Recaps for Night Gallery
Season 1
1x8The Nature of the Enemy
1x11Make Me Laugh
1x12Clean Kills and Other Trophies
1x13Pamela's Voice
1x14Lone Survivor
1x15The Doll
1x16The Last Laurel
Season 2
2x2Miss Lovecraft Sent Me
2x3The Hand of Borgus Weems
2x4Phantom of What Opera?
2x5Death in the Family
2x6The Merciful
2x7Class of '99
2x8Satisfaction Guaranteed
2x10Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay
2x11With Apologies to Mr. Hyde
2x12The Flip-Side of Satan
2x13A Fear of Spiders
2x15Marmalade Wine
2x16The Academy
2x17The Phantom Farmhouse
2x18Silent Snow, Secret Snow
2x19A Question of Fear
2x20The Devil Is Not Mocked
2x21Midnight Never Ends
2x24A Matter of Semantics
2x25Big Surprise
2x26Professor Peabody's Last Lecture
2x28A Midnight Visit to the Neighborhood Blood Bank
2x29Dr. Stringfellow's Rejuvenator
2x30Hell's Bells
2x32Keep in Touch - We'll Think of Something
2x33Pickman's Model
2x35An Act of Chivalry
2x36Cool Air
2x37Camera Obscura
2x38Quoth the Raven
2x39The Messiah on Mott Street
2x40The Painted Mirror
2x41The Different Ones
2x42Tell David...
2x43Logoda's Heads
2x47Lindemann's Catch
2x48The Late Mr. Peddington
2x49A Feast of Blood
2x50The Miracle at Camafeo
2x51The Ghost of Sorworth Place
2x52The Waiting Room
2x55Stop Killing Me
2x56Dead Weight
2x57I'll Never Leave You - Ever
2x58There Aren't Anymore MacBanes
2x59The Sins of the Fathers
2x61The Caterpillar
2x62Little Girl Lost
2x63Die Now, Pay Later
2x64Room for One Less
Season 3
3x1The Return of the Sorcerer
3x3Rare Objects
3x4Spectre in Tap-Shoes
3x5You Can Come Up Now, Mrs. Millikan
3x6Smile, Please
3x8Fright Night
3x10She'll Be Company for You
3x11The Ring with the Red Velvet Ropes
3x12Something in the Woodwork
3x13Death on a Barge