Season 8

151 :08x01 - Jack, Be Quick

When Jack's girlfriend wants him to be the father to his baby, Jack wishes not to do it unless he's married!
Guest Stars: Joanna Kerns as Cheryl

152 :08x02 - She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Larry finds a magazine test called "Rate Your Roommate", and thinks that Janet or Terri has a thing for Jack, so the four go to Larry's boss' cabin to find out which one so that Jack can talk her out of it!

153 :08x03 - The Money Machine

A broken ATM machine gives Jack $1,000. Though, when he hides the money in the couch to keep it safe Furley gets the gang a new couch and the money disappears!

154 :08x04 - Out on a Limb

When Mr. Townsend, a local food critic, visits Jack's Bistro, Jack thinks he is going to get a bad review, so when Jack writes a bad letter and it accidently gets sent to Townsend, he finds himself out on a limb!

155 :08x05 - Alias Jack Tripper

Janet's childhood friend, Agnes Platt, comes to visit and Larry and Jack play the old switcher-roo so that Jack can go out on a date with Sharon.
Guest Stars: Lana Clarkson as Sharon Gordon

156 :08x06 - Hearing Is Believing

Jack is dating a therapist, Dorreen, but when Janet overhears a phone call with her and thinks she's a prostitute.
Guest Stars: Macon McCalman as Roland Woods

157 :08x07 - Grandma Jack

Larry enters one of Jack's cookie recipes in a contest and Jack must now pose as Grandma Tripper to get the money.

158 :08x08 - Like Father, Like Son

Jacks father comes to visit, and Jack ends up feeling like a kid again.

159 :08x09 - The Odd Couples

When Terri is up for a promotion, she thinks that the Doctor whom is making the decision is hitting on her, and comes up with a lie that Jack is her husband who is injured, then it snowballs from there.
Guest Stars: Judith-Marie Bergan as Gail Kenderson

160 :08x10 - Now You See It, Now You Don't

Jack goes to a charity ball, which is a casino theme! When Jack loses a lot of money, he thinks it's for real!

161 :08x11 - The Charming Stranger

When a British man comes moves into the building, Janet and Terri swoon in over him. Meanwhile, Jack gets jealous and ends up thinking that he is a theif from the UK!
Guest Stars: Jerry Layne as Pamela | Laurence Guittard as Leslie Bennington
Director: Dave Powers

162 :08x12 - Janet Shapes Up

Janet gets a new job as an Aerobics teacher! But, when her boss blackmails Jack into getting a date with her, he cannot get out of it without getting Janet fired!

163 :08x13 - Itching for Trouble

An old hottie that Jack liked in high school comes to see him, and finds out she is married, and ends up in the bushes with her? Furley finds them there and thinks they are bird watching, but if her husband finds out about it, Jack and Furley will be six feet under!

164 :08x14 - Baby, It's Cold Inside

Jack and Mr. Furley go out for a side a beef, due to a meat cutters strike at midnight, little did they know that they would find themselves held up and then locked in a freezer!

165 :08x15 - Look What I Found

When Jack, Janet, and Terri find a stray kitten, they must hide it from Furley so they do not get kicked out. But, when a girl comes looking for it the Trio must get the kitty to her!

166 :08x16 - Jack's Tattoo

Jack's naval buddies come to town and party at night, and in the morning Jack finds out he got a tattoo, called "The Love Butt". But, when Jack wants to go in for surgery Janet thinks it's bad and tries to stop him. Meanwhile, Furley thinks Jack is getting a transexual operation!

167 :08x17 - Jack Takes Off

When a Art teacher moves in next door, Jack some how finds himself going to an Art Class, but when the model doesn't show, Jack poses and the teacher makes a painting that gets hung in the "Regal Beagle"!

168 :08x18 - Forget Me Not

Janet gets a new car, but when a girl comes who needs a ride Jack barrows Janet's, which he wrecks! Now, to keep from being killed he must pretend he has amnesia!

169 :08x19 - The Heiress (a.k.a. The Inheritance)

When a rich man died, he leaves something for Janet in his will!
Guest Stars: Ian Abercrombie as lawyer | David Ruprecht as Phillip Dawson

170 :08x20 - Cupid Works Overtime

Jack meets Vicky, an airline stewardess, and finds himself in love with her, but the only monkey wrench is her father, James Bradford, really does not make it easy for them. Meanwhile, Janet and Philip gets engaged!
Guest Stars: David Ruprecht as Phillip Dawson | Mary Cadorette as Vicky Bradford | Robert Mandan as James Bradford

171 :08x21 - Friends and Lovers (1)

Janet's wedding almost gets called up, but the trio decide to have it at the apartment instead. Meanwhile, Mr. Bradford, ends up getting Jack and Vicky broken up, but telling JAck about her offer to be a stewardess stationed in Houston!
Guest Stars: David Ruprecht as Phillip Dawson | Mary Cadorette as Vicky Bradford | Robert Mandan as James Bradford

172 :08x22 - Friends and Lovers (2)

Janet's wedding has had mishaps, and Vicki wants to move in with Jack! Jack, Janet and Terri move out, Terri going to hawaii, and Janet moving in with Phillip! Finally Jack and Vicki move into a new place together, and starts up Three's A Crowd!
Guest Stars: Mary Cadorette as Vicky Bradford | Robert Mandan as James Bradford
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 15, 1977
Ended: September 18, 1984
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