Series 5

88 :05x01 - The Memorandum

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89 :05x02 - The Lost World of Brian Hooper

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Guest Stars: Hugh Burden as Brian Hooper | Sheila Reid as Mavis | Ray Brooks as Philip | Alan MacNaughtan as Doctor | Carl Forgione as Christopher | Edward de Souza as Policeman

90 :05x03 - The Magicians: Dr. Dee, Kelly and the Spirits

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Guest Stars: Alan Dobie as Edward Kelly | Frank Finlay as Dr Dee | John Warner as Count Rosenberg | Caroline Monkhouse as Joan Kelly | Rosemary Hall as Catherine Dee | Anthony Kemp as Arthur Dee | Mary Peach as Jane Dee

91 :05x04 - The Magicians: The Incantation of Casanova

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Guest Stars: Jeremy Brett as Giacomo Casanova | Jacqueline Pearce as Eva Franzia | Geoffrey Bayldon as Don Antonio Capitani | Anne Cunningham as Marina | George Selway as Giorgio Franzia | Daphne Anderson as Lucia Franzia | Patrick O'Connell (2) as Captain O'Neilan | Antony Webb as Stage Manager
Director: Herbert Wise
Writer: Ken Taylor

92 :05x05 - The Magicians: Edmund Gurney and the Brighton Mesmerist

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Guest Stars: Richard Todd as Edmund Gurney | Diana Fairfax as Kate Gurney | Anthony Bate as Frederick Myers | Ray Brooks as Albert Smith | Lynda Baron as Alice Smith | John Gill as Rev. A.M. Creery | John Baker (1) as Hotel Porter | John Barcroft as Douglas Blackburn | Barry Wilsher as Fred Wells | Roger Kemp as Frank Posmore | Norman Shelley as Sir James Crichton-Browne | Debbie Bowen as Mary Creery | Elsie Arnold as Mrs Smith | Robert Young (2) as Chemist
Director: Peter Hammond
Writer: Ken Taylor

93 :05x06 - The Single Passion

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Guest Stars: Christopher Timothy as Andreyushkin | Nigel Terry as Generalov | George A. Cooper as Governor | Joby Blanshard as Yasha | Arnold Yarrow as Stevo | John Bryans (1) as Police Sergeant

94 :05x07 - The Burning Bush

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Guest Stars: Ronald Lacey as Moritz Scharf

95 :05x08 - Kittens Are Brave

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96 :05x09 - Lieutenant Tenant

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97 :05x10 - Play with a Tiger

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98 :05x11 - Murphy's Law

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99 :05x12 - The Curse of the Donkins

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Guest Stars: John Bryans (1) as Mr. Mellish | Stephanie Bidmead as Mrs. Mellish | Nigel Davenport as Donkin | Fiona Walker as Susan

100 :05x13 - To See How Far It Is

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Guest Stars: Nigel Davenport as Donkin | Norman Rodway as Murphy | Geoffrey Bayldon as Palmer | Arnold Ridley as Tunnicliffe | Arthur Cox as Featherston | Fiona Walker as Susan | John Bryans (1) as Mr. Mellish | Stephanie Bidmead as Mrs. Mellish | Philip Bond (1) as Stephens | Peter Stephens as Captain Carruthers | Anne Stallybrass as Kate | Rhoda Lewis as Norah | Donald Gee as Turner | Michael Graham Cox (3) as Bill | Ros Drinkwater as Julia | Ronald Hines as James | Patricia Maynard as Receptionist | Tony Blackburn as Radio Voice | Judith Chalmers as Radio Voice | Stephen Jack as Radio Voice

101 :05x14 - Albinos in Black

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Guest Stars: Emrys Jones as Heulog Wynnes-Jones, M.A. | John Rees as Ben Boats | Ilario Bisi-Pedro as Negro student

102 :05x15 - The Swallow's Nest

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103 :05x16 - The Lady Is a Liar

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104 :05x17 - To the Frontier

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105 :05x18 - Party Games

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Guest Stars: Frederick Jaeger as Walter | John Nettleton as Patterson | Ray Armstrong (1) as Tugman | Roy Pearce as Barman | Joby Blanshard as Waiter | Nancie Jackson as Mrs. Patterson

107 :05x20 - The Fanatics

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Guest Stars: Leonard Rossiter as Voltaire | Cyril Shaps as Moynier | Richard Caldicot as Saint-Florentin | Hamilton Dyce as Laffiteau | Bernard Hepton as Dr. Tronchin | Gordon Faith as Bergerot | Michael Mundell as Gorse | Robert James (2) as Assesseur | Royston Tickner as Town crier | Milton Reid as Executioner

108 :05x21 - Home Sweet Honeycombe

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Guest Stars: Maurice Denham as Mr. Todd | Doris Hare as Mrs. Todd | Brian Wilde as Rev. James | Michael Crawford as Danny | Roger Jones as 1st Policeman | Antony Webb as 2nd Policeman

109 :05x22 - The Pistol Shot

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110 :05x23 - The Life Class

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Guest Stars: Edwin Richfield as John Gotobed | Norman Wynne as Headmaster | Claire Davenport as Mrs. Bliss | Peter Pratt as Mr. Blunt | Wilfred Carter as Mr. Buck | James Cairncross as Brewer Smith

111 :05x24 - Wind Versus Polygamy

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Guest Stars: Earl Cameron as Chief Ozuomba | Gordon Jackson as Father Joseph | Clifton Jones as Prosecuting counsel | Rudolph Walker as Madu | Elroy Josephs as Defending counsel

113 :05x26 - Mille miglia

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