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Thirty-Minute Theatre

  Series 1 (Episode Guide)  
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Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 07/Oct/1965 Parson's Pleasure N/A
2 1x02 14/Oct/1965 Give the Clown His Supper N/A
3 1x03 21/Oct/1965 Portrait of a Madonna N/A
4 1x04 28/Oct/1965 Pay as You Go N/A
5 1x05 04/Nov/1965 Monica N/A
6 1x06 11/Nov/1965 Love in Triplicate N/A
7 1x07 18/Nov/1965 Application Form N/A
8 1x08 25/Nov/1965 The Late Arrival of the Incoming Aircraft N/A
9 1x09 02/Dec/1965 Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat N/A
10 1x10 09/Dec/1965 Mr. Ponge N/A
11 1x11 16/Dec/1965 That's Not My Name N/A
12 1x12 23/Dec/1965 Family Christmas N/A
13 1x13 30/Dec/1965 The Passenger N/A
14 1x14 03/Jan/1966 The Flipside N/A
15 1x15 10/Jan/1966 The Enchanted Night N/A
16 1x16 17/Jan/1966 The Far-Way Incident N/A
17 1x17 24/Jan/1966 Brothers N/A
18 1x18 31/Jan/1966 Janni! Oh Janni! N/A
19 1x19 07/Feb/1966 The Sugar Cubes N/A
20 1x20 14/Feb/1966 Case Suspended N/A
21 1x21 21/Feb/1966 Ships of the Line N/A
22 1x22 28/Feb/1966 Keep on Running N/A
23 1x23 07/Mar/1966 Not for Just an Hour N/A
24 1x24 14/Mar/1966 'Twas on a Sunday N/A
25 1x25 28/Mar/1966 Magnolia Summer N/A
26 1x26 04/Apr/1966 A Girl's Best Friend N/A
27 1x27 11/Apr/1966 Emergency Ward 9 N/A
28 1x28 18/Apr/1966 A Letter from the Country N/A
29 1x29 25/Apr/1966 The Caramel Crisis N/A
30 1x30 02/May/1966 Don't Go Down to the Bingo Mother, Father's Coming to Tea N/A
31 1x31 09/May/1966 The House Mouse N/A
32 1x32 16/May/1966 The Hard Word N/A
33 1x33 23/May/1966 Ella N/A
34 1x34 30/May/1966 The Window N/A
35 1x35 06/Jun/1966 Friday Night's the Best Night N/A
36 1x36 13/Jun/1966 A Good Reason for Getting Married N/A
37 1x37 20/Jun/1966 The Queen Street Girls N/A
38 1x38 27/Jun/1966 They Put You Where You Are N/A
39 1x39 03/Oct/1966 The Other Fella N/A
40 1x40 10/Oct/1966 The Devil and All His Mischief N/A
41 1x41 17/Oct/1966 The Spoken Word N/A
42 1x42 24/Oct/1966 The Sounds of War N/A
44 1x44 07/Nov/1966 Play to Win N/A
45 1x45 21/Nov/1966 Confession N/A
46 1x46 21/Nov/1966 Wife in a Blonde Wig N/A
47 1x47 28/Nov/1966 O-Goshi N/A
48 1x48 05/Dec/1966 First Catch Your Hare... N/A
49 1x49 12/Dec/1966 Brainscrew N/A
50 1x50 19/Dec/1966 The Towers of Manhattan N/A
51 1x51 04/Jan/1967 Taste N/A
52 1x52 11/Jan/1967 R.S.V.P. N/A
53 1x53 18/Jan/1967 The Suede Jacket N/A
54 1x54 26/Jan/1967 Oldenberg N/A
55 1x55 01/Feb/1967 Later a Man Was Questioned N/A
56 1x56 08/Feb/1967 Teeth N/A
57 1x57 15/Feb/1967 Turn Off If You Know the Ending N/A
58 1x58 22/Feb/1967 An Absolute Treasure N/A
59 1x59 01/Mar/1967 Go Tell It on Table Mountain N/A
60 1x60 15/Mar/1967 Who Were You with Last Night? N/A
61 1x61 22/Mar/1967 Two and Two Make Twenty Two N/A
62 1x62 29/Mar/1967 Wanted N/A
63 1x63 12/Apr/1967 The Gun N/A
64 1x64 19/Apr/1967 Failpass N/A
65 1x65 26/Apr/1967 Boa Constrictor N/A
66 1x66 03/May/1967 The Isle Is Full of Noises N/A
67 1x67 10/May/1967 Silver Wedding N/A
68 1x68 17/May/1967 The Sufferings of Peter Obiznov N/A
69 1x69 24/May/1967 Haven't You People Got Homes? N/A
70 1x70 31/May/1967 That Woman N/A
71 1x71 07/Jun/1967 The Other Side N/A
72 1x72 14/Jun/1967 The Wake N/A
73 1x73 21/Jun/1967 Child Marlene N/A
74 1x74 28/Jun/1967 Another Moon Called Earth N/A
75 1x75 05/Jul/1967 Leave Me Alone N/A
76 1x76 09/Oct/1967 The Timekeepers N/A
77 1x77 16/Oct/1967 You Meet All Sorts N/A
78 1x78 23/Oct/1967 The Tape Recorder N/A
80 1x80 06/Nov/1967 Have It on the House N/A
81 1x81 27/Nov/1967 Notice! Meeting in Progress N/A
82 1x82 06/Dec/1967 A Time of Wolves and Tigers N/A
83 1x83 13/Dec/1967 The Keys on the Streets N/A
84 1x84 20/Dec/1967 Come Death N/A
85 1x85 27/Dec/1967 The Metal Martyr N/A
86 1x86 03/Jan/1968 A Private Place N/A
87 1x87 10/Jan/1968 The News Benders N/A
88 1x88 17/Jan/1968 Diary of an Encounter N/A
90 1x90 31/Jan/1968 Happiness Is E Shaped N/A
91 1x91 07/Feb/1968 Child's Play N/A
93 1x93 21/Feb/1968 The Unquiet Man N/A
94 1x94 28/Feb/1968 The Interview N/A
96 1x96 13/Mar/1968 A Personal Affair N/A
97 1x97 20/Mar/1968 No Trams to Ethiopia N/A
98 1x98 27/Mar/1968 Father's Day N/A
99 1x99 03/Apr/1968 Pleasent Dreams, Fernando N/A
100 1x100 10/Apr/1968 The Sinner N/A
101 1x101 24/Apr/1968 It's on You John N/A
102 1x102 01/May/1968 Standing by for Santa Claus N/A
103 1x103 08/May/1968 Empty Bottles N/A
104 1x104 15/May/1968 Thank God for U.D.I.! N/A
105 1x105 22/May/1968 Still Death N/A
106 1x106 29/May/1968 Walk in the Dark N/A
107 1x107 05/Jun/1968 The Boy's Room N/A
108 1x108 19/Jun/1968 Number 30, Approximately N/A
109 1x109 26/Jun/1968 A Question of Honour N/A
110 1x110 09/Sep/1968 Baby N/A
111 1x111 16/Sep/1968 A Matter of Principle N/A
112 1x112 23/Sep/1968 The Flag N/A
113 1x113 30/Sep/1968 The Chequers Manoeuvre N/A
114 1x114 07/Oct/1968 Something to Hide: The First Floor N/A
115 1x115 14/Oct/1968 Something to Hide: The Studio N/A
116 1x116 21/Oct/1968 Something to Hide: The Caretaker's Flat N/A
117 1x117 04/Nov/1968 Of Public Concern N/A
118 1x118 11/Nov/1968 Cause of Death N/A
119 1x119 18/Nov/1968 The Last Victim N/A
121 1x121 25/Nov/1968 The Bishop and the Actress N/A
122 1x122 09/Dec/1968 Before Breakfast N/A
123 1x123 16/Dec/1968 Cross Examine N/A
124 1x124 23/Dec/1968 Swallowing the Anchor N/A
125 1x125 30/Dec/1968 Game, Set and Match N/A
126 1x126 06/Jan/1969 Where Have They Gone, All the Little Children N/A
127 1x127 13/Jan/1969 Absolute Aggers and Torters N/A
128 1x128 20/Jan/1969 These Men Are Dangerous: Mussolini N/A
129 1x129 27/Jan/1969 These Men Are Dangerous: Hitler N/A
130 1x130 03/Feb/1969 These Men Are Dangerous: Stalin N/A
131 1x131 13/Feb/1969 Stake Money N/A
132 1x132 20/Feb/1969 First Confession N/A
133 1x133 27/Feb/1969 The Boat to Addis Ababa N/A
134 1x134 06/Mar/1969 A Hot Day N/A
135 1x135 13/Mar/1969 Roses, Roses, All the Way N/A
136 1x136 20/Mar/1969 The Victims: A Degree of Stress N/A
137 1x137 27/Mar/1969 The Victims: Frontier N/A
138 1x138 03/Apr/1969 The Victims: Progressive Blues N/A
139 1x139 10/Apr/1969 Invasion N/A
140 1x140 24/Apr/1969 A Nice Cool Pad in the Sky N/A
141 1x141 01/May/1969 Anything You Say N/A
142 1x142 08/May/1969 Conversation at Night N/A
143 1x143 15/May/1969 Roly Poly N/A
144 1x144 22/May/1969 ...And Was Invited to Form a Government N/A
145 1x145 29/May/1969 A Borderline Case N/A
146 1x146 14/Sep/1969 Remote Control N/A
147 1x147 28/Sep/1969 Gangster N/A
148 1x148 05/Oct/1969 Trial N/A
149 1x149 12/Oct/1969 A Formula for Treason N/A
150 1x150 19/Oct/1969 Someone's Knocking at Me Door N/A
152 1x152 09/Nov/1969 Aggers and Torters: Back to Nature N/A
153 1x153 16/Nov/1969 Aggers and Torters: Psy-Fi N/A
154 1x154 23/Nov/1969 Aggers and Torters: Hickory Dickory N/A
156 1x156 14/Dec/1969 The Switch N/A
157 1x157 28/Dec/1969 The Discharge of Trooper Lusby N/A
158 1x158 10/Jan/1970 Laffin' Gas N/A
159 1x159 17/Jan/1970 The Chief Whip Sends His Compliments N/A
160 1x160 24/Jan/1970 Reparation N/A
161 1x161 31/Jan/1970 The Scarecrows N/A
162 1x162 07/Feb/1970 Laying It Off for Spangle N/A
163 1x163 14/Feb/1970 Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat N/A
164 1x164 21/Feb/1970 What a Pity You Can't Stay Longer N/A
165 1x165 28/Feb/1970 Out of Sight, Out of Mind N/A
166 1x166 14/Mar/1970 Meanwhile Back at the Office N/A
167 1x167 28/Mar/1970 All My Own Army N/A
168 1x168 04/Apr/1970 Whispers N/A
169 1x169 11/Apr/1970 Revolutions: Cromwell N/A
170 1x170 18/Apr/1970 Revolutions: Lenin N/A
171 1x171 25/Apr/1970 Revolutions: Fidel Castro N/A
172 1x172 09/May/1970 Is That Your Body Boy? N/A
173 1x173 16/May/1970 The Tidewatchers N/A
175 1x175 06/Jun/1970 Lilly: Part 1 N/A
176 1x176 13/Jun/1970 Lilly: Part 2 N/A
177 1x177 20/Jun/1970 Ben N/A
178 1x178 27/Jun/1970 An Uncertain Sound N/A
179 1x179 04/Jul/1970 Hope N/A
180 1x180 25/Jul/1970 Good Times N/A
181 1x181 01/Aug/1970 Tropical Wednesdays N/A
182 1x182 18/Sep/1970 The Raid N/A
183 1x183 02/Oct/1970 The Year of the Crow N/A
185 1x185 16/Oct/1970 Tribunal N/A
186 1x186 30/Oct/1970 Helen N/A
188 1x188 27/Nov/1970 The Editor Regrets N/A
189 1x189 04/Dec/1970 Waugh on Crime: In Which Inspector Waugh Settles an Account N/A
190 1x190 11/Dec/1970 Waugh on Crime: In Which Inspector Waugh Meets a Man Going to St. Ives N/A
191 1x191 18/Dec/1970 Waugh on Crime: In Which Inspector Waugh Encounters the English Class System N/A
192 1x192 25/Dec/1970 Waugh on Crime: In Which Inspector Waugh Observes the Truth of an Old Music Hall Song N/A
193 1x193 01/Jan/1971 Waugh on Crime: In Which Inspector Waugh Plays Cops and Robbers N/A
194 1x194 08/Jan/1971 Waugh on Crime: In Which Inspector Waugh Knows the Criminal But Not the Crime N/A
195 1x195 11/Jan/1971 But Now They Are Fled N/A
196 1x196 18/Jan/1971 Faith N/A
197 1x197 25/Jan/1971 Terrible Jim Fitch N/A
198 1x198 01/Feb/1971 The Bequest N/A
199 1x199 08/Feb/1971 Me MacKenna N/A
200 1x200 15/Feb/1971 The Proposal N/A
201 1x201 22/Feb/1971 Asquith in Orbit N/A
202 1x202 01/Mar/1971 Happy Days Are Here Again N/A
203 1x203 08/Mar/1971 The Railwayman's New Clothes N/A
204 1x204 15/Mar/1971 No Charge for the Extra Service N/A
205 1x205 22/Mar/1971 A Distinct Chill N/A
206 1x206 29/Mar/1971 The Waiting Room N/A
208 1x208 24/May/1971 Death's Head N/A
209 1x209 31/May/1971 Jilly N/A
210 1x210 07/Jun/1971 Something for the Children N/A
211 1x211 14/Jun/1971 The Room They Left N/A
212 1x212 05/Jul/1971 Seven Days in the Life of Andrew Pelham: Crisis N/A
213 1x213 12/Jul/1971 Seven Days in the Life of Andrew Pelham: Suspect N/A
214 1x214 19/Jul/1971 Seven Days in the Life of Andrew Pelham: Inquiry N/A
215 1x215 26/Jul/1971 Seven Days in the Life of Andrew Pelham: Retreat N/A
216 1x216 02/Aug/1971 Seven Days in the Life of Andrew Pelham: Deadlock N/A
217 1x217 09/Aug/1971 Seven Days in the Life of Andrew Pelham: Breakthrough N/A
218 1x218 16/Aug/1971 Seven Days in the Life of Andrew Pelham: Decision N/A
219 1x219 20/Sep/1971 Walt, King of the Dumper N/A
220 1x220 27/Sep/1971 Soldier Ants N/A
221 1x221 04/Oct/1971 Gun Play N/A
222 1x222 11/Oct/1971 Combing Down His Yellow Hair N/A
223 1x223 18/Oct/1971 The Moonlighters N/A
224 1x224 25/Oct/1971 Getting In N/A
225 1x225 01/Nov/1971 Psychological Warefare N/A
226 1x226 08/Nov/1971 A Settled Sort of Life N/A
227 1x227 15/Nov/1971 The Gardeners of My Youth N/A
228 1x228 22/Nov/1971 Blues in the Morning N/A
229 1x229 29/Nov/1971 Jenkins N/A
231 1x231 06/Dec/1971 Farewell Performance N/A
232 1x232 20/Dec/1971 Footprints N/A
233 1x233 27/Dec/1971 A Wen N/A
234 1x234 03/Jan/1972 Not Counting the Savages N/A
235 1x235 10/Jan/1972 Uncle Rollo N/A
236 1x236 17/Jan/1972 They Don't All Open Men's Boutiques N/A
237 1x237 24/Jan/1972 The Penthouse Appartment N/A
238 1x238 30/Jan/1972 An Affair of Honour N/A
239 1x239 21/Feb/1972 An Arrow for Little Audrey N/A
240 1x240 28/Feb/1972 That Quiet Earth N/A
241 1x241 06/Mar/1972 Said the Preacher N/A
243 1x243 20/Mar/1972 Under the Age N/A
244 1x244 27/Mar/1972 Bypass N/A
247 1x247 22/May/1972 Mill Hill N/A
248 1x248 29/May/1972 King's Cross Lunch Time N/A
249 1x249 04/May/1972 Kings Cross N/A
250 1x250 12/Jun/1972 Knightsbridge N/A
251 1x251 19/Jun/1972 Bermondsey N/A
252 1x252 14/Aug/1972 Hands N/A
253 1x253 21/Aug/1972 Lushly N/A
254 1x254 28/Aug/1972 Too Far N/A
255 1x255 04/Sep/1972 Thrills Galore N/A
256 1x256 11/Sep/1972 The Arguement N/A
257 1x257 18/Sep/1972 The Seventh Juror N/A
258 1x258 25/Sep/1972 I Spy a Stranger N/A
259 1x259 02/Oct/1972 The Judge's Wife N/A
267 1x267 29/Nov/1972 Krapp's Last Tape N/A
268 1x268 06/Dec/1972 The Chauffer and the Lady N/A
269 1x269 13/Dec/1972 You've Been a Long Time Alfred N/A
270 1x270 03/Jan/1973 The Japanese Student N/A
271 1x271 10/Jan/1973 The Punchy and the Fairy N/A
272 1x272 17/Jan/1973 Playthings N/A
273 1x273 24/Jan/1973 Is Nellie Dead? N/A
274 1x274 31/Jan/1973 A Chance Encounter N/A
277 1x277 15/Mar/1973 Atrocity N/A
280 1x280 19/Apr/1973 Croust N/A
281 1x281 26/Apr/1973 The Baby's Name Being Kitchener N/A
282 1x282 03/May/1973 Kamikaze in a Coffee Bath N/A
283 1x283 10/May/1973 About a Bout N/A
284 1x284 17/May/1973 Shakespeare Country N/A
285 1x285 19/Jul/1973 Places Where They Sing N/A
286 1x286 26/Jul/1973 The Girls in Their Summer Dresses N/A
287 1x287 02/Aug/1973 The Museum Attendent N/A
288 1x288 09/Aug/1973 The Joke N/A

Warning: Thirty-Minute Theatre guide may contain spoilers
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: BBC TWO ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 07, 1965
Ended: August 09, 1973
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