Recaps for The Untouchables (1959)
Season 1
1x2Ma Barker and Her Boys
1x3The Jake Lingle Killing
1x4The George "Bugs" Moran Story
1x5Ain't We Got Fun?
1x6Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll
1x7Mexican Stake-Out
1x9The Tri-State Gang
1x10The Dutch Schultz Story
1x12The Underground Railway
1x13Syndicate Sanctuary
1x14The Noise of Death
1x15Star Witness
1x16The St. Louis Story
1x17One-Armed Bandits
1x18Little Egypt
1x19The Big Squeeze
1x20The Unhired Assassin (1)
1x21The Unhired Assassin (2)
1x22The White Slavers
1x23Three Thousand Suspects
1x24The Doreen Maney Story
1x25Portrait of a Thief
1x26Underworld Bank
1x27Head of Fire - Feet of Clay
1x28The Frank Nitti Story
Season 2
2x1The Rusty Heller Story
2x2Jack "Legs" Diamond
2x5The Mark of Cain
2x6A Seat on the Fence
2x8Kiss of Death Girl
2x9The Larry Fay Story
2x10The Otto Frick Story
2x11The Tommy Karpeles Story
2x13The Big Train (2)
2x15The Organization
2x16The Jamaica Ginger Story
2x17Augie "the Banker" Ciamino
2x18The Underground Court
2x19The Nick Moses Story
2x20The Antidote
2x22Murder Under Glass
2x23Testimony of Evil
2x24Ring of Terror
2x25Mr. Moon
2x26Death for Sale
2x28The Nero Rankin Story
2x29The Seventh Vote
2x30The King of Champagne
2x31The Nick Acropolis Story
2x3290-Proof Dame
Season 3
3x1The Troubleshooter
3x2Power Play
3x4The Genna Brothers
3x5The Matt Bass Scheme
3x8Man Killer
3x11The Canada Run
3x13The Gang War
3x14The Silent Partner
3x15The Whitey Steele Story
3x16The Death Tree
3x18The Stryker Brothers
3x19Element of Danger
3x20The Maggie Storm Story
3x21Man in the Middle
3x23The Case Against Eliot Ness
3x25The Contract
3x28The Monkey Wrench
Season 4
4x1The Night They Shot Santa Claus
4x2The Cooker in the Sky
4x3The Chess Game
4x4The Economist
4x5The Pea
4x6Bird in the Hand
4x9Come and Kill Me
4x10A Fist of Five
4x12Double Cross
4x13Search for a Dead Man
4x14The Speculator
4x15The Snowball
4x16Jake Dance
4x17Blues for a Gone Goose
4x19An Eye for an Eye
4x20Junk Man
4x21The Man in the Cooler
4x22The Butcher's Boy
4x23The Spoiler
4x24One Last Killing
4x25The Giant Killer
4x26The Charlie Argos Story
4x28The Torpedo
4x29Line of Fire
4x30A Taste for Pineapple