Recaps for American Idol
Season 5
5x1Auditions #1 (Chicago, IL)
5x2Auditions #2 (Denver, CO)
Season 7
7x11The Top 12 Boys Perform
7x12Top 12 Girls Compete
7x14Top 10 Boys Compete
7x15Top 10 Girls Compete
7x17Top 8 Boys Compete
7x18Top 8 Girls Compete
7x20Top 12 Finalists Perform
7x22Top 11 Finalists Perform
7x24Top 10 Finalists Perform
7x26Top 9 Finalists Perform
7x288 Finalists Compete
7x307 Finalists Compete
7x326 Finalists Compete
Season 10
10x1Auditions #1: New Jersey
10x2Auditions #2: New Orleans
10x3Auditions #3: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
10x4Auditions #4: Nashville, Tennessee
10x5Auditions #5: Austin, Texas
10x6Auditions #6: LA
10x7Auditions #7: San Francisco, California
10x8Hollywood Round (1)
10x9Hollywood Round (2)
10x10Hollywood Round (3)
10x11Las Vegas Round
10x12Top 24 Chosen
10x13Top 12 Boys Perform
10x14Top 12 Girls Perform
10x15First Results Show and Finalists Announced
10x16Finalists Compete
10x171 Voted Off
10x18Finalists Compete
10x191 Voted Off
10x2011 Finalists Compete
10x211 of 11 Voted Off
10x2211 Finalists Compete..Again
10x232 of 11 Voted Off
10x24Finalists Compete
10x251 Of 9 Voted Off
10x268 Finalists Compete
10x271 Of 8 Voted Off
10x287 Finalists Compete
10x291 of 7 Voted Off
10x306 Finalists Compete
10x311 of 6 Voted Off
10x32Finalists Compete
10x331 Voted Off
10x34Finalists Compete
10x351 Voted Off
10x36Finalists Compete
10x371 Voted Off
10x38Finalists Compete
10x39Season 10 Finale
Season 11
11x1Auditions #1: Savannah
11x2Auditions #2: Pittsburgh
11x3Auditions #3: San Diego
11x4Auditions #4: Aspen
11x5Auditions #5: Houston
11x6Auditions #6: Portland
11x7Auditions #7: St. Louis
11x8Hollywood Round #1
11x9Hollywood Round #2
11x10Hollywood Round #3
11x11Las Vegas Week
11x12Final Judgement #1
11x13Final Judgement #2
11x14Semifinalist Boys Perform
11x15Semifinalist Girls Perform
11x16Finalists Chosen
11x1713 Finalists Compete
11x181 of 13 Voted Off
11x1912 Finalists Compete
11x201 of 12 Voted Off
11x2111 Finalists Compete
11x221 of 11 Voted Off
11x2310 Finalists Compete
11x241 of 10 Voted Off
11x259 Finalists Compete
11x261 of 9 Voted Off
11x278 Finalists Compete
11x281 of 8 Voted Off
11x297 Finalists Compete
11x301 of 7 Voted Off
11x316 Finalists Compete
11x321 of 6 Voted Off
11x335 Finalists Compete
11x341 of 5 Voted Off
11x354 Finalists Compete
11x361 of 4 Voted Off
11x373 Finalists Compete
11x381 of 3 Voted Off
11x392 Finalists Compete
11x40Season 11 Finale
Season 12
12x1Auditions #1: New York City
12x2Auditions #2: Chicago
12x3Auditions #3: Charlotte
12x4Auditions #4: New Orleans
12x5Auditions #5: San Antonio & Los Angeles
12x6Auditions #6: Oklahoma City
12x7Hollywood Round (1)
12x8Hollywood Round (2)
12x9Hollywood Round (3)
12x10Hollywood Round (4) - Top 40 Revealed
12x11Semifinalist Round (1) - Girls Perform
12x12Semifinalist Round (2) - Guys Perform
12x13Semifinalist Round (3) - Girls Perform
12x14Semifinalist Round (4) - Guys Perform
12x15Top 10 Female Semifinalists Perform Live
12x16Top 10 Male Semifinalists Perform Live
12x17Top 10 Finalists Revealed
12x18Top 10 Live Performance Show
12x19Live Results Show
12x20Finalists Compete
12x21Results Show
12x22Finalists Compete
12x23Results Show
12x24Finalists Compete
12x25Results Show
12x26Finalists Compete
12x27Results Show
12x28Finalists Compete
12x29Results Show
12x30Finalists Compete
12x31Results Show
12x32Finalists Compete
12x33Results Show
12x34Finalists Compete
12x35Results Show
12x36Two Finalists Compete
12x37Season 12 Finale