Season 2

25 :02x01 - Moving In

As the second season begins, Blue (Jane Leeves) is plagued by an anonymous caller every night at 3 A.M.; and Sandy (Diana Canova) seeks a roommate so she can afford to rent a penthouse apartment.
Guest Stars: Raye Birk as John | Neil Harris (1) as Aaron | Damon Hines as Small Change 3 | Melissa Weber as Heather | Ron Fassler as Jordan | Fritzi Burr as Makler | Jacqueline Cassell as Sonya | Peter Wade as Small Change 1
Director: Stan Harris
Writer: Fredi Towbin

26 :02x02 - Spa

During a health-spa weekend, the girls (Diana Canova, Maryedith Burrell) endure grueling exercise, sparse meals and the moodiness of a very anxious Blue (Jane Leeves), who awaits the results of a blood test for AIDS.
Guest Stars: Jess Harnell as Plaything 1 | Yana Nirvana as Chantal
Director: Stan Harris
Writer: Hollis Rich

27 :02x03 - Torn Between Two Lovers

Sandy (Diana Canova) begins dating Wally, a fun-loving disc jockey (Fred McCarren) and Nick, a romantic architect (Shadoe Stevens), then has a tough time deciding which one she likes best.
Guest Stars: Shadoe Stevens as Nick | Fred McCarren as Wally
Director: Gregory Lehane

28 :02x04 - Future Shock

Dreading middle-age, Blue (Jane Leeves) accidentally reveals that she is 27 years old, and Sandy (Diana Canova) leaks the secret to the whole office.
Guest Stars: Frankie Valli as Himself | Jacqueline Cassell as Suzy | Marc Alexander as Antonio
Director: Phil Ramuno
Writer: Fredi Towbin

29 :02x05 - Good Vibrations

After a loud concert, Zach (Jonathan Prince) loses his hearing---and his heart to a nurse he meets at the doctor's office.
Guest Stars: Sheila Rogers as Lady | Mary Beth Barber as Audrey | David Balacier as Patient 1
Director: Phil Ramuno

30 :02x06 - Who's Coup Is It Anyway?

Sandy sets up a meeting with a very popular group that's looking for a new recording label, but isn't given any credit for signing them.
Guest Stars: Barry Gordon as Josh | Paul Lieber as Kyle | Michael Strasser as Tom | Michael Holden (1) as Man 1 | Tim Russ as Man 2
Director: Gregory Lehane

31 :02x07 - Last Night At the Firehouse - Part 1

The staff attends the closing festivities of a popular nightclub where numerous rock-and-rollers got their start. During the party, a nostalgic Zach (Jonathan Prince) volunteers to pay the enormous operating expenses for four months.
Guest Stars: Mark Lindsay Chapman as Chauffeur | Timothy B. Schmidt as Himself | Nicolette Larson as Herself | Michael Franks (1) as Himself | Emma Samms as Herself | Terry Kiser as Steve Nubell | Richard Hatch (1) as Jake Flathery | Richard Blade as Nigel | Jack Riley as Flashback Johnny | The Byrds as Themselves | Simon Barker as Ian
Director: Phil Ramuno

32 :02x08 - Last Night At the Firehouse - Part 2

Conclusion. As the closing festivities for the Firestation heat up, Zach (Jonathan Prince) desperately tries to raise the $80,000 he needs to save the club; and sparks fly when Sandy (Diana Canova) renews an old acquaintance.
Guest Stars: Terry Kiser as Steve Nubell | Richard Hatch (1) as Jake Flathery | Jeff Porcaro as Himself | Jeff Lorber as Himself
Director: Phil Ramuno

33 :02x09 - Garden Party

Sandy convinces Zach to stage the comeback of former surf singer Bobby Catalina (Edd Byrnes)---but his reappearance makes few waves in the music world.
Guest Stars: Edd Byrnes as Bobby Catalina | Don Reed as MC | Haskell V. Anderson III as Man | Johnny Olson as Customer 1 | Robin Roberts as Customer 2 | Terry Wood as Songstress
Director: Gregory Lehane
Writer: Diana Canova

34 :02x10 - Selling Out

Zach (Jonathan Prince) stuns the staff when he announces that he's selling Throb, but Sandy's disappointment is short-lived after the new owners offer her a promotion. The new owners want to turn "Throb"-Records into a children's label and appoint Sandy as a manager.
Guest Stars: Howard Stevens as Personnel manager | Christian Clemenson as Man
Director: Gregory Lehane

35 :02x11 - The Golden Guys

At a party for singles over 30, Sandy (Diana Canova) finds romance with Edward, a charming 65-year-old (Robert King).
Guest Stars: Robert King (1) as Edward | Liz Sheridan as Adele | Henry Beckman as Marty | Viola Kates Stimpson as Old Dame | Arthur Lessac as Old gent | John Flucer as The pianist
Director: Gregory Lehane

36 :02x12 - One Christmas

Sandy (Diana Canova) gets a surprise at her Christmas party when her ex-husband's family shows up, and Meredith (Maryedith Burrell) hits it off with her former brother-in-law.
Guest Stars: Richard McKenzie as Harry | Elliot Schreiner as Max | Jonathan Perpich as Todd | Colleen Dodson as Lilian
Director: Gregory Lehane

37 :02x13 - Mary Heartless

When Mary, an important entertainment reporter (Jayne Kennedy-Overton) visits Throb Records, she gets the scoop on the staff from Sandy (Diana Canova).
Guest Stars: Jayne Kennedy as Mary Rodgers | Sheri Goldner as Secretary | Bob Bancroft as Cameraman | Shawn Nelson as Kellner
Director: Joe Regalbuto

38 :02x14 - Men Without Lips

When Eric, an old friend (Tony Carreiro) comes to New York to visit Zach (Jonathan Prince), the two organize a reunion of their band, Men Without Lips.
Guest Stars: David Raynr as Glenn | Tony Carreiro as Eric | Shanna Reed as Sheri | Richard Molinare as Danny
Director: Marc Gass

39 :02x15 - Make A Joyful Noise

Sarah, a teenager (Tasha Scott) from Phil's church signs on with Throb records and has a hit rock single, then changes her tune and wants out of her contract.
Guest Stars: Tasha Scott as Sarah | Royce Wallace as Mrs. Gaines | Montrose Hagins as Sister Louella
Director: Gregory Lehane

40 :02x16 - The Cable Show

Sandy and Meredith (Diana Canova, Maryedith Burrell) decide to write a self-help book entitled "Coping with Your Thirties," and before it's completed they're asked to be guests on a cable talk show.
Guest Stars: Jerry Hardin as Ed Mickelman | Phoebe Snow as Rebecca
Director: Gregory Lehane

41 :02x17 - Here Come The Amish

While traveling through Lancaster, Pa., Blue (Jane Leeves) meets and charms an Amish man (Geof Prysirr), who follows her to New York City to propose.
Guest Stars: Geof Prysirr as Amish Amos | John Putch as Jacob
Director: Phil Ramuno

42 :02x18 - Only The Lonely

For Jeremy's 13th-birthday party, Sandy (Diana Canova) hires a teeny-bopper band and a man who does balloon tricks---then discovers that her son's friends are all over 40.
Guest Stars: Myra Turley as Louise | Al Fann as Clive | James Keane as Mark
Director: Joe Regalbuto

43 :02x19 - There's No Place Like Home

A depressed Meredith (Maryedith Burrell) alarms Sandy (Diana Canova) when she cancels a date with Todd (Jonathan Perpich) and vows never to leave her apartment.
Guest Stars: James Keane as Mark | Jonathan Perpich as Todd | Myra Turley as Louise | Joey Harper as Joshua

44 :02x20 - Summer Job

Sandy (Diana Canova) wants Jeremy to attend summer camp, but Jeremy wants to get a job so they compromise: Zach hires Jeremy as a gofer.
Director: Phil Ramuno

45 :02x21 - Neil Returns

Sandy (Diana Canova) is pleasantly surprised by a dinner invitation from Neil, her ex (Lorry Goldman), who has become slimmer and more attractive. Peggy March sings "I Will Follow Him."
Guest Stars: Lorry Goldman as Neil | Peggy March as Herself
Director: Gregory Lehane
Writer: Hollis Rich

46 :02x22 - Jung Love

After a breakup with a boyfriend, Blue (Jane Leeves) becomes severely depressed and begins seeing a therapist (Sam Whipple).
Guest Stars: Sam Whipple as Therapist
Director: Marc Gass

47 :02x23 - The Grammy

Throb's new record with Skye Night is nominated for a World Music Award, and a thrilled Zach (Jonathan Prince) starts polishing his acceptance speech.
Director: James Widdoes

48 :02x24 - She Can't Sing, Don't Ask Her

A usually off-key Sandy (Diana Canova) is hypnotized during a nightclub act and sings so well that Skye asks her to perform backup for his next single.
Guest Stars: Bette Ford as Madame Esther | Dan Hill as Himself
Director: Gregory Lehane
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Music
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 20, 1986
Ended: May 28, 1988
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