Tom Goes to the Mayor

Tom Goes to the Mayor

Tom Peters is an entrepreneur who has just moved to the town of Jefferton, which is a small town where almost everybody knows eachother and is known for its buffet resturants and Hoboton, with his wife and 3 kids. Tom visits the Mayor's office to try to help the town but his plans usually fail or screw up because of the mayor.

Each episode of Tom usually has a guest star (notably Michael Ian Black from Stella and Tom Kenny). Many comedians or comedy show vetrans work on the show (i.e Bob Odenkirk from Mr Show).
The show is often critized by its lack of animation. Tom is produced at Williams Street, like almost every other comedy show on Adult Swim.

Please note that the order of the episodes is the air seasons, not the production (like the Adult Swim episode guide).

Almost every song appearing on this show can be downloaded from here if you filter by the show.

Episode Info

Final: 2x17 -- Joy's Ex (Sep/24/2006)

One of Joy's ex-husband's intereferes with Tom's life.
Craig AntonCraig Anton
voiced City Council Member
Ron LynchRon Lynch
voiced City Council Member
Michael Q. SchmidtMichael Q. Schmidt
As Joy Peters/Tom on Steroids
Stephanie CourtneyStephanie Courtney
voiced Renee the Receptionist / Joy Peters
Eric WareheimEric Wareheim
voiced The Mayor, Wayne Skylar
Tim HeideckerTim Heidecker
voiced Tom Peters, Jan Skylar


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recap: The episode starts out where Tom is in jail with another man and the man is talking about how his nephew, Victor, who is 15 went "Pee pee and Poo poo" on his door and he put him in the cellar for the weekend. The guy asks Tom why hes in jail and Tom says he supposedly kills 4 thousand people and the guy laughs and asks what happend. Then it turns into a flashback, where The Mayor is using binocluars and he finds "The Lawnmower Man" striking because he is not getting paid fairly and Tom walks in and The Mayor doesnt reconize him because he is wearing a toxic suit and Tom shows him a poster for "Spray a Carpet or rug" and the mayor takes it and says to himself "Where have i seen this man before". Tom tell his about Spray a Carpet or Rug and shows him how it works by spraying a piece of carpet that fills up where it was missing. Tom explains why he is wearing the suit (which is because he is higly allergic to the foam) that is produced by the machine). After explaining, he finds the Mayor looking through the binoculars again at the Lawnmower Guy. He gets mad at the man and smashes his computer moniter. He asks Tom if he can produce green carpet and Tom switches the switch from Brown to Green. The camera now zooms into Gullivers, where the Lawnmower Man Sub-Commitee is being held and The Mayor proposes an idea to the City Council to replace all of the grass in Jefferton with carpet using Spray a Carpet or Rug so he can get rid of the Lawnmower Man for good. Once council member says its not a good idea but Tom says its stain free and it moves to the ingrediants of the rugs on the brochure and states that some of the chemicals are harmful to the grass and the people but the Mayor says the scientists said the Spray a Carpet or Rug is perfectly safe (also said on the screen next to him). The last council member says it wouldnt hurt to give it a trial run in the park. The flashback ends and it shows the man and Tom in jail again. Tom states he got a huge contract to replace the grass with rug in the park and the man states thats good and talks about Victor again and says he wouldnt be able to live with himself for replacing the grass and asks him if he has ever thought about commiting suicide and tom says no and tells him he can apply for life insurance after hes dead and tells him that hanging himself is the best way to go. Tom thanks for the advice and Tom starts telling the story again. Tom says he replaced all the carpet with grass in 2 hours and thinks its a record and The Mayor comes in and calls the Lawnmower man and teases him with a big check that he gives to Tom (Which is worth 8 hundred thousand). Then the camera goes up to the sun and zooms back down and shows people sitting and playing on the carpet and people sunbathing then it zooms to Tom and shows fumes rising up from the carpet and the carpet starts bubbling and he states he dosnt remember this in the training and goes to him in training and the speaker is talking about the do's and dont's on Spray a Carpet or Rug saying do not expose it in direct sunlight because a burning chemical reaction will occur but Tom cant hear him because he has the suit on. It goes back to the sun and goes down and shows there is chaos because people are burning and running around and people "exploding" and their skin melthing and burning off and people actually melting and blood spraying everywhere. Then the married news team talks about the skin condition thats causing it and stating hundreds of Jefferton's citizens dead and dying then Jan is talking about it "live" at the park, Jan's face is badly burned and in the background people are exploding and being burned. Jan talks about when he put his head in he gasses produced stating he found no side effects. Then the camera moves to Tom's house where police surround it where in the bathroom tom is trying to get rid of all the foam thats inside Spray a Carpet or Rug into the toilet and he is getting the allergic reaction and screams for Joy to get the suit but she says she threw it away and Tom asks why and it goes back to jail and talks about what happend and the man shows Tom to the noose and he kicks the chair and Tom dies. The screen turns white and calm music starts playing and shows a room with tom in his suit in it then shows the jail man in full color and fades out and fades into the same style room but its the Mayors office and Tom asks where he is and The Mayor says his office and thanks him for all his great work and he laughs and Tom asks what about his family and The Mayor laughs again and the white background fades to black and The Mayor turns into a demon with red eyes and sharp teeth going to Tom. After the credits: A tribute to Jan Skylar (check notes to see what its about)... read more.
Recurring Guests

Brian Posehn as Gibbons (2 eps)
Bob Odenkirk as "Olde" Tymey / Voice of Townmember (2 eps)
Michael Ian Black as Dr. Ian Black (2 eps)

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