Toad Patrol

Toad Patrol

"Listen to the Thunder Trees, Panther Cap, listen to them well. They will guide you to the Fairy Ring, and through it, you will find Toad Hollow."

Toad Patrol is about toadlets who are searching for the Fairy Ring, which will take them to Toad Hallow, which is the paradise for toads, and where most of the toad population resides. For unknown reasons, the toadlets were separated from Toad Hallow, and must find the Fairy Ring to get back there because of the dangers in the outside world. The Fairy Ring opens once a year, and closes after a certain amount of time, though it is hard to find, since the Fairy Ring appears in a different area of the forest every year. Toads and toadlets who do not reach the Fairy Ring in time are turned into "toadstools," which are basically mushrooms. The toadstools leave toads and toadlets who miss the Fairy Ring into toadstools to protect them for the time they'll have to wait until the Fairy Ring will open again. However, once a toadlet becomes an adult, they become immune to becoming a toadstool.
The main characters are a group of toadlets who missed the general migration with the rest of the toads and are confused on what to do. Mistle Toad, a wandering sage, explains to them that they must find the Fairy Ring, which will take them to Toad Hallow, otherwise they'll become toadstools. Mistle Toad does not accompany the toadlets on their journey, but promises to keep an eye on them and occasionally aid them if necessary.
The characters include:
  • Fur Foot: Leader of the Toad Patrol; wields a cougar's claw which he refers to as his "hook"; oldest
  • Beauty Stem: Second in command; is a healer; Second oldest
  • Elf Cup: Morale leader; plays a penny whistle called a "tooter"; Third youngest
  • Shaggy Mane: "Giver of Names"; poet; Fourth oldest
  • Puff Ball: Brawn of Toad Patrol; wields a hammer called a "Thunder Stick"; Fifth oldest
  • Oyster: Very optimistic; has a telescope called a "see-all"; twin of Slippery Jack
  • Slippery Jack: Brain of Toad Patrol; creates maps called "pathfinds"; twin of Oyster
  • Panther Cap: Most important character; can listen to Thunder Trees, which aids the toads in finding the Fairy Ring; Youngest
  • Mistle Toad: Wandering sage; occasionally aids the Toad Patrol on their quest to find the Fairy Ring
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Toad Patrol premiered on Teletoon (Canada) and Toon Disney (USA). The series was intended for young children (which is why it aired on networks for kids), but became popular amongst mid teens due to its dark story lines. The series has a small cult following, which ironically began once the series was pushed aside to make room for new programs, and aired at 3:00 a.m.

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Episode Info

Final: 2x13 -- Journey's End (Jul/16/2003)

All of the Toad Patrol work together to get the Ancient Tune played in order to restore all of the forests' toad stools into toadlets. Not only must they play the music before the icicles melt, but another conflict occurs when a wind-rider takes several attempts at destroying the icicles to prevent the Toad Patrol from succeeding. Yet another problem arises when Erebus learns of the news that the toad stools will be turned back into toadlets, and plans to eat them once the toadlets succeed, then again when they recover the last needed instrument, but find that it’s broken and need a replacement.
Long John BaldryLong John Baldry
voiced Mistle Toad
Terrence ScammellTerrence Scammell
voiced Fur Foot
Brady MoffattBrady Moffatt
voiced Slippery Jack
Rick Jones (1)Rick Jones (1)
voiced Puff Ball, Erebus, Digger
Sonja BallSonja Ball
voiced Beauty Stem, Panther Cap
Anne K. LegerAnne K. Leger
voiced Daphne
Bryn McAuleyBryn McAuley
voiced Oyster
Kate HurmanKate Hurman
voiced Hera, The Outsider
Michael OMichael O'Reilly
voiced Earth Star
Nancy NeilsonNancy Neilson
voiced Elf Cup


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