Season 1


Toma is a master of disguise and a loner in a city ridden with crime. This movie of the week introduced David Toma, an unconventional Newark police officer. Here he chooses to uncover the operation of a gambling syndicate and bust it open all alone because the interference of other policemen has led to needless killings.
Guest Stars: Michael Baseleon as Tully | Robert Yuro as Frank Barber | David Spielberg as Marlowe | Ron Soble as Harrison | Nicholas Colasanto as Prolaci | Abe Vigoda as Donzer | Philip Michael Thomas as Sam Hooper | David Mauro as Bags Rolland | David Toma as Det. Vinnie Cecca | Rose Barbato as Mother

1 :01x01 - The Oberon Contract

Effective beginning for this police series, sparked by the performance of Tony Musante as detective David Toma in a well-made chase tale. Toma employs a variety of costumes as disguises while combing the streets to help an ex-cop accused of murdering a city councilman. Toma is trying to clear an ex-junkie friend, Eddie Siatti (Martin Sheen), of a murder frame-up. The deceased is a silver-haired councilman who was shot dead by a swarthy man in a dark suit. Joe Santos plays the hood. Despite massive evidence pointing to ex-convict Eddie Siatti as the killer of the city councilman, Toma continues to investigate after learning of the victim's ties with organized crime.
Guest Stars: Martin Sheen as Eddie Siatti | Tiffany Bolling as Sheri | Joe Santos as Ritchie | Wyman Pendleton as Rocco Birrell | Caesar Cordova as Hector Portaz | Dennis McCarthy as Councilman Oberon | Sonny Shields as McCloskey | Philip Michael Thomas as Bad Sam | Ken Sansom as Adrian Fellows
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Story: Roy Huggins | Teleplay: Stephen J. Cannell

2 :01x02 - Ambush on 7th Avenue

Toma (Tony Musante) investigates a gangland killing in which two respectable citizens were killed by mistake. He's also given assistance, a university student who tags along as an observer and tries to be a helper. It's all part of the police department's "field experience program."
Guest Stars: Geoffrey Deuel as Donald F. Harkness / Larry Tabscot | Roy Jenson as Corelle | Victor Arnold as Tierney | Claire Brennen as Willa | Vic Vallaro as unknown

3 :01x03 - Crime Without Victim

Toma tells a kidnapping story with basically familiar elements and an easily-spotted inside man. What makes it worthwhile are some good characters—the victim's domineering mother (Madeleine Sherwood), dominated father (Brett Halsey) and blustering grandfather (Alex Dreier). Dreier patterned his portrayal after Ernest Hemingway, complete with beard. Despite the protests of the victim's wealthy neurotic mother, Toma investigates the kidnapping of an 18-year-old boy he once picked up for possession of marijuana.
Guest Stars: Brett Halsey as Mark | Madeleine Sherwood as Martha | Scott Jacoby as Jesse Wheelwright | Alex Dreier as Peter Blany | Victor Mohica as Ernesto | Bert Santos as Roberto | Tony De Costa as Diego | Abel Franco as Manny
Director: Daniel Haller
Story: Roy Huggins | Teleplay: Stephen J. Cannell

4 :01x04 - Stakeout

Despite a veiled warning from Inspector Spooner, Toma takes on a partner to help keep track of an attractive young woman who may lead him to a million-dollar stash of cocaine.
Guest Stars: Jared Martin as Lenny | Skye Aubrey as Shirley | Don Gordon as Alex Keever | David Toma as Market Manager | James V. Christy as First Plainclothes Man | William Brandon as Second Plainclothes Man | Oscar Degruy, Jr. as Buzz
Writer: Roy Huggins

5 :01x05 - The Cain Connection

Toma poses as a go-between in a narcotics sale involving a professor and the leader of two syndicates.
Guest Stars: Michael Tolan as Cain | Judi Meredith as Edith | Barbara Sigel as Ellen | Joseph Campanella as Delmore | Peter Brocco as Trinian | Eddie Firestone as Falon | Frank Christi as DeSanti
Director: Gary Nelson
Story: Roy Huggins | Teleplay: Stephen J. Cannell

6 :01x06 - Blockhouse Breakdown

Toma poses as a cop-hating misfit in an aborted plan to lure a young sniper barricaded atop a building in the downtown section of the city. Armed with guns and grenades, Billy Haskell is taking shots at citizens from his fortress in a downtown section. As Inspector Spooner is about to order police in a helicopter to dispose of the sniper, Toma persuades the inspector to let him join Billy in the guise of an ally. The plan backfires when Toma, pretending to be a hate ridden social rebel, is dismissed as a freak by Billy, who ties him up to keep him out of the way.
Guest Stars: Jan-Michael Vincent as Billy Haskell | Rudy Solari as Lieutenant DeGregorio | Joan Pringle as Sgt. Doris Harmony | Sean Manning as Jimmy Toma | Betsy Jones-Moreland as Woman Manager | Claude Johnson as Davis | Barry Cahill as Rippy | John Davey as Officer Menlo | Stuart Lancaster as Executive | David Toma as Attendant | Michele Livingston as Donna Toma

7 :01x07 - Frame-Up

A crime syndicate boss orders the punishment of another syndicate family and has it done in such a way as to make it appear Dave Toma is responsible for the near-fatal beating of the hood. Marty Angelo persuades crime boss Sam Basseel to order severe punishment for Ralph Frechette, who has been having an affair with Angelo's wife, Tina. Basseel, whose closest friend, Carlo Prolaci, is in prison as a result of his arrest by Toma, sets up the "hit" on Frechette to serve a dual purpose. Frechette will be punished for violating a family rule and Toma will be suspended from the force after being framed as the man who administered the beating.
Guest Stars: Joe De Santis as Sam Basseel | Linda Marsh as Tina Angelo | Nicholas Colasanto as Carlo Prolaci | Dick Davalos as Marty Angelo | Sharon Gless as Judy | Sal Ponti as Ralph Frechette | Joseph Hindy as Tommy Russo | John Davis Chandler as unknown
Director: Marc Daniels

8 :01x08 - The Bambara Bust

Toma travels abroad, posing as a professor of archaeology, to track down the source of a ring smuggling narcotics into the United States in artifacts purchased by American tourists. The series is based on the exploits of real-life Detective David Toma. In Madrid, Dave acquires a figurine of a fertility goddess known as the Bambara bust, which he soon discovers has been filled with bags of heroin. When he meets Marian Dalton, an attractive widow whose little girl is carrying a huge toy clown, the detective befriends the woman, whom he believes is linked with the smugglers. He arranges to return to the States aboard the same ocean liner with her.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Widdoes as Marian Dalton | Cliff Carnell as Mike Lange (Courier) | Walt Davis as Eddy | Tammy Harrington as Nancy Dalton | Abel Franco as Julio | William Benedict as Cabbie
Writer: Judy Burns

9 :01x09 - 50 % of Normal

Toma poses as a priest in order to obtain information from female victims about an attacker whose trademark is a ski mask. Toma moves to a new day and time. Tony Musante plays the cop (based on a real-life cop) and he and his wife, using pen names, wrote this original story. It's about a rapist and Toma's friend (Steven Keats), changed since Vietnam duty. Is
the friend also the rapist?
Guest Stars: Steven Keats as Freddy | Louise Troy as Belle | Laurie Ferrone as Lillian Jenner | Leigh Christian as Anne Larabee | Richard Eastham as Dr. Herman | Barbara Rhoades as Renee | Zekial Marko as Prevert | William Bryant as Betseka | David Toma as Doorman # 1
Director: Jeannot Szwarc

10 :01x10 - Rock-a-Bye

Dave infiltrates a baby selling racket after he and Patty are offered a newborn infant with an enormous price tag.
Guest Stars: Frederick Rule as Davis | Philip Michael Thomas as Bad Sam | Daniel Ades as Father Pete | Mary Layne as Brenda | Charles Johnson (1) as unknown | Nora Heflin as unknown
Director: Joseph Hardy

11 :01x11 - Time and Place Unknown (1)

Toma infiltrates a gang planning a multimillion dollar bank robbery by posing as a crooked stunt driver, only to face a life-and-death challenge of proving his fake identity to increasingly suspicious gang members.
When hoodlum stunt driver Jim Androtti is killed ans Inspector Spooner succeed in keeping his death a secret, hoping that the gang leader, Ralph Connell, who has lost his driver, will attempt to enlist Androtti. The plot works. After spending weeks in the hospital, recuperating as Androtti, Dave is recruited by Connell on the day of his release. But Connell and his gang later become suspicious when the undercover cop pushes too hard for details of the caper.
One of a two-part drama
Guest Stars: William Daniels as Connell | Michael Baseleon as Harry | Hilly Hicks as Bennie | James G. Richardson as Art | Bruce Kirby as unknown | Michael Richardson as unknown

12 :01x12 - Time and Place Unknown (2)

Having infiltrated a gang planning a bank robbery, Dave is forced to participate in the entire caper when a change of plans thwarts all communication with police headquarters.

Having assumed the identity of a crooked stunt driver in order to infiltrate a gang planning a multimillion-dollar burglary of go along with the entire caper when a change of plans thwarts all possibilities of his communicating with Inspector Spooner in Part II of "A Time and Place Unknown". Gang leader Ralph Connell has worked out every detail of a weekend break-in of a bank in the town of Stillwater. As driver-mechanic, Dave has been able to send in the license number and a description of the car to be used, but Connell makes a last-minute switch in vehicles. With Toma at the wheel, the gang shakes the police, leaving Spooner and Patty Toma in the dark as to the whereabouts of Dave.
Guest Stars: James G. Richardson as Art | Hilly Hicks as Bennie | William Daniels as Connell | Michael Baseleon as Harry | Bruce Kirby as unknown | Michael Richardson as unknown

13 :01x13 - A Funeral for Max Fabian

Dave Toma poses as a stevedore on the East Coast docks to investigate corruption and a murder rising out of strife between rival factions of a union local. During a union election one of the supporters of Max Fabian, an honest man, is killed. Toma's investigation proves a mysterious powerful syndicate ruler will stop at nothing to halt Max Fabian from being elected.
Guest Stars: Albert Salmi as Max Fabian | Roy Poole as Cody | Mel Stewart as Sawtelle | Timothy Carey as Lenahan | Dennis Rucker as Phil Graham | Peter Brocco as Old Man | Joseph Pepiciello as Wilbur | George Burrafato as Homer Garkos
Writer: Zekial Marko

14 :01x14 - The Big Dealers

Outraged by his nephew's addiction, Toma uses various disguises to reach a major narcotic czar.
Guest Stars: Jack Bender as Manny | Gianni Russo as Minnett | Regis Cordic as Santelli
Director: Russ Mayberry

15 :01x15 - The Contract on Alex Cordeen

Toma agrees to give protection to an underworld chieftain whose execution could trigger a gangland war and endanger innocent citizens. A powerful mobster, who is believed to have ordered the execution of a rival syndicate leader, seeks Toma's help to save his own life and prevent a major gangland war. Things have been relatively peaceful between competing "families," when underworld patriarch Gustav Petroan is suddenly machine-gunned to death by four unknown assassins, all of whom escape. Shortly after, Toma, is contacted by Petroan's long-time enemy, Alex Cordeen, who asks for police protection from those who believe he ordered the execution. Dave is persuaded to cooperate when Cordeen explains that contract on himself could trigger an all-out gangland war in which many innocent citizens might be victims.
Guest Stars: Frank DeKova as Alex Cordeen | Harold Stone as Gustav Petroan | Eddie Fontaine as Gino Torre | John Milford as Harrison | Victor Argo as Willa Bosa | Pamela Hensley as unknown | Jan Arvan as unknown

16 :01x16 - Joey the Weep

Distraught over the apparent gangstyle killing of his pal Joey, Dave Toma joins forces with a newsman to find out who actually killed their mutual friend. Joel Horowitz is a sentimental, small-time bookie known on the streets as "Joey the Weep." He is moved to tears when Dave tells him about the drug deaths caused by syndicate heads dealing in dope. Shortly afterward, Joey is murdered and Toma allows a newspaperman named Windy to work on the investigation with him. As Toma gets deeper into, the case, he grows increasingly suspicious of Windy's motives, especially when he learns that Windy is in trouble at home and at work.
Guest Stars: Jack Kelly as Windy | Art Metrano as Joey | Fred Sadoff as Green | James Daris as Garo | Ji-Tu Cumbuka as Al (bus boy) | Elliott Apstein as Sedak | Martin Kove as Marco
Story: Roy Huggins | Teleplay: Don Carlos Dunaway

17 :01x17 - Friends of Danny Beecher

Toma impersonates the former cellmate of a young ex-con suspected of murdering a policeman who accidentally killed the youth's girlfriend during a raid.
Guest Stars: Kristoffer Tabori as Danny Beecher | Ralph Meeker as Frank Beecher | Martine Bartlett as Mrs. Beecher | Nick Nolte as Wally | Sarah Fankboner as Connie | Kathleen Lloyd as Marcy | Barry Russo as Detective Pellegrini | Kirk Mee as Art Connors | Teresa Medaris as Karen | Cindy Carr as Lucille
Story: Gloryette Clark | Teleplay: Edward Hume

18 :01x18 - The Madam

Toma poses as a wealthy Italian businessman to nab the proprietress of a ring of young drug addicted prostitutes
Guest Stars: Ina Balin as Erica | Charles Picerni as Falloan | Terrence O'Connor as Marge | Suzanne Charney as Pepper
Director: Michael Schultz
Story: Roy Huggins | Teleplay: Juanita Bartlett

19 :01x19 - Pound of Flesh

Toma's marriage is threatened when his wife Patty refuses to reveal information about a shakedown operation in which her one-time boyfriend is involved.
Guest Stars: Joseph Hindy as Jack Angelus | Hildy Brooks as Edie Angelus | Val Bisoglio as Johnny Lippy | Ray Danton as Al Dancer | Pepper Martin as Crackers | Joseph Della Sorte as Lucius Carbon | Mike Robelo as Willie Dee | Jack Krupnick as Bartender | Marisa Del Rio as Waitress
Director: Jeannot Szwarc

20 :01x20 - Indictment

Discovery of an eyewitness to a recent murder prompts a reaction from the prosecutor that sends Toma on his own search for the truth. Toma is working on a murder case and discovers a real estate fraud which leads to a grand jury investigation of a corrupt politician.
Guest Stars: John Kerr (1) as Prosecutor | Jamie Farr as Barney | Jess Walton as Helen | Edward Faulkner as Lewis | Marc Alaimo as unknown | Quinn Redeker as unknown | Antonio Fargas as unknown | Dick Balduzzi as unknown
Director: Gary Nelson
Story: Roy Huggins | Teleplay: Juanita Bartlett

21 :01x21 - The Street

A ghetto vice kingpin plans to wipe out his competition by making a deal with the deranged leader of a crime syndicate; guest Abe Vigoda. Toma enlists the aid of a powerful pimp to stop a mob takeover of prostitution and
avert a potential race war.
Guest Stars: Abe Vigoda as Unknown | Percy Rodriguez as Houston | Paul Michael Glaser as Bello | Henry Brown (1) as Bel-Hardie | Peter Brocco as unknown | Don Pedro Colley as unknown | Scatman Crothers as unknown
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Writer: Zekial Marko

22 :01x22 - The Accused

While patrolling a riot-ridden neighborhood, a heavily armed police officer (Claude Akins) opens fire on a seemingly harmless looting suspect.
Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Bernie Travlos | Chas Floyd Johnson as Billy Williams | Philip Michael Thomas as Bad Sam | Todd Martin (1) as Prosecutor | Ken Lynch as Lieutenant Heffren | Ted Gehring as Liquor Store Owner | John Milford as Officer Schuyler | David Toma as Detective
Director: Russ Mayberry
Story: David Toma | Teleplay: Don Carlos Dunaway
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 04, 1973
Ended: August 29, 1974
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