Recaps for Jersey Shore
Season 1
1x1A New Family/The Tanned Triangle
1x2The Tanned Triangle
1x3Good Riddance
1x4Fade to Black
1x5Just Another Day at the Shore
1x6Boardwalk Blowups
1x7What Happens In The AC
1x8One Shot
1x9That's How The Shore Goes
Season 2
2x0Reunion Special
2x1Goin' South
2x2The Hangover
2x4Breaking Up
2x5The Letter
2x6Not So Shore
2x7Sleeping with the Enemy
2x8All in the Family
2x9Dirty Pad
2x10Gone, Baby, Gone
2x11Girls Like That
2x12Deja Vu All Over Again
2x13Back Into the Fold
Season 3
3x1Back to the Shore
3x2It's Gonna Be An Interesting Summer
3x3Where's the Beach?
3x4Free Snooki
3x5Drunk Punch Love
3x6Should We Just Break Up?
3x7Cabs Are Here!
3x8The Great Depression
3x9Kissing Cousins
3x10A Cheesy Situation
3x11GTF - Gym, Tan, Find Out Who Sammi Is Texting
3x12A House Divided
3x13At The End Of The Day
3x14Reunion Special
Season 4
4x1Going To Italia
4x2Like More Than A Friend
4x4Crime and Punishment
4x5And The Wall Won
4x6Fist Pump, Pushups, Chapstick
4x7Meatball Mashup
4x8Where Is My Boyfriend?
4x9Three Men and a Snooki
4x10Damage is Done
4x11Situation Problems
4x12Ciao Italia
4x13Reunion Special
Season 5
5x1Hurricane Situation
5x2One Man Down
5x3Dropping Like Flies
5x4Free Vinny
5x5Nothing But Nice
5x6The Follow Game
5x7Love at the Jersey Shore
5x8Sharp Objects
5x9The Truth Will Set You Free
5x10One Meatball Stands Alone
5x11We Are Family
Season 6
6x1Once More Unto the Beach
6x2No Shame, Good Integrity
6x3Toxic Shots Syndrome
6x4Blues, Balls & Brawls
6x5Merp Walk
6x6Let's Make It Official
6x7Great Meatballs of Fire
6x8Control the Crazy
6x9Make It Unofficial
6x10Shore Shower
6x12Raining Men and Meatballs
6x13The Icing on the Cake