Three's Company

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What is the name of the series Three's Company is based off of?
Man About the House, a cleverly written Britcom by Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke about Robin, a ladies man of a cook, Chrissy, a sarcastic brunette and Jo, a naive blonde. Underneath them live the conservative and overbearing George and Mildred Roper. Man About the House lasted 39 episodes, which is considered a successful length in British sitcom.
Why did Suzanne Somers (Chrissy Snow) leave the show during the fifth season?
Much public controversy surronded the cast change in the fifth season of Three's Company, making the press and tabloids of 1980. Suzanne Somers had fired her agent, Jay Bernstein, who had made her the star she was, without excluding John and Joyce. In the fourth season, her husband became jealous of Jay and had him fired, becoming her agent instead. Alan had different ideas of how Suzanne should be portrayed, paid and appear. At the end of the fourth season, there was some strain with John, Joyce and Suzanne when Suzanne would get photo-opts without John and Joyce, thereby making it seem as though Chrissy Snow was Three's Company, which is what Alan Hamel had believed. Marketing on the fact that Suzanne portrayed the most popular character, Alan decided to use Suzanne as a ploy to get more money. He made some demands in the fifth season's premiere time that Suzanne receive a nice pay increase and 10% ownership of the series, if these were not met, Suzanne would not appear in the show. Suzanne followed through with her husbands wishes, and negiotated everything to his whim. The producers promised a raise, although not half as significant as she wanted, and it would not come into effect until the sixth season. John and Joyce were both hurt and confused when Suzanne demanded this raise, as she had not consulted her two best friends and co-stars. Suzanne missed the taping of "And Justice for Jack", claiming she had to take an extended leave. The producers wrote her out in advance to accomdate this. After appearing in two episodes, Suzanne became angry that her demands were not met and began to make turmoil on the set, thereby straining and eventually losing her friendship with John and Joyce. She missed the episode "Downhill Chaser" and "Crowded Romance" as part of her pay raise protest and had to be written out unexpectedly. The producers did not react with any form of raise or negiotation. Suzanne was forced to sixty-second scenes each episode while under a reduced contract. John and Joyce were so sore at her, they refused to speak or work with her again. Suzanne was eventually fired from her contract for good, and her career went into a slump, although had a comeback.

For years, John and Joyce were still bitter at her, for nearly costing them their job and for her actions which lead to to their friendship's ending. Whenever at conventions or parties for Hollywood stars, John and Joyce avoided Suzanne. Amy Yasbeck, the wife of John Ritter, sometime during the early 2000's, had finally put an end to their twenty-some year rivarly. When Amy saw them avoiding each other at some kind of celebrity convention, John demanded he meet with Suzanne. The two forgave each other for their hard times and although John never forgot, they buried the hatchet. Shortly after the death of John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt, who had a harder time than John during the original incident, had an even harder time forgiving her, finally buried the hatchet. After twenty years of bitterness, coldness and hatred, John, Joyce and Suzanne are one again...unfortunately, it took the death of John Ritter for their eyes to open and nothing will be the same again with their friendships.
Why did Jenilee Harrison (Cindy Snow) leave the show as a roommate in the fifth season, and then leave for good the year after?
The producers felt that Jenilee was simply too young to handle the risque nature of the series. John and Joyce loved Jenilee, and took her under their wing, but fan reaction did not help the Cindy Snow character. The clumsy storyline got tiring to most fans, so Cindy was moved away to UCLA. The producers kept Jenilee on the show as a friend during the sixth year, but she did not appear all that often, occasionally making a one-liner joke, she was never really more than just a simple plot set-up. After the episode "Janet Wigs Out", Cindy Snow disappears with no explanation from the producers or the show's characters and is never seen or referred to again. It is believed that the producers simply ran out of ways to incorporate Cindy into the stories, so they released her from her contract altogether.

Network: ABC ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Tuesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 15, 1977
Ended: September 18, 1984
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