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Season 2

13 :02x01 - Absolute Zero

After a while of searching Zee and Ro track down Dr. Selig only to accidentally get him frozen. They have to protect him long enough for some help to arrive.
Guest Stars: Michael T. Weiss as Dr. Winhelm | George Segal as Dr. Eli Selig | Michael Dorn as Colonel Lomak | Erika Alexander as Agent Rush | Grey Griffin as Andrea Donoso | John Rubinow as Commander
Director: Curt Geda

14 :02x02 - Wired: Part One

As Zee and Ro continue their journey some kids from the Internet meet up with them to "help". But it is later found out that their real agenda is to take Zeta apart.
Guest Stars: Amy Danles as Meg | Paul Amendt as Plug | Blayn Barbosa as Bucky | Googy Gress as Buss
Director: Liz Holzman

15 :02x03 - Wired: Part Two

Bennett finally captures Zeta and hooks him up to a computer, so it is up to Ro to save Zeta before it's too late.
Guest Stars: Blayn Barbosa as Bucky | Jim Wise as Dr. Byrne | Vanessa Marshall as Virtual Operator | Larry Cedar as Gate Guard | Amy Danles as Meg | Googy Gress as Buss
Director: Jim Maltby

16 :02x04 - Resume Mission

A computer crazed kid names Jason plugs IU7's CPU chip into his computer, IU7 starts to rebuild himself, its up to Zee and Ro to save the boy and stop IU7.
Guest Stars: S. Scott Bullock as Captain | Kevin Michael Richardson as Jace's Dad | Alexander Polinsky as Teenage Boy | David Coulter as Delivery Bot | Brandon Jaxson as Jace Foley
Director: Rob Davies

17 :02x05 - Hunt in the Hub

Zeta and Ro are blackmailed into helping a scientist steal components for his latest project.
Guest Stars: Dabney Coleman as Dr. Boyle | Larry Cedar as Weather Guy | Mark Jonathan Davis as Horoscope Machien | Chad Einbinder as Security Chief | Julianne Grossman as Flight Attendant
Director: T.J. House

18 :02x06 - Ro's Gift

A bunch of meta humans kidnap Ro, believing that she has superpowers.
Guest Stars: Kate Jackson as Bombshell | John Rhys-Davies as Edgar | Jeff Doucette as Sheriff | Phil Hayes as Carl | Phil LaMarr as Schiz | Francesca Smith as Transita | Taylor Gifaldi as Amp
Director: Rob Davies
Writer: Joseph Kuhr

19 :02x07 - Lost and Found

Zeta malfunctions and begins to remember the exact moment he decided not to kill anybody ever again.
Guest Stars: Blayn Barbosa as Bucky | Richard Moll as Krick | Andrea Romano as Adrian Dolan
Directors: T.J. House, Curt Geda
Writer: Randy Rogel

20 :02x08 - Eye of the Storm

Two brothers, Dex and Carl use an experimental process to disrupt tornados. Zeta and Ro then meet up with the brothers while trying to take refuge from the coming tornado.
Guest Stars: Joey Lawrence as Dex Finley | Aron Kincaid as Dad | Robert David Hall as Thad | Andrew Lawrence (1) as Carl Finley | Laurie Darien as Paula
Director: Jim Maltby

21 :02x09 - Quality Time

Bennett has to choose to save his son, or capture Zeta.
Guest Stars: Laraine Newman as Dr. Marion O'Keefe | Mari Devon as Computer | Chris Demetral as Bret | Michael Galasso as James Bennett Jr.
Director: Jim Maltby

22 :02x10 - On the Wire

Zeta and Ro go to a Pictocon with the guises of Owlman and Squirrel Girl.
Guest Stars: Luray Cooper as Dark Owl | Blayn Barbosa as Bucky | Lukas Haas as Casey MacCurdy | Charles Kimbrough as Pat Jensen
Director: Jim Maltby
Writer: Joseph Kuhr

23 :02x11 - Cabin Pressure

The NAS discovers the secret about Bucky and decides to capture him and at the same time use him to capture Zeta and Ro.
Guest Stars: Neil Ross as Pilot | Blayn Barbosa as Bucky | Melanie Chartoff as Lead Scientist
Writer: Lyle Weldon

24 :02x12 - The River Rising

In this episode Zee and Ro manage to get Bennett off their tale for a while. Unknown to Zee and Ro they are around a dangerous clan called the Noteks, who if they find out his secret will proceed to destroy Zee.
Guest Stars: Mae Whitman as Amy | Richard McGonagle as John | William Schallert as Justin Linden | Miles Marsico as Mole | Sean Marquette as Kid Zee
Director: Curt Geda
Writer: Joseph Kuhr

25 :02x13 - The Hologram Man

Zee and Ro at last track down Dr. Selig, but they quickly learn that he is being forced to work with Brother's Day, a terrorist organization Zee's infiltrated in the past. Shocked, but Zee and Ro decide to help him, only to discover that it really isn't Dr. Selig, its someone using a portable holo-emitter to look like Dr. Selig. They decided to help this man escape the terrorists -- especially when Zee realizes it may bring them to the real Selig in the end.
Guest Stars: Hal Linden as Dr. Selig | Gregg Berger as Agent | Robert Costanzo as Titus Sweete | Kevin Michael Richardson as Curtis | Michael Dorn as Colonel Lomak | Michael McKean as Dr. Edmund | Chad Einbinder as Squad Leader | Rodger Bumpass as Sub Captain | Grey Griffin as Andrea Donoso
Director: Rob Davies

26 :02x14 - The Wrong Morph

Zeta morphs into Kevin, a wheelchair-bound teenager, by accident he makes it seem as though the boy committed a crime. Zee and Ro now have to clear Kevin's name, without Zee's own identity being discovered.
Guest Stars: Gabrielle Carteris as Female Tour Guide | Wil Wheaton as Kevin | Richard Libertini as Dr. Myrell | Jeffrey Jones (1) as Detective Marcus
Director: Curt Geda
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: WB ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 27, 2001
Ended: August 10, 2002
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