Today's Special

Today's Special

After hours when the big department store is closed, magic is in the air. The night staff spring into action: Sam the security guard locks the doors, Jodie the display designer brings Jeff the mannequin up to the children's department where Muffy the rhyming mouse comes out of her mousehole and says the magic words "Hocus Pocus Alamagocus", where Jeff comes to life and the night is about to begin. Depending on what the store special is, usually becomes the topic of the episode, whereby Jeff learns new things along with the young viewers watching. There are many songs, dances, quizzes, stories, slapstick comedy, and much more. Today's Special has entertained many children in Canada and the United States throughout the 1980's.

Episode Info

Final: 6x11 -- Memories

Jodie, Sam, Muffy, and Mrs. Pennypacker realize Jeff has no past, and feels left out of the contest the store is holding on favorite past memories.
Jeff HyslopJeff Hyslop
As Jeff
Nerene VirginNerene Virgin
As Jodie
Bob DermerBob Dermer
voiced Sam Crenshaw (puppet)
Nina KeoghNina Keogh
voiced Muffy Mouse (puppet)
Bob StuttBob Stutt
As Muffy Mouse (understudy puppeteer (season 1))
Robyn HayleRobyn Hayle
voiced TXL Series 4 Computer

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1x22: Flight recap: Sam and Jeff come into the children’s department and find Muffy flying around in a model airplane controlled by Jodie via a remote control box. Jeff has never heard of an airplane before and after Jodie lands Muffy, she tries to explain to Jeff was an airline flight is all about. And Sam, who has had many adventurous experiences, has never been flying either. He has always wanted to fly but has never gotten around to it, he claims. After Jeff helps Jodie set up the rest of the flight display, Sam and Muffy make some paper airplanes and send them gliding around the children’s department. But every time the discussion of flight comes up, Sam runs off. But why? Jodie thinks it is because he feels silly for never having flown. So Jodie calls the airport and books a small plane and a pilot for her and Sam to go flying the next morning. This does not sit well with Sam though, as he is not happy about it. Jodie finds Sam on the roof deck and he confesses that the real reason he has never flown before is because he’s always been afraid of flying. Jodie helps Sam see that while it’s okay to be afraid, things don’t usually seem quite as scary when you’re with a friend... read more.

1x21: Music recap: After Jeff helps Jodie set up her display of musical instruments, they hear a strange piece of music (Today’s Special theme song really) playing on, what sound like a music box. Nobody seems to know where the music is coming from and it seems to play intermittently. The music reminds Jodie of her Aunt Millie whom Jeff remembers her as the one who visited the store once; and it reminds Sam of his late wife Maud... read more.

1x20: Soap recap: As Jodie sets up her display for the upcoming soap sale, strange things begin to happen in the store. First, Jodie accidentally threw something important in the garbage, and when she goes to retrieve it, the garbage is empty. But who emptied it? Then, the computer room is all-of-the-sudden neat and clean and well dusted… but by whom? Then, as Muffy is cleaning up her mousehole apartment, a mysterious stranger sets down a heavy mob bucket outside Muffy’s door—blocking it, and Muffy cannot get out; And finally, Jeff hears someone enter the elevator, and just as the doors close, Jeff runs after the person and slips and falls on the recently mopped floor. Fortunately, he’s not hurt. But who is behind all this?.. read more.

1x19: Records recap: Jeff and Jodie get the display in the children’s department ready. The store will be having sale of phonograph records, which is something Jeff is unfamiliar with. Jodie shows him that a record is a disc with grooves pressed into it that plays music or any other audio recordings. Jeff is intrigued and plays his favorite kind of music—the kind he can dance to. Among the items in the display is an antique Victrola gramophone, and Sam knows how to operate it. The record Muffy selects to listen to is the latest single by her favorite mouse singers—The Rodents 3... read more.

1x3: Work recap: Jeff has been practicing magic tricks and puts on a magic show for Jodie and Sam, with Muffy as his assistant. After the show, a real magician appears. It’s Waldo the Magnificent. Waldo was the magician who originally brought Jeff to life with a magic spell over a year ago and he’s returned to the store to check up on him. Although Waldo is unable to stay long, as he has a magic act to attend, he leaves a magic mirror behind to amuse Jeff and his friends. The magic mirror is able to make you be what you want to be (temporarily) by wishing into it. Sam and Muffy use the mirror to become cowboys, doctors, and firefighters; Jodie becomes a farmer and a mother; and Jeff becomes a dancer. Soon, Sam and Muffy become baseball players—with Jeff as the play-by-play—and Muffy hits the ball right into the mirror, shattering the glass to pieces. Waldo appears again, and understands that it was just an accident. He also further explains that a magic mirror is not necessary to be what you want to be—that can be done with the help of one’s imagination... read more.
Recurring Guests

Nikki Tilroe as Mime Lady (60 eps)
Cheryl Wagner as Granny Sweet (25 eps)
Bob Stutt as Terry Termite (13 eps)
Barry Baldaro as Waldo the Magnifficent (12 eps)
Madeline Paul as Swamp Beast (5 eps)
Bram Morrison (4 eps)
Lois Lillenstein (4 eps)
Sharon Hampson (4 eps)
Oscar Peterson as Pianist (4 eps)
The Canadian Brass (4 eps)

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