Eason, John Mankiewicz, Molly Parker, & Beau Willimon discuss their show 'House of Cards'.
Guest Stars: Matt Bai as Himself | Laura Eason as Herself | John Mankiewicz as Himself | Molly Parker as Herself | Beau Willimon as Himself

10 :02x04 - Sons of Anarchy

Mike Daniels, Charles Murray, Katey Sagal, & Kurt Sutter discuss making 'Sons of Anarchy'.
Guest Stars: Mike Daniels as Himself | Charles Murray as Himself | Katey Sagal as Herself | Kurt Sutter as Himself

11 :02x05 - The Good Wife

Ted Humphrey, Michelle King, Robert King, & Julianna Margulies discuss making 'The Good Wife'.
Guest Stars: Ted Humphrey as Himself | Michelle King as Herself | Robert King (3) as Himself | Julianna Margulies as Herself

12 :02x06 - Pretty Little Liars

Joseph Dougherty, Oliver Goldstick, Marlene King, Shay Mitchell, & Sasha Pieterse discuss making 'Pretty Little Liars'.
Guest Stars: Joseph Dougherty as Himself | Oliver Goldstick as Himself | Marlene King as Herself | Shay Mitchell as Herself | Sasha Pieterse as Herself