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Recaps for Pretty Little Liars
Season 1
1x2The Jenna Thing
1x3To Kill a Mocking Girl
1x4Can You Hear Me Now?
1x5Reality Bites Me
1x6There's No Place Like Homecoming
1x7The Homecoming Hangover
1x8Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone
1x9The Perfect Storm
1x10Keep Your Friends Close
1x11Moments Later
1x12Salt Meets Wound
1x13Know Your Frenemies
1x14Careful What U Wish 4
1x15If At First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again
1x16Je Suis une Amie
1x17The New Normal
1x18The Badass Seed
1x19A Person of Interest
1x20Someone to Watch Over Me
1x21Monsters in the End
1x22For Whom the Bell Tolls
Season 2
2x1It's Alive
2x2The Goodbye Look
2x3My Name is Trouble
2x4Blind Dates
2x5The Devil You Know
2x6Never Letting Go
2x8Save the Date
2x9Picture This
2x10Touched by an 'A'-ngel
2x11I Must Confess
2x12Over My Dead Body
2x14Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares
2x15A Hot Piece of 'A'
2x16Let the Water Hold Me Down
2x17Blond Leading the Blind
2x18A Kiss Before Lying
2x19The Naked Truth
2x21Breaking the Code
2x22Father Knows Best
2x23Eye of the Beholder
2x24If These Dolls Could Talk
Season 3
3x1It Happened 'That Night'
3x2Blood is the New Black
3x3Kingdom of the Blind
3x4Birds of a Feather
3x5That Girl is Poison
3x6The Remains of the 'A'
3x8Stolen Kisses
3x9The Kahn Game
3x10What Lies Beneath
3x11Single Fright Female
3x12The Lady Killer
3x13This is a Dark Ride
3x14She's Better Now
3x16Misery Loves Company
3x17Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno
3x18Dead to Me
3x19What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted
3x20Hot Water
3x21Out of Sight, Out of Mind
3x22Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
3x23I'm Your Puppet
3x24A dAngerous gAme
Season 4
4x1'A' is for A-L-I-V-E
4x2Turn of the Shoe
4x3Cat's Cradle