Recaps for Leverage
Season 1
1x1The Nigerian Job
1x2The Homecoming Job
1x3The Two-Horse Job
1x4The Miracle Job
1x5The Bank Shot Job
1x6The Stork Job
1x7The Wedding Job
1x8The Mile High Job
1x9The Snow Job
1x10The 12-Step Job
1x11The Juror #6 Job
1x12The First David Job
1x13The Second David Job
Season 2
2x1The Beantown Bailout Job
2x2The Tap-Out Job
2x3The Order 23 Job
2x4The Fairy Godparents Job
2x5The Three Days of the Hunter Job
2x6The Top Hat Job
2x7The Two Live Crew Job
2x8The Ice Man Job
2x9The Lost Heir Job
2x10The Runway Job
2x11The Bottle Job
2x12The Zanzibar Marketplace Job
2x13The Future Job
2x14The Three Strikes Job
2x15The Maltese Falcon Job
Season 3
3x1The Jailhouse Job
3x2The Reunion Job
3x3The Inside Job
3x4The Scheherazade Job
3x5The Double-Blind Job
3x6The Studio Job
3x7The Gone Fishin' Job
3x8The Boost Job
3x9The Three-Card Monte Job
3x10The Underground Job
3x11The Rashomon Job
3x12The King George Job
3x13The Morning After Job
3x14The Ho, Ho, Ho Job
3x15The Big Bang Job
3x16The San Lorenzo Job
Season 4
4x1The Long Way Down Job
4x2The 10 Li'l Grifters Job
4x3The 15 Minutes Job
4x4The Van Gogh Job
4x5The Hot Potato Job
4x6The Carnival Job
4x7The Grave Danger Job
4x8The Boiler Room Job
4x9The Cross My Heart Job
4x10The Queen's Gambit Job
4x11The Experimental Job
4x12The Office Job
4x13The Girls' Night Out Job
4x14The Boys' Night Out Job
4x15The Lonely Hearts Job
4x16The Gold Job
4x17The Radio Job
4x18The Last Dam Job
Season 5
5x1The (Very) Big Bird Job
5x2The Blue Line Job
5x3The First Contact Job
5x4The French Connection Job
5x5The Gimme a K Street Job
5x6The D.B. Cooper Job
5x7The Real Fake Car Job
5x8The Broken Wing Job
5x9The Rundown Job
5x10The Frame-Up Job
5x11The Low Low Price Job
5x12The White Rabbit Job
5x13The Corkscrew Job
5x14The Toy Job
5x15The Long Goodbye Job