Recaps for Good Eats
Season 1
1x0Romancing the Bird— A Good Eats Thanksgiving
1x10Hook, Line & Dinner
1x11Pantry Raid I: Use Your Noodle
1x12Power to the Pilaf
Season 2
2x1It's a Wonderful Cake
2x3Apple Family Values
2x4Crustacean Nation
2x5The Fungal Gourmet
2x7True Brew
2x10Urban Preservation I: Jam Session
2x11Pantry Raid II: Seeing Red
Season 3
3x5Behind the Bird
3x11Mission: Poachable
Season 4
4x5Ham I Am
4x7A Chuck for Chuck
4x9The Bulb of the Night
4x11Puff the Magic Pastry
Season 5
5x2Oat Cuisine
5x4Celebrity Roast
5x7The Trouble With Cheesecake
5x9Art of Darkness II
5x11Use Your Noodle II
5x13This Spud's for You Too
Season 6
6x2Strawberry Sky
6x3The Choke's On You
6x5Egg Files V: Quantum Foam
6x6Tomato Envy
6x7Amber Waves
6x8Dip Madness
6x10Choux Shine
6x11Casserole Over
6x12Use Your Noodle II
6x17Fit to Be Tied
Season 7
7x1Crustacean Nation III: Feeling Crabby
7x4The Muffin Method Man
7x7Raising the Steaks
7x14Spice Capades
7x15The Man Food Show
7x16Fudge Factor
7x17Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut
7x18I Pie
7x19Toast Modern
7x20Top Banana
Season 8
8x1Hittin' the Sauce
8x2Shell Game
8x4Circle of Life
8x5Wonton Ways
8x9Say Cheese
8x11True Grits
8x12Stuff It
8x15Myth Smashers
8x17A Taproot Orange
8x18Sprung A Leek
8x19Dr. Strangeloaf
8x20My Big Fat Greek Sandwich
8x21Field of Greens
8x22Do The Rice Thing
Season 9
9x3Urban Preservation II
9x4Churn Baby Churn II
9x6Wake Up Little Sushi
9x7Cobbled Together
9x9The Waffle Truth
9x12A Pie in Every Pocket
9x13School of Hard Nogs
9x14My Pod
9x15Tender is the Loin I
9x16Raising the Bar
9x17Tender is the Loin II
9x18Flat is Beautiful III - Flounder
9x19Your Pad Thai or Mine
9x20Shell Game IV
9x21Olive Me
9x22Behind the Eats
Season 10
10x1Tort(illa) Reform
10x2Just Barley
10x3House of the Rising Bun
10x4Cubing A Round
10x5Water Works I
10x6Water Works II
10x20American Classics I: Spinach Salad
Season 11
11x1Milk Made
11x2Pretzel Logic
11x3Coconut Cake Revival
11x4Sub Standards
11x5Fishn' Whole
11x6Withering Bites
11x7Stew Romance
11x9Peanut Gallery
11x10Bean Stalker
11x11Kinda Blue
11x12Puff the Magic Mallow
11x13American Slicer
11x14The Wing and I
11x15American Classics II: Apple of My Pie
11x16If It Ain't Broccoli Don't Fix It
11x17The Alton Crown Affair
11x20Going Dutch
Season 13
13x8Fermentation Nation
13x11Pantry Raid XII: Turning Japanese
13x12The Proof Is In The Pudding
13x14American Classics VI: Raising the Bar Again
13x15The Ballad of Salty and Sweet
13x16American Classics VII: Don't Be Chicken of Dumplings
13x17The Curious Case of Curry
13x18The Catfish Will Rise Again
13x19It's a Pan, It's a Dish, It's Paella
Season 14
14x1Porterhouse Rules
14x2Grillus Domesticus
14x3Age of Asparagus
14x4Little Big Lunch: Eggs Benedict
14x5Flat Is Beautiful V
14x6Yes, We Have No Banana Pudding
14x7American Classics VIII: Tacos
14x8Fry Hard III: Fry, Tempura, Fry!
14x9Oat Cuisine II
14x10All Hallows Eats
14x11Squash Court II
14x12American Classics IX: Pumpkin Pie
14x13Egg Files VII: Meringue
14x14Pantry Raid XIII: Destination Chickpea
14x15Devil of a Cake
14x17Use Your Noodle IV: Lasagna
14x20Roll Call