Call Of The Star Flute - Recap

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Queen Lafresia and Commander Cleo plan a trap for Harlock: They will use an image and the Ocarina song from Mayu to plan an ambush on him. Harlock and the crew ponder whether or not to go Earth to prevent any further Mazone attacks. Harlock hears the Ocarina song and thinks it’s Mayu calling him. He follows the song to a location called the Star of the Wind. Harlock drives a special vehicle to go to Mayu. Kei, Tadashi and Maji stay on the ship. A Mazone base is showing monitoring the Arcadia and Harlock’s movements.

The Arcadia lands on a location where the Mazones have missiles hidden underground. The Arcadia, as if by sick sense, becomes alive and navigates itself out of the area to the surprise of everyone. When Harlock finds Mayu, we see that it’s a fake copy of her. Harlock falls into a pit while a couple of Mazone women try to kill him. Harlock manages to outgun them while having covering fire from Mime. Tadashi, Kei get control of the Arcadia back and fight the Mazone ships in the area while rescuing Harlock. Harlock and the crew survive another battle, and we learn that Mayu has been moved by the Mazones to another area. Harlock in the last shot says he will continue to fight the Mazones till the end.