Recaps for The Lawrence Welk Show
Season 1
1x1Episode 1
1x2Episode 2
1x6Episode 6
1x7Episode 7
1x12Live from Chicago
1x19Episode 19
1x25Episode 25
1x26Christmas Show
1x28Episode 28
1x30Episode 30
1x32Episode 32
1x36Episode 36
1x41Episode 41
1x46Episode 46
1x50Episode 50
1x51Episode 51
1x55Episode 55
1x57Episode 57
1x58Episode 58
Season 2
2x26Episode 134
Season 3
3x1650th Anniversary Special
3x22Timeless Musical Treasures
3x45New York Show
Season 5
5x1Episode 345
Season 6
6x45A Pretty Girl
Season 9
9x24French Show
9x25Southtown USA
9x26Leap Year
Season 10
10x5Episode 486
10x16Salute to Winter
10x18500th Show
10x41Traveling Show
Season 11
11x6Songs of the Sun and Moon
11x7Halloween Party
11x9The Norma Zimmer Show
11x11Musical Family Favorites
11x15Christmas Show
11x23Salute to Mardi Gras
11x24Songs of Vienna
11x25Salute to Kathy Lennon
11x26Springtime in the Rockies
11x35Memorial Day
11x36June Night
11x37Summer Sounds
11x38Vacation and Travel
11x39Midsummer Show
Season 12
12x1Season Premiere
12x4Musical Tour of Italy
12x5That Certain Party
12x9Can't Help Singing
12x16New Year's Eve Show
12x17My North Dakota Home
12x19Music, Music, Music
12x20Salute to Walt Disney
12x21Songs of the South
12x23Musical Memories
12x27Friends and Family
12x31Salute to Spring
12x33Time Was
12x35Mother's Day
12x36Memorial Day
12x39World Tour
12x40Summer by the Shore
12x42Vacation Songs
12x44County Fair
Season 13
13x1Great Tunes and Great Talents
13x3Together, Wherever We Go
13x5Crazy Rhythms
13x9From Polkas to Classics
13x10Fun in Wintertime
13x11Winter Wonderland
13x13Christmas Show