Recaps for Pokémon
Season 1
1x1Pokémon I Choose You!
1x2Pokémon Emergency!
1x3Ash Catches A Pokémon
1x4Challenge of the Samurai
1x5Showdown in Pewter City
1x6Clefairy And The Moon Stone
1x7The Water Flowers Of Cerulean City
1x8The Path to the Pokémon League
1x22Abra and the Psychic Showdown
1x23The Tower of Terror
1x24Haunter versus Kadabra
1x25Primeape Goes Bananas
1x26Pokémon Scent-sation!
Season 2
2x24Charizard Chills
Season 3
3x1Don't Touch That 'dile
3x2The Double Trouble Header
3x3A Sappy Ending
3x4Roll On, Pokémon!
3x5Illusion Confusion!
3x6Flower Power
3x7Spinarak Attack
3x8Snubbull Snobbery
3x9The Little Big Horn
3x10The Chikorita Rescue
3x11Once in a Blue Moon
3x12The Whistle Stop
3x13Ignorance is Blissey
3x14A Bout With Sprout
3x15Fighting Flyer With Fire
3x16For Crying Out Loud
3x17Tanks a Lot!
3x18Charizard's Burning Ambitions
3x19Grin to Win!
3x20Chikorita's Big Upset
3x21Foul Weather Friends
3x22The Superhero Secret
3x23Mild 'n Wooly
3x24Wired For Battle!
3x25Good 'Quil Hunting
3x26A Shadow of a Drought
3x27Going Apricorn!
3x28Gettin' the Bugs Out
3x29A Farfetch'd Tale
3x30Tricks of the Trade
3x31The Fire-ing Squad!
3x32No Big Woop!
3x33Tunnel Vision
3x34Hour of the Houndour
3x35The Totodile Duel
3x36Hot Matches!
3x37Love, Totodile Style
3x38Fowl Play!
3x39Forrest Grumps
3x40The Psychic Sidekicks!
3x41The Fortune Hunters
Season 4
4x1A Goldenrod Opportunity
4x2A Dairy Tale Ending
Season 8
8x1Clamperl of Wisdom
8x2The Relicanth Really Can
8x3The Evolutionary War
8x4Training Wrecks
8x5Gaining Groudon
Season 10
10x1Following A Maiden's Voyage!
10x2Two Degrees of Separation!
Season 11
11x1Tears for Fears
11x11Hot Springing a Leak!
11x12Riding the Winds of Change!
11x13Sleight of Sand!
11x14Lost Leader Strategy!
11x15Crossing The Battle Line!
11x16A Triple Fighting Chance!
11x21Crossing Paths