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Recaps for Once Upon a Time
Season 1
1x2The Thing You Love Most
1x3Snow Falls
1x4The Price of Gold
1x5That Still Small Voice
1x6The Shepherd
1x7The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
1x8Desperate Souls
1x9True North
1x107:15 A.M.
1x11Fruit of the Poisonous Tree
1x12Skin Deep
1x13What Happened to Frederick
1x16Heart of Darkness
1x17Hat Trick
1x18The Stable Boy
1x19The Return
1x20The Stranger
1x21An Apple Red as Blood
1x22A Land Without Magic
Season 2
2x2We Are Both
2x3Lady of the Lake
2x4The Crocodile
2x5The Doctor
2x7Child of the Moon
2x8Into the Deep
2x9Queen of Hearts
2x10The Cricket Game
2x11The Outsider
2x12In The Name of the Brother
2x15The Queen is Dead
2x16The Miller's Daughter
2x17Welcome to Storybrooke
2x18Selfless, Brave and True
2x20The Evil Queen
2x21Second Star to the Right
2x22And Straight On 'Til Morning
Season 3
3x1The Heart of the Truest Believer
3x2Lost Girl
3x3Quite a Common Fairy
3x4Nasty Habits
3x5Good Form
3x7Dark Hollow
3x8Think Lovely Thoughts
3x9Save Henry
3x10The New Neverland
3x11Going Home
3x12New York City Serenade
3x13Witch Hunt
3x14The Tower
3x15Quiet Minds
3x16It’s Not Easy Being Green
3x17The Jolly Roger
3x18Bleeding Through
3x19A Curious Thing
3x21Snow Drifts
3x22There's No Place Like Home
Season 4
4x1A Tale of Two Sisters
4x2White Out
4x3Rocky Road
4x4The Apprentice
4x5Breaking Glass
4x6Family Business
4x7The Snow Queen
4x8Smash the Mirror (1)
4x9Smash the Mirror (2)
4x11Shattered Sight
4x12Heroes and Villains
4x13Darkness on the Edge of Town