Recaps for Second City TV
Season 1
1x2Murder At SCTV
1x3Ethnic Humour
1x4Crosswords with Ralph Richardson and John Gielgud
1x5Match Unto My Feet
1x6Memoirs of Anton Chekhov
1x7Dialing For Dollars
1x8Shock Theatre
1x9Philosophy Street / A Fistful of Ugly
1x10Therese et Joe
1x11Broads Behind Bars
1x12The Taxidermist
1x13Ben Hur
1x14The Hefty Neil Story
1x15Leave It to Beaver
1x16Goodbye America
1x17Galaxy 66
1x18Madame Blitzman
1x19The $129,000 Question
1x20Dr. Tongue's House of Wax / SCTV Boogie
1x21The Sammy Mauldling Show
1x22World at War
1x23The Grapes of Mud
1x24Officer Friendly
1x25The Man Who Would Be King of the Popes
1x26Lust for Paint
Season 2
2x2The Bob Hope Desert Classic
2x3Kidnapping of Moe Green
2x4SCTV Solid Gold Telethon
2x5Writer's Strike
2x6Municipal Election
2x7Farm Film Report / Arabs
2x8The Mirthmakers / Happy Endings
2x9Undersea World
2x10Edith Prickley, Station Manager
2x11SCTV 30th Anniversary Show
2x12Whispers of the Wolf / The Occult
2x13Bad Acting In Hollywood
2x14Alfred Hitchcock Presents
2x15Fighting Air Dogs
2x16Death Takes No Holiday
2x17Rock Concert
2x18Fantasy Island
2x19On the Waterfront Again
2x20SCTV Disco
2x22Consumer Action Line
2x23Relaxing With Raoul / Dining With LaRue
2x24The Flaming Turkey
2x25Best of #1
2x26Best of #2
Season 3
3x1Lee Iacocca's Rock Concert
3x2Thursday Night Live
3x3Death of a Salesman
3x4My Factory, My Self
3x5Death Motel
3x6The Lone Ranger Show
3x7Play It Again, Bob
3x9Man's Ability To Imitate
3x10Mel's Rock Pile
3x11The Sammy Maudlin Show
3x12Night Gallery
3x13Star Wars
3x14Hollywood Salutes Its Extras
3x15The Irwin Allen Show
3x16Big Brother
3x17Two Way TV / Pit Bulls
3x18Alpha Channel