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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 23/Jan/1985 Exodus
2 1x02 23/Jan/1985 Unholy Alliance
3 1x03 11/Sep/1985 Berbils
4 1x04 12/Sep/1985 The Slaves of Castle Plun-Darr
5 1x05 13/Sep/1985 Pumm-Ra
6 1x06 16/Sep/1985 The Terror of Hammerhand
7 1x07 17/Sep/1985 Trouble with Time
8 1x08 18/Sep/1985 The Tower of Traps
9 1x09 19/Sep/1985 The Garden of Delights
10 1x10 20/Sep/1985 Mandora: the Evil Chaser
11 1x11 23/Sep/1985 The Ghost Warrior
12 1x12 24/Sep/1985 The Doom Gaze
13 1x13 25/Sep/1985 Lord of the Snows
14 1x14 26/Sep/1985 The Spaceship Beneath the Sands
15 1x15 27/Sep/1985 The TIme Capsule
16 1x16 30/Sep/1985 The Fireballs of Plun-Darr
17 1x17 01/Oct/1985 All That Glitters
18 1x18 02/Oct/1985 Spitting Image
19 1x19 03/Oct/1985 Mongor
20 1x20 04/Oct/1985 Return to Thundera
21 1x21 07/Oct/1985 Dr. Dometone
22 1x22 08/Oct/1985 The Astral Prison
23 1x23 09/Oct/1985 The Crystal Queen
24 1x24 10/Oct/1985 Safari Joe
25 1x25 11/Oct/1985 Snarf Takes Up the Challenge
26 1x26 28/Oct/1985 Sixth Sense
27 1x27 29/Oct/1985 The Thunder-Cutter
28 1x28 30/Oct/1985 The Wolfrat
29 1x29 31/Oct/1985 The Feliner, Part 1
30 1x30 01/Nov/1985 The Feliner, Part 2
31 1x31 04/Nov/1985 Mandora and the Pirates
32 1x32 05/Nov/1985 Return of the Driller
33 1x33 06/Nov/1985 Dimension Doom
34 1x34 07/Nov/1985 Queen of 8 Legs
35 1x35 08/Nov/1985 Sword in a Hole
36 1x36 11/Nov/1985 The Evil Harp of Charr-Nin
37 1x37 12/Nov/1985 Lion-O's Anointment First Day: Trial of Strength
38 1x38 13/Nov/1985 The Demolisher
39 1x39 14/Nov/1985 Monkian's Bargain
40 1x40 15/Nov/1985 Tight Squeeze
41 1x41 18/Nov/1985 The Micrits
42 1x42 19/Nov/1985 Lion-O's Anointment Second Day: The Trial of Speed
43 1x43 20/Nov/1985 The Rock Giant
44 1x44 21/Nov/1985 Jackalman's Rebellion
45 1x45 22/Nov/1985 Turmagar the Tuska
46 1x46 25/Nov/1985 Lion-O's Anointment Third Day: Trial of Cunning
47 1x47 26/Nov/1985 The Mumm-Ra Berbil
48 1x48 27/Nov/1985 Mechanical Plague
49 1x49 28/Nov/1985 Trapped
50 1x50 29/Nov/1985 Lion-O's Anointment Fourth Day: The Trial of Mind Power
51 1x51 02/Dec/1985 Excalibur
52 1x52 03/Dec/1985 Secret of the Ice King
53 1x53 04/Dec/1985 Good and Ugly
54 1x54 05/Dec/1985 The Transfer
55 1x55 06/Dec/1985 Divide and Conquer
56 1x56 09/Dec/1985 The Dream Master
57 1x57 10/Dec/1985 Out of Sight
58 1x58 11/Dec/1985 The Mountain
59 1x59 12/Dec/1985 The Superpower Potion
60 1x60 13/Dec/1985 Eye of the Beholder
61 1x61 16/Dec/1985 Lion-O's Anointment Final Day: The Trial of Evil
62 1x62 17/Dec/1985 The Trouble with ThunderKittens
63 1x63 18/Dec/1985 Mumm-Rana
64 1x64 19/Dec/1985 The Shifter
65 1x65 20/Dec/1985 Fond Memories

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
66 2x01 10/Sep/1986 ThunderCats Ho! (1)
67 2x02 10/Sep/1986 ThunderCats Ho! (2)
68 2x03 10/Sep/1986 ThunderCats Ho! (3)
69 2x04 10/Sep/1986 ThunderCats Ho! (4)
70 2x05 10/Sep/1986 ThunderCats Ho! (5)
71 2x06 07/Sep/1987 Mumm-Ra Lives (1)
72 2x07 08/Sep/1987 Mumm-Ra Lives (2)
73 2x08 09/Sep/1987 Mumm-Ra Lives (3)
74 2x09 10/Sep/1987 Mumm-Ra Lives (4)
75 2x10 11/Sep/1987 Mumm-Ra Lives (5)
76 2x11 14/Sep/1987 Catfight
77 2x12 15/Sep/1987 Psych Out
78 2x13 16/Sep/1987 The Mask of Gorgon
79 2x14 17/Sep/1987 The Mad Bubbler
80 2x15 18/Sep/1987 Together We Stand
81 2x16 21/Sep/1987 Ravage Island
82 2x17 22/Sep/1987 Time Switch
83 2x18 23/Oct/1987 The Sound Stones
84 2x19 24/Sep/1987 Day of the Eclipse
85 2x20 25/Sep/1987 Sideswipe
86 2x21 28/Sep/1987 Mumm-Rana's Belt
87 2x22 29/Sep/1987 Hachiman's Honor
88 2x23 30/Sep/1987 Runaways
89 2x24 01/Oct/1987 Hair of the Dog
90 2x25 02/Oct/1987 Vultureman's Revenge
91 2x26 05/Sep/1988 ThunderCubs (1)
92 2x27 06/Sep/1988 ThunderCubs (2)
93 2x28 07/Sep/1988 ThunderCubs (3)
94 2x29 08/Sep/1988 ThunderCubs (4)
95 2x30 09/Sep/1988 ThunderCubs (5)
96 2x31 12/Sep/1988 Totem of Dera
97 2x32 13/Sep/1988 Chain of Loyalty
98 2x33 14/Sep/1988 Crystal Canyon
99 2x34 15/Sep/1988 The Telepathy Beam
100 2x35 16/Sep/1988 Exile Isle
101 2x36 19/Sep/1988 Key to Thundera
102 2x37 20/Sep/1988 Return of the ThunderCubs
103 2x38 21/Sep/1988 The Formula
104 2x39 22/Sep/1988 Locket of Lies
105 2x40 23/Sep/1988 Bracelet of Power
106 2x41 26/Sep/1988 The Wild Workout
107 2x42 27/Sep/1988 The Thunderscope
108 2x43 28/Sep/1988 The Jade Dragon
109 2x44 29/Sep/1988 The Circus Train
110 2x45 30/Sep/1988 The Last Day
111 2x46 04/Sep/1989 Return to Thundera! (1)
112 2x47 05/Sep/1989 Return to Thundera! (2)
113 2x48 06/Sep/1989 Return to Thundera! (3)
114 2x49 07/Sep/1989 Return to Thundera! (4)
115 2x50 08/Sep/1989 Return to Thundera! (5)
116 2x51 11/Sep/1989 Leah
117 2x52 12/Sep/1989 Frog Man
118 2x53 13/Sep/1989 The Heritage
119 2x54 14/Sep/1989 Screw Loose
120 2x55 15/Sep/1989 Malcar
121 2x56 18/Sep/1989 Helpless Laughter
122 2x57 19/Sep/1989 Cracker's Revenge
123 2x58 20/Sep/1989 The Mossland Monster
124 2x59 21/Sep/1989 Ma-Mutt's Confusion
125 2x60 22/Sep/1989 Shadowmaster
126 2x61 25/Sep/1989 Swan Song
127 2x62 26/Sep/1989 Touch of Amortus
128 2x63 27/Sep/1989 The Zaxx Factor
129 2x64 28/Sep/1989 Well of Doubt
130 2x65 29/Sep/1989 The Book of Omens

    Season 2 »
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 23, 1985
Ended: September 29, 1989
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