Uchu Kaizoku Captain Harlock

Uchu Kaizoku Captain Harlock

Captain Harlock is a renegade freedom fighter who goes across the universe to stop corruption and in this series to stop an alien invasion.

Episode Info

Final: 1x42 -- Farewell, Cosmic Corsair (Feb/13/1979)

Harlock and the crew prepare to rest from their battles from the Mazones but the Mazones plan to strike again.
Makio InoueMakio Inoue
voiced Captain Harlock
Hidekatsu ShibataHidekatsu Shibata
voiced Commander Kirida/Narrator
Akira KamiyaAkira Kamiya
voiced Tadashi Daiba
Chiyoko KawashimaChiyoko Kawashima
voiced Kei Yûki/Mayu Ôyama
Yonehiko KitagawaYonehiko Kitagawa
voiced Professor Daiba
Kenichi OgataKenichi Ogata
voiced Chief Engineer Maji, Robot Wâ Wâ
Jouji YanamiJouji Yanami
voiced Doctor Zero
Noriko TsukaseNoriko Tsukase
As Masusan
Yumi NakataniYumi Nakatani
voiced Daines
Rihoko YoshidaRihoko Yoshida
voiced Emeralda

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1x42: Farewell, Cosmic Corsair recap: Harlock and the crew celebrate their victory over the Mazones. Harlcock and the crew get invited back to Earth by the Prime Minister but it’s all a trap for Harlock to surrender to them. Harlock decides to talk the Prime Minster about the situation. The Prime Minster tells Harlock that he can either surrender or leave the Earth permanently... read more.

1x41: Dual - The Queen Versus Harlock recap: Commander Cleo leads a direct attack on the Arcadia. The Arcadia suffers heavy damage but manages to destroy the threat. A big Mazone base pops out and shoots the Arcadia down. Harlock and the crew land on top of the base to defense itself from fire. Harlock and the crew decide to take scout ships inside the Mazone base. Tadashi and Keiko cover one end to investigate. Tadashi finds Queen LaFresia and kills her with a knife or does he? The image of Lafresia vanishes and we see Cleo in her place. Tadashi really killed Cleo not Lafresia. When Tadashi and Keiyuki start to leave the room changes and they are flying in the air. It appears they have been caught in a sort of anti-gravity chamber. The scene shits with a confrontation with Lafresia and Harlock. Lafresia gives a long speech about how the
Mazones have been destroyed by him. Harlock shoots at Queen but she has disappeared. She appears on a cliff while Mazones coming from the ground are trying to kill Harlock. Harlock calls for the Arcadia and it saves him. Lafresia now seeing this fights Harlock one on one with a sword. Harlock eventually wins by striking a hit that leaves Lafresia naked. Instead of killing Lafresia, Harlock tells her to leave and never come back. She complies and takes her fleet with her.
.. read more.

1x37: Tears On A Red Sweater recap: Clips are shown from the previous episode. Namino while posing a rebel herself is actually a Mazone spy. She has managed to implant a bomb in the Arcadia and do damage. She has even formed a brief fling with Harlock. The episode begins with Namino sending a transmission to the Mazones Namino thinks no one has suspected her real intentions, but we see Harlock and the crew listening to a transmission that she has sent to the Mazones. However, they do not apprehend her. Instead, they let things play out. Namino walks the bridge as if nothing is happening. The Arcadia is attacked by the Mazones but the threat is eliminated. Meanwhile, Namino contacts Queen Lafreisa who much to her shock tells her that Harlock already knows that she’s a spy. Queen Lafresia then cuts of the communication essentially leaving Namino by herself to face the consequences of her actions.. read more.

1x33: The Lone Man's Charge! recap: A narration explains how the Mazones are attacking other areas of the solar system. The narrator also tells us how the Mazones still have Mayu held as prisoner. Commander Kinda tells the Prime Minister about the Mazone invasion. Kinda/Kiruta even supplies pictures of the Mazone to back up his claims but the Minister doesn’t care. He basically tells Kinda that the matter is in his hands and to do what is best in the situation... read more.

1x32: Call Of The Star Flute recap: Queen Lafresia and Commander Cleo plan a trap for Harlock: They will use an image and the Ocarina song from Mayu to plan an ambush on him. Harlock and the crew ponder whether or not to go Earth to prevent any further Mazone attacks. Harlock hears the Ocarina song and thinks it’s Mayu calling him. He follows the song to a location called the Star of the Wind. Harlock drives a special vehicle to go to Mayu. Kei, Tadashi and Maji stay on the ship. A Mazone base is showing monitoring the Arcadia and Harlock’s movements... read more.

Creator: Leiji Matsumoto
Executive Producer: Masahisa Saeki
Producer: Chiaki Imada
Music: Seiji Yokoyama
Character Designer: Kazuo Komatsubara
Animation Supervisor: Masashi Kubota
Animation Director: Moriyasu Taniguchi, Takuo Noda, Toshio Mori

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Network: TV Asahi ( Japan)
Type: Animation
Genres: Anime, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Language: Japanese
Premiere: March, 1978
Ended: February, 1979
• Albator (Used In France)
• Capitan Harlock (Used In Italy)
• Harlock Saga (Used In Japan)
• Space Pirate Captain Harlock
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